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As some of you may know I moved to Australia five years ago and although I am now very much used to speaking, writing and listening to English all day for me there is nothing more relaxing than watching some Dutch television or reading a Dutch book. Our children speak English at home but they are slowly picking up more and more Dutch words which I am very excited about. Teaching children another language can be tricky but also a lot of fun, kids just love learning so it is no wonder they really like Dora the Explorer who speaks English and teaches a bit of Spanish too. In fact, my kids watch the new Dora the Explorer DVD not only in English but also in Dutch, making it both relaxing and educational.

The latest release Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures consists of three separate tales featuring the very mysterious enchanted forest, elves, fairies and even a unicorn! As always Dora is on a mission and together with her friend Boots she goes on her way, using the map to reach her goal. She meets new friends along the way and sings a whole bunch of catchy songs that kids will love and are easy to sing along with.

Now you may not want to take my word for it when I say my twins really enjoyed the DVD, and that is okay, but surely you can’t argue with a whole bunch of excited kids who love it too? Listen to what these mini VIP guests had to say after they watched the new Dora the Explorer DVD in cinema (aren’t kids just incredibly funny?):

As well as the three Dora the Explorer parts (Tale of the Unicorn King, The Secret of Atlantis and Dora Saves King Unicornio) Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures also contains a bonus Go Diego Go episode. The total running time is 91 minutes but obviously this is very easy to break down in smaller segments to limit television time for children.

As of November 3 you can find Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures (RRP $19.95) at leading retailers across Australia.

For your chance to win a copy of Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures answer the following question: Do your children speak any languages other than English and if not, which language would you love them to learn?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Competition ends December 2, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  95 Responses to “Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures giveaway”

  1. My children speak in the DoraSpanish and can tell the time, say all the colours in the rainbow, tell directions and say funny phrases all beacuse of Dora! It’s really cute!

    Thanks for the opportunity

    Amanda from Amanda’s Mummy Jeans

  2. We only speak English but I guess maybe my son could learn Italian one day as his father is part Italian.

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  4. We only speak English but I would love them to learn any other language! DD speaks Dora spanish already lol

  5. My gorgeous little niece speaks Polish and English, there’s a few words that are always said in polish such as kiss, giraffe and hair bobble – it’s so cute too cos we are always learning from her, even though her mum speaks english perfectly, they only speak polish when together… the only one i’ll attempt to know(spell) is giraffe which is something like kater giraf?!!? xx

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  9. My children don’t speak any other languages, but now that my son has started school this term, he is starting Japanese.

  10. My daughter just adores Dora and without knowing it learns a bit of Spanish too 🙂 She sings the songs and counts to 10. I’d love to win this for her. Best of luck to everybody 🙂

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  13. My son goes to his Uncles house where he gets to watch Dora the Explorer in Hindi/ Urdu. It’s great because he is now teaching me and fixing up my pronouciation. My parents are happy too. Finally a grandchild that is speaking their language.

  14. Hi. My littlest girl speaks a little bit of spanish thanks to her favourite people – Dora and Diego. She would LOVE to win this DVD .

  15. Megan Milenkovic
    hi my daughter willow is learning german at school. grade 1 and she loves it, she comes home and teaches me words… i know she would love to win dora for her little bro who is two. now if she were here now i could ask her to say thank you in german but she is at school…so thank you.

  16. Louise Ring
    Espanol por supuesto! Spanish, of course! My 5yo daughter has a great ear for languages and as my Dad is Spanish you would think I could teach her but no, sadly I don’t really have the vocabulary so the gorgeous Dora would no doubt do an awesome job!!

  17. I speak to my daughter in my native language Polish, her “nonno” speaks italian, and my husband speaks English. Every week we are going to polish playgroup. She is a little to speak (16 months old) , but I think she understands 3 languages.

  18. My 2 yr old twins cam speak English mandarin and daddy speaks to them in Vietnamese! 🙂

  19. Miss 10 is lucky enough that her school teaches Chinese from K-6, so she can gabble away in classroom Mandarin although im not sure if she could order lunch at a chinese macca’s. But my girls also absorb a fair amount of arabic, as even I (7th generation aussie) have picked up a bit from in laws and use certain words day to day in our home, I think its great when kids are bi-lingual

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  24. How gorgeous are the Lelby’s Bean Chairs (Bluebell Garden pattern) over at Avidiva

  25. Love the stun flutter dress over at Whimsychild

  26. As always, I love the mini gallery’s at arteater, they are the best idea ever

  27. The scotty dog mobile at bubzy boo is soo cute!

  28. My daughter only speaks English but we are both learning Spanish through Dora (and boots of course) My brother is going to South America next year and wants to learn Spanish too so we have been singing songs to him – Sierra up – Abajo down lol.

  29. I’m teaching my kids the limited amount of Italian that I remember from my mum. Miss 3 asked me how to say ‘I love you’ in Italian just today – I had tears in my eyes as I wished their nonna was still with us to teach them those special words.

  30. We mainly speak English at home, but with a Japanese sister-in-law and her family living in Osaka – including my niece (six) and cousin to Miss Five – we speak a spattering of Japanese. And of course the Spanish that we have learnt from Dora. We went to a tapas restaurant a couple of weeks ago and Miss Five showed off her Spanish counting abilities to the waiting staff! PS I like Paramount Pictures Australia on Facebook.

  31. No, but I’d love for my family to speak Italian

  32. Love the Mud Pie Ice Cream Tutu Dress from ‘Outlet Shop for Kids’

  33. I love Dora the Explorer

  34. I’m way too busy trying to get my kids to speak english to try another language ha ha.
    Maybe when they are a bit older and go to big school as my son calls it he might learn one. I’d hope for Italian then he can take his mum to Italy.

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  36. Thinking of setting up a play area for the boys and these Cocoon Couture
    Boys Ottoman’s would be a hit from Shop For Tots.

  37. Love everything Bright Star Kids but they have so much new stuff. I love the word tile wall stickers. Would look great with names or place names next to some of their sticker photo frames.

  38. Just for an eye catcher the “bus scrolls” print – bed time would be great from Rudy and the Dodo. Might even help the youngins out with a routine.

  39. Plan Toys Tower Tumbling is a great wooden toy for the kids and no batteries required. How many toys don’t need batteries these days. Thanks Sustainababy.

  40. We speak Hindi at home as well, with our little one understanding many of the words.

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  43. I visited avidiva and liked the book, Swaddle Love.

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  45. I visited Lastork and liked the rhinestone head band.

  46. I visited little yoyo styles and liked the lace wig headband.

  47. My girls love Dora, so they speak a little Spanish, counting and some words fanastico <3

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  52. I visited Australian girl and love the Matilda doll <3

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  54. I visited Sukimama and like the Dabbawalla Monkey see monkey do lunch bag, too cute perfect for kindy

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  57. We are all only english speaking in our household, but would love learn french and teach my little one a well. Just love the way it sounds

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  60. Both my kids speak (or at least understand German). We actually have German Dora DVDS and funnily enough Dora speaks German and English (rather than Spanish)

  61. My children only speak English – but I would love them to learn Italian (because I want to take them to Italy one day).

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  66. I visited Avidiva and I love the Kanoe Baby Hammock in earth and sky.

  67. I visited Since We Were Kids and I love the Psi Bands – what a great idea!

  68. I visited Whimsy Child and I love the Sun Orchid Twist Dress.

  69. I visited Sukimama and I love the Bobux Soft Sole Red Lady Jane shoes!

  70. We speak a little German but to speak Vietnamese would be very handy indeed

  71. They have started learning Spanish at school and thanks to Dora, they are at the top of their classes! Would love for them to learn Japanese (considering the business region of our country).

  72. I visited – the reward charts are a brilliant idea!

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  74. We only speak English, but I’d love to learn French

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  77. We want our daughters to learn Tongan. My husband is 1/2 Tongan but not taught the language and in some family gatherings it is a little hard.

    I would also like to teach them/learn myself Austrian as my Oma and step mum are from Austria.

  78. Following you on twitter now too

  79. Would love my son to learn Italian, that way when we get to travel (hopefully one day…) he can be our own personal pint sized interpreter!

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  81. We only speak English, but I would love my two girls to learn German. I studied German at school, and my husband and I have been lucky enough to visit Germany and absolutely love it! One day hopefully we will be able to take the girls there on a holiday and it would be wonderful for them to know some of the language.

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  85. My daughters only speak english but they know quite a few french & Italian words which they actually use most days.

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  88. I like the acrylic blocks at art eater!

  89. My 2 kids both speak Spanish thanks to dora. My daughter Loves dora and when asked to count to 5 she does it almost better then she does in english.

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