Nov 272011

Especially on hot summer days it is important to drink enough water. At home it is easy to drink regularly as you pass the tap or fridge all the time but what about at work, school or when out and about? Instead of buying plastic bottles which are expensive and damaging to the environment you could just bring your own pre-filled bottles from home, just ‘grab ‘n’ go’!

The Grab ‘n’ Go system consists of five re-usable water bottles with colourful, stylish prints. At the start of the week you fill up each bottle, place it in your fridge in the handy fridge storage tray (part of this great system) and every morning when you leave for school or work you can grab a nice cold drink and off you go! Preparation is the key and it will save you time filling them all at once as opposed to individually in the morning when you are already rushing.

Of course the Grab ‘n’ Go bottles are BPA free and made of tough and durable plastic. The Grab ‘n’ Go system is available from Stretched Interiors in an adults size ($24.95, 470ml bottles) and kids size ($19.95, 290ml bottles). To celebrate the opening of this new store you can get 30% discount on your order with the code GRAND30, I think I might get my twins a set for next year when they start kindy.

To find out more about Stretched Interiors, to take a closer look at the Grab ‘n’ Go system and to order online visit

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