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Even though I have been living in Australia for 5 years now I still can’t get myself to drink the tap water due to it’s unpleasant taste. As a result of this I slowly started drinking more and more soft drinks, something I am really not proud of and I would hate for my children to follow in my footsteps. Soft drinks are not very healthy, they are expensive, bottles are a pain to carry when shopping, they take up a lot of room in the pantry and could end up in landfill and I am sure there are many more negatives to them. I realised that I mainly chose soft drinks because of the bubbles so recently I have started making my own carbonated drinks with the SodaStream Drinks Maker.

The SodaStream Jet Drinks Maker ($74.95) lets you make bubbly drinks in your own kitchen using simple tap water. This means you can make a fresh drink when you need it and you make it in smaller quantities (very good for smaller families, no need to throw out drinks because they have gone flat). You make and store the drinks in special SodaStream Bottles, which you can clean yourself and re-use so no bottles are being added to landfill.

You can add your desired flavour to your drink by using one of the dedicated SodaStream Syrups ($6.95-$8.95). There are 36 flavours to choose from with plenty of choice for everyone, from classic flavours like cola or lemonade to sugar free syrups, sport drinks to iced tea and now also a Clear Plus (enriched with natural plant extracts) and my favourite, the Sparkling Goodness range which is 100% free from artificial flavours, colourings, sweeteners and preservatives.

Each syrup bottle contains enough syrup to make up to 12 litres of soft drink so one small syrup bottle in your pantry of fridge replaces a whole bunch of big bulky soft drinks bottles to carry and store. And the best part is that you can use as much or as little as you like so you decide the flavour and the savings! With SodaStream you can influence the water/flavour ratio which is ideal for parents who’s children beg for fizzy drinks. The SodaStream system is an investment that will pay itself back in no time, especially for larger families.

To find out more about SodaStream, to check out the range of drinks makers and syrups and to order online visit www.sodastream.com.au. You can also find SodaStream products at a wide range of retailers throughout Australia, check (for example) your local Woolworths, Kmart, BigW or Coles to see which products they have in store.

For your chance to win a SodaStream Jet Drinks Maker starter kit (including the Drinks Maker, one 60L gas cylinder and one carbonating bottle) and 4 assorted syrups visit www.sodastream.com.au and answer the following question: Which syrup flavour do you like most and how many litres of drink can you make with it?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Competition ends November 15, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  233 Responses to “SodaStream giveaway”

  1. I looove grapefruit so the Grapefruit & Pomegranate is a fave of mine. Helps when hubby won’t touch it I know it’s there when I want one. Makes 10 litres.

  2. LIKED SodaStream on facebook.

  3. Subscribed to newsletter

  4. Subscribed to sodastream newsletter

  5. Cool a Wooden Bug Cage on Rudy and the Dodo. One thing we have lots of is bugs.

  6. Catimini Urban dress on Mickey House Kids would look great on my new niece.

  7. Boikido Animal Skipping Rope on Shop for Tots is so cute. I havn’t taught my boys to skip rope yet.

  8. I adore the chalkboard wall stickers on Bright Star Kids. Will be moving to a new house next year and hope to decorate with some.

  9. Pink Grapefruit from the sparkling goodness range sounds refreshing! I love pink grapefruit juice – so why not fizzy!

  10. New fan of SodaStream on facebook.

  11. Signed up to SodaStream newsletter.

  12. Follow HLO via GFC

  13. I am a HLO newsletter subscriber.

  14. I visited Peppermint Parade – I love the sparkle berry clip.

  15. I visited LaStork – I like the Moon Baby Nursing Pillow.

  16. I visited StickyBiz – I like the personalised navy hoodie for my boy.

  17. I visited Little YoYo Styles – I like the SBD Voile Mademoiselle Skirt in Red for my daughter.

  18. Yum! We had a SodaStream when I was little – we loved it.

    My flavour of choice would be Lemon & Lime it can make 12 Litres 🙂

  19. I’m a follower 🙂

  20. I subscribe to the newsletter

  21. Love that Lemon and Lime flavour – Yum! 750mls makes up to 6 litres.

  22. liked on facebook 🙂

  23. Joined this site 🙂 Why not, so far the content is fabulous

  24. Signed up to sodastream newsletter

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  26. Tweeted!

  27. Heart those personalised pink rompers over at stickybiz

  28. Those Australian Girl dolls are gorgeous! I’d love to get my hands on a Belle doll for Miss 8

  29. The ada ada granite hat over at Whimsy Child is so sweet

  30. And the catamini dress at mickeyshouse would be perfect for our next family portraits in sizes to suit both my girls

  31. Love the old school COLA flavour. Makes up to 12 litres.

  32. Love the lemon and lime, 12 litres per syrup

  33. Lemonade – whats not tooo love. Can make 12 litres of the amazing soda stream drinks.

  34. Love cola, love it. and can make 12 litres per syrup bottle

  35. We love the pink grapefuit flavour. And when in makes 12 litres, its a great summer

  36. COLA – 12 litres

  37. Lemonade – 12 litres

  38. MEXICAN LIME- so refreshing, perfect for hot summer days. 12 Litres per syrup.

  39. LIKED SodaStream on facebook

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  43. MY STICKY BIZ- Love the ‘Girly Garden Height Chart’ removable sticker. Just adorable!

  44. PEPPERMINT PARADE- Love the ‘Madeline Daisy Head Band D12-005’.
    Would look gorgeous on any hair colour.

  45. AVIDIVA- The ‘Lelby’s Bean Chair in Damask Pink’ is such a clever idea.
    A special little chair for a special little girl.

  46. WHIMSY CHILD- The ‘Coco & Ginger “Clover” Suinsuit- Belle de Jour Yellow’,
    A must for my two little twin fashionista’s this summer.

  47. pink grapefruit looks delicious, and it will make up to 6 litres

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  50. love manducca carrier from sukimama

  51. Sodastream facebook liker 🙂

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  55. I visited Australian girl and i love the Matilda doll

  56. I also visited Ruby&the dodo and i liked the Strawberry shoulder bag so cute!

  57. I visited Sustainababy and i love the Plan toys Tower tumbling,

  58. I also visited Shop for tots and i liked the Lunch punch princess fairy set, just gorgeous!

  59. The lemon ice tea makes 12 litres

  60. Mexican Lime for me & it makes up to 9 Litres of Fizz. Yes Please

  61. I “liked” Sodastream on FB

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  63. Lemon and Lime it’s nice and refreshing especially on hot summer days. It makes 6 litres

  64. liked soda stream on fb and signed up for newsletter

  65. I love the mexican lime and it can make up to 9 litres

  66. Signed up for the sodastream newsletter

  67. Shared on twitter

  68. Summer lemon makes 12 litres

  69. I like the ginger ale, it makes 12 liters.

  70. I like them on facebook. (Tanaya Hunyadi Syx)

  71. I signed up for their newsletter.

  72. I follow you on GFC as Tanaya_lynn.

  73. I like Matilda from Australian Girl.

  74. I like the TotsBots Easyfit AIO from Sukimama.

  75. I like the Little Tee-Tee- Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo.

  76. Cola which makes 12 Litres – YUMMY!!!

  77. Love the Mud Pie Ice Cream Tutu Dress from ‘Outlet Shop for Kids’

  78. Lime – it makes 12 Litres.

  79. Subscribed to Hip Little One newsletter

  80. Signed up for the Soda Stream newsletter.

  81. Visited Whimsy child and my favourite product is the ‘Seeding Build Your Own Erupting Volcano’ – because I know my son would absolutely love it.

  82. Visited avidiva and love the Lelby’s Faux Fur Throw Rug.

  83. I’d love to try the ‘Orange & Pineapple’, yum! The taste of summer 🙂

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  84. I’m following via GFC as Jasmine1485

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  85. I’m a fan of SodaStream on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

    kate1485 at hotmail.com

  86. I love creaming soda the best reminds me of when i was a child and it makes about 12 litres.

  87. liked Sodastream on facebook

  88. Signed up for Sodastream newsletter

  89. The summer lemon is ideal for quenching one’s thirst on a hot summer day.
    A 500ml bottle makes up to 12 litres of soft drink.

  90. favourite is cola makes 12L

  91. have tweeted

  92. joined newsletter

  93. liked and shared on facebook

  94. Mexican Lime (water with a slice of lime on a hot Aussie summer day tastes great. Add some fizz and it equals “AWESOME”).
    Mexican Lime makes about 9 litres of soft drink.

  95. I “like” SodaStream on facebook.

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  97. pink grapefruit makes up to 6 litres!!

  98. Sodastream liked on Facebook

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  100. following HLO on GFC

  101. Yum! Raspberry is my fav!,makes up to 12 litres of soft drink.

  102. Liked SodaStream on facebook.

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  104. My favourite flavour is diet cola and you can make 12 litres of drink from the bottle.

  105. I like sodastram on FB.

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  108. I visited Sticky Bizz and like the personalised height charts- jungle theme.

  109. I visited since we were kids and liked the chewable bracelets.

  110. I visited Sustainababy amd liked the Baby Beehinds monkey nappy.

  111. I visited Hip and Hot and liked the flexibath.

  112. Definately the Cream Soda and makes 12 litres.

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  116. Yet to try any flavours but from looking think Green tea Litchi clear plus would be my favourite. It makes 10L is free from artificial flavours and sweetners and is enriched with natural plant extracts, while only been lightly sweetened so no need to feel guilty.

  117. Facebook liker

  118. Newsletter subscriber

  119. Love the acrylic photo block from arteater.com.au. They are great way to display children’s artwork and are free standing so nice and easy to be moved around.

  120. Mothers garden- strawberry breakfast tea and toaster seat 27 piece @ littleyoyostyles.com.au. We have a wooden kitchen coming for christmas and this would just top it of. Love it!

  121. Think the mud pie ice cream tutu dress from outlet shop for kids is sooo cute, my little one would forever be swinging her skirt

  122. Really wish I had one of the Ellaroo ring slings from avidiva when my little was newborn, love the mango sky patterns.

  123. Apple sounds delish and I know that would be a hit with my hubby and my daughter too. It makes up to 12 litres, which is amazing! I had no idea it went so far. Very cool.

  124. RASPBERRY! Yummy! 500ml bottle makes up to 12 litres of soft drink!

  125. Liked SodaStream on Facebook 🙂

  126. Signed up for the free SodaStream Newsletter 🙂

  127. Mango Ice Tea, with ice and a slice of lemon on a warm day, would be very cool and refreshing. And mine makes 12L so that’s more than enough to go around for a summer time bbq.

  128. Liked Soda Stream on facebook

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  130. Raspberry….12litres

  131. Peach is my favourite and it makes a whole 12 litres

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  135. My favourite flavour would have to be Raspberry Will make 12 litres

  136. Ginger Ale – 500m bottle makes 12L.

  137. GFC follower

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  139. Yum – Cream Soda would be my pick and it makes up to 12 litres.

  140. Im a Facebook liker

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  147. I love the Sugarfree Cranberry and Raspberry flavour which makes up to 12 litres of drink

  148. following on GFC

  149. After a long hot day at work, Mexican Lime is the drink for me and I can have 9 litres of it!

  150. Love the idea of having a soda stream at home. During my twin pregnancy I became addicted to mineral water, and while it’s great that I now drink a bottle of water a day, it’s almost impossible to fit them in the trolley (in between the twins and my 5 and 7 year olds!) and I don’t have the energy to lug them home. This sounds like the answer to my dilemma! Lemon and lime sounds refreshing for the end of the day as well!

  151. Peach ice tea for a super hot day to quench your thirst, and it makes up to 12 lts

  152. subscribed to sodas newletter

  153. a liker on facebook

  154. Cola which makes 12 Litres

  155. liked on FB

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  157. subbed to your newsletter

  158. follow on google friend connect

  159. Mmmm Peach Ice Tea sounds delicious and makes up to 12 Litres 🙂

  160. liked on FB

  161. peach and it makes 12 litres

  162. I love the idea of Peach Ice Tea – makes up to 12 L

  163. I like SodaStream on Facebook
    (Bec Sherman)

  164. I’ve signed up for the free SodaStream Newsletter

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  166. I am already a soda stream liker

  167. I’m following your blog

  168. Have tweeted as @cranky_mum

  169. Have signed up for both newsletters

  170. I had a soda stream as a kid and would love to get one for my kids 🙂

  171. SodaStream Lemonaid is my favourite and can even make up to 12 ltrs of fizzy goodness. An oldie but always a goodie

  172. I have Liked SodaStream on Facebook, but really do love it

  173. I Signed up for the free SodaStream Newsletter

  174. signed up ,followed ,subscribed ,twittered,facebooked and my fave syrup is cola

  175. I am a Follower of Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  176. I am a Subscriber to the Hip little one newsletter, and follow religously

  177. LIKED SodaStream on facebook.

  178. tweeted

  179. I have left the URL on my Facebook page, so now my friends know about it too 🙂

  180. Sign up for the free SodaStream Newsletter

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  182. I looooooooooooooooove the Creaming Soda its so refreshing. You can make 12 litres with it.

    Can I also add another great thing about SodaStream is that it contains less sugar than your regular soft drinks.. BONUS!!!

  183. I am a Subscriber to the Hip little one newsletter

  184. I went to buzyboo and just LOVE the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress

  185. I went on over to Avidiva and i just have to get a Babyburrito Geomatric Changing Pad

  186. Oops I have also ‘liked’ sodastream on facebook, joined their mailing list and signed up to the hip little one newsletter… cant beleive we get to join up to great sites for great prizes!

  187. poped on over to whimys child and saw…… Ada Ada Loam- balloon overall 6-12M – how cute!

  188. My favourite flavour would probably be Mexican Lime (haven’t tried, so not 100% sure!) but I looooove lime & soda! It can make up to 9L.

  189. I subscribe to the hip little one newsletter

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  191. And for the last one i jumped on over to Sustainability and saw something i must have – Uimi Olivia Pinafore – Poppy

  192. Have signed up for the soda stream newsletter

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  194. Grapefruit and pomegranate sounds so refreshing – especially on such a hot day!

  195. facebook like

  196. Signed up for sodastream newsletter

  197. HLO follower with google friend connect

  198. HLO newsletter subscriber – also add that the pomegranate and grapefruit makes 10L to my other entry

  199. Love, love matilda from Australian girl

  200. love the boon snack balls on budburst kids!

  201. psi bands – Since we were kids

  202. Catimini urban dress – Mickey House

  203. Born in 1974, I remember Soda Stream the first time round 🙂 Would love to win this! Cheers 🙂

  204. Bubzyboo – Little Tee-Tee Zara dress

  205. Already GFC connected 🙂

  206. Already a Facebook liker 🙂

  207. Have liked Sodastream on Facebook 🙂

  208. love the Lunch Punch Match & Munch Sandwich Cutters on Whimsy Child. Maybe they’ll get my puzzle loving fussy 3 yr old to try different sandwiches!

  209. love the range of lelby’s bean chairs on avidiva!

  210. love love love the hevea pacifiers on sukimama. My daughter’s all time favourite dummy and mine too cause I know it’s safe for her!

  211. I love citrusy flavours, so my favourite is Lemon & Lime, which you can make up to 12 litres of.

  212. I’ve liked SodaStream on FB (Dianne Childs)

  213. I follow HLO via GFC as Di from Max The Unicorn (although lately its just been coming up as Di, I don’t know why).

  214. I subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter

  215. Im already subscribed to the HLO newsletter 🙂

  216. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

  217. I love the framed wall art from ArtEater

  218. I love the cardboard build & colour your own – space shuttle from Rudy and the Dodo

  219. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

  220. I’d like to try the Peach Ice Tea 500ml

    Each 500ml bottle makes up to 12 litres of soft drink.
    adaliadelcompar at gmail dot com

  221. Love the sound of raspberry – makes 12 litres

  222. Like sodastream on Facebook

  223. We loved our soda stream as kids, there are so many new flavours now, Lemon and Lime is my favorite, all 12 litres of it.
    Liked on facebook too

  224. Each bottle makes 12L and my favourite flavour is diet cola

  225. Love Pink Grapefruit.

  226. Liked on Facebook

  227. Sponsor: Australian Girl – Emily doll, she reminds me of my daughter 🙂

  228. I loved my soda stream as a kid. The classic Lemonade is my favorite flavour and each bottle makes 12 leters!

  229. My flavour of choice would be Lemon & Lime it can make 12 Litres

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