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If you are a regular reader of the Hip little one blog you might know that all my family lives in The Netherlands and because of that my children don’t get to see their grandparents very often. It has been almost 2 years since we last saw them and I can’t wait to see them again, just 2 more sleeps! As much as it will be fantastic for the kids to have them around it will also be very sad when they have to leave again 4 weeks later. The twins are at the age where they will hopefully remember some of the things about the time with their grandparents once they have gone, like how they took them to the beach, played games with them and read books together.

To help them remember some of those special moments I have got a Hallmark Recordable Storybook ready to be recorded by Opa. The Hallmark Recordable Storybooks are meant to be recorded by a parent, grandparent or another special person so that children can read the book and hear the story read out loud in a much loved, familiar voice even when that person is not around. I can just imagine the twins reading this storybook, laughing and listening to the sound of Opa’s voice as they turn the pages.

Unlike ordinary read-along-CD’s the sturdy, hardcover Hallmark Recordable Storybooks are cleverly designed to record and play page by page, not the whole story in one long hit. That way children will always hear what is written on the page they are looking at, even if they flick back and forth (which is what kids do). This feature promotes word recognition and leaves the child in control of the book instead of them trying to keep up with the recording.

The current Hallmark Recordable Storybook range consists of 10 different titles. From popular movie characters like Winnie the Pooh or Lightning McQueen to classic nursery rhymes like Hey Diddle Diddle and All The Ways I Love You, there is lots of choice. There are also fantastic Conversations to Keep books available that will record heartwarming questions and answers between child and parent or grandparent. Which parent would not enjoy revisiting those childhood conversations many years later?

To find out more about Hallmark Recordable Storybooks ($34.99), to take a closer look at the titles currently available and to purchase your favourite online go to www.hallmarkcards.com.au or visit a Hallmark retailer near you.

For your chance to win a Hallmark Recordable Storybook (titles are subject to availability) visit www.hallmarkcards.com.au and answer the following question: Which one of the 11 titles would your child like most?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Competition ends November 1, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  114 Responses to “Hallmark Recordable Storybook giveaway”

  1. My children would love the ‘Dad and Me’ recordable story the most. The monkey’s would suit them down to a tee!

  2. My children would love to hear their Dad’s voice when he is working late and can’t read them a bedtime story. So it is “Dad & Me” for my pick!

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  5. I am a fan of Hallmark Australia on facebook.

  6. I visited Rudy & The Dodo – I love the 100 Cool Activities for Girls book

  7. I visited Budburst Kids – I love the Cheeki Insulated Coffee Travel Mug (for me!)

  8. I visited Sticky Biz – I love the Girly Garden Height Chart

  9. I visited Little YoYo Styles – I love the b.box essential nappy caddy in retro chic (green)

  10. My girls favourite title would be My little princess, the both love to pretend to be princesses this is a very fitting story, i would get there Nan to read it to record her 🙂 So they can hear Nan reading them a story forever.

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  15. I visited Bubzidoo and loved the Red stars Bubzidoo 🙂 What a fabulous idea!

  16. I also visited Havoc denim and i liked the Boys vintage Mini tee…Super cute!

  17. I visited Whimsy child and my favourite item is Stun orchid twist dress, Gorgeous colour.

  18. I also visited Bright star kids and i love the Ballet wall stickers, So very cute! My daughter would love them in her room!

  19. All the Ways I Love You would be perfect for my hip little one, as like you we don’t leave close to any family members so it would be lovely to record all their voices so Luca can feel and hear how much they love him everyday.

  20. The night before christmas. He adores reading and spends a lot of time asking about christmas. His Grandma comes to stay once a year and reads to him everyday she’s here.

  21. All the Ways I Love You would be perfect for me, as like you my little ones grandparents live in the US and only see them, if we are lucky, once a year. My toddler thinks her Pau-pau (grandma) lives in the computer. It would be a great way for her to feel close to them and know that they think of her as much as she thinks of them.

  22. “Lightning McQueen and His Winning Team” because we are both massive Pixar fans!

  23. I follow via GFC!

  24. Twinkle Twinkle little star for my daughter and My Dad and my for my son!

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  27. I love the Framed Wall Art from ArtEater

  28. I love Matilda from Australian Girl

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  30. I like the shoe labels from sticky biz

  31. My child would love, ‘All the Ways I Love You’. I would love to have my parents read this story to him- such a lovely keepsake.

  32. I like Hallmark Australia on Facebook.

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  35. I visited Rudy and the Dodo and my favourite product was the French bazaar shop bag- bon bon.

  36. I visited Lastork and liked the rhinestone headband.

  37. I visited Hip and Hot and liked the hip owls.

  38. I visited Mickey House and one of my favourite items was the AlloLugh cowboy hat.

  39. I also follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  40. Whoops, entering two giveaways at once and pasted in the wrong one.. Here’s the original entry (sorry they’re in the wrong order!)

    I love the Hey Diddle Diddle book, I’d love to get different long-distance relatives to record the various nursery rhymes for my daughter.

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  43. Anastasia would love”My little princess”

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  47. With christmas coming Rudy and the Dodo have gorgeous wooden santa jingle bells the kids would love !!

  48. I love the bright colours of all Mickey House gear but the Manuella doggie bag (Yellow)
    is one fave.

  49. The Ellaroo Ring Sling Baby Carrier at Sukimama looks like a fashion piece not just a front pack like most and has some great paterns and colours.

  50. My little ones love animals so I bet they would adore Jungle Scene Canvas from Sticky Biz.

  51. Grandma & Me would be great for me to send interstate to the grand children

  52. I am a HLO google friend

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  54. Hey Diddle Diddle is perfect for the stage Cooper is at with storytime and the personal touch would be just like his Dad reading to him at bedtime

  55. I would like the ‘Dad and Me’

  56. Following hallmark_au

  57. GFC follower

  58. Newsletter sub

  59. I’d love ‘My little princess’ for my little princess!

  60. HLO subscriber

  61. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  62. Rudy and the dodo – My Dad interview book is gorgeous

  63. Ausralian girl doll fave is matilda

  64. I’d love to win, All the ways I love you. My baby would love that.

  65. All the Ways I love you

  66. GFC follower.

  67. I follow Hallmark Australia as @jsapalio

  68. All the ways I love you, cause then it would suit my son and daughter 🙂

  69. follow hip little one with google friend connect

  70. subscribed to hip little one newsletter

  71. love belle from australian girl doll

  72. love servane barrau designs flounce dress mademoiselle purple from little yoyo styles

  73. love saltwater sandals from whimsy child

  74. My little cherub would love Dad and Me – since he is her favourite person in the world

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  80. Love the sweet Matilda doll over at Australian Girl Doll

  81. Theres an adorable lime green rhinestone headband over at lastork

  82. The little monkey hugglee over at shopfortots is perfect for chubby little fingers

  83. At only $8, the little baby knit white jacket at littleyoyostyles is a complete bargain

  84. Dad & Me – Daddy is his hero, when they’re together it’s like hubby and his shadow, a little mini-me in tow copying and adoring everything he does.

  85. Email subscriber 🙂

  86. Grandma and me. She’s baby-sat him more that he’s been with us, so an appropriately fitting title!!

  87. Email subscriber

  88. My little princess. As a Dad I am absolutely and utterly ashamed to admit that my boy loves pink and adores princesses.

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  90. My little boy would love the Dad and me book, it’s extra perfect because Daddy calls him his little monkey!

  91. Following Hallmark Australia on Twitter

  92. ‘I love you Grandma’ because my son loves his Grandma!

  93. I love you grandma, I would love to send this to my nan who lives away but rings to speak to my daughter on a weekly basis, this way she could hear her voice everyday 🙂

  94. My little one would love ” All the ways that I love you” – and what a great memory keepsake!

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  98. Matilda from Australian Girl

  99. Psi bands from Since we were kids

  100. Catimini urban dress ( MickeyHouse)

  101. Buzby Boo – Little Tee-tee Zara dress

  102. My daughter would like ‘All the Ways I Love You’ please!

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  105. Lightning McQueen and His Winning Team

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  109. My daughter would love Dad and Me.

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  112. Dad and Me….not only the kids will love it…i do too!

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