Oct 242011

You might remember it from that time ‘before kids’ when you still got to read a gossip magazine every now and then: an ‘as seen on’ section, featuring super hip outfits of stylish celebrities and information on where to buy the pieces that will give you the same look. I know that nowadays you don’t have the time to read these magazines and I don’t have it either, and I also know you are more likely to shop for your kids than for yourself, so it makes perfect sense that Fred & Frank has put together a special Celebabies section so your kids can look just like the kids of real celebrities.

Whether your little girl has the sweet Suri Cruise look or is as hip as Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, your son is a little rockstar like Kingston Rossdale or street smart like Henry Samuel, the Fred & Frank We Heart New York range has got you covered. Obviously this collection is not for the faint hearted but New York isn’t either, be ready to make a statement in black, mixed up with denim, checkered fabrics, bold prints and funky accessories.

The range is designed by Deryll Naidoo & Chantel Camilleri from Fred & Frank Kids and is aimed at children between 2 and 8 years old. The unique, cool, fun clothing carries the designer looks you see in the big fashion cities without the designer price tag. If you are not brave enough to go full force pick just one or two pieces to change a boring outfit around, add a hip hop hat, gangster sunnies or the over sized LCD watch and your kid will be a real NY insider.

To find out more about Fred & Frank, to browse the We Heart New York collection and to order online visit www.fredandfrankkids.com. Keep an eye on the Fred & Frank Kids Facebook page for the latest news and specials.

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  1. oooh so cute. I love the eclectic Suri Cruise look, so cute

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