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Sleep, I need as much as I can get but unfortunately the twins don’t always understand that. Every night they go to bed nicely at 7pm but it is the early morning wakeups that really get to me. A few months back it was starting to get out of control so I decided to give the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock from Parents Like Us a go. I can not begin to describe in words what effect he has had on our household.

The BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock is designed to, you guessed it, train children to sleep. This clever clock helps children to know when it is time to sleep and when it is time to wake up by using a friendly monkey shape that young children will find very interesting. When the parent puts the monkey to sleep at bedtime his eyes will close so your child understands it is time to sleep. When it is time to wake up (a decent hour of the day set by the parent) his eyes will open and some fun jungle sounds can be heard. The time itself is visible on both a digital and analogue clock.

When we started using the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock about 4 months ago I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I would have tried anything that could possibly help us get more sleep. I was expecting for it to take some time before they got the message but they took to it very quickly. In fact, it has become a daily ritual for us: the twins say bye-bye to the ‘monkey clock’ when he goes to sleep and in the morning they run out of their rooms very excited to tell us the ‘monkey clock has woken up’.

Another huge advantage of this cute little gadget is that you can adjust the alarm time to suit, like when daylight savings ends or during school holidays when you want your children to sleep a little longer. When we visited Melbourne in July we took the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock with us so the kids would behave well at night in a strange environment and they nicely stayed in bed until the monkey opened his eyes. Of course they also love the sound of chirping birdies to wake up to.

Whilst this clock is obviously designed for the little ones who can not read the clock yet (3 years +) it will still be useful after that as a teaching aid when practising clock reading as kids can use both the analogue and digital clock to look at. Another useful feature is the temporary night light (a little button on the top).

To find out more about Parents Like Us or the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock ($47.90) and to place an order online visit Until the end of October Australian orders receive free shipping to celebrate the grand opening of this fantastic store.

For your chance to win a BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock visit and answer the following question: Aside from the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock, which other item in store do you think is really useful and why?

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  1. The Amadeus 360 No Spill Toddler Cup is ingenius! Would very much love to get one for my son in the near future to save on some clean ups!

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  4. The Clothing by Tilly & Otto is so sweet, especially the Coco Dress – bring on the summer weather.
    Am a subscriber and follower.

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  7. love the Babushka Doll’s in blue and pink

  8. Wow, the Cherub LCD Dummy Thermometer is like nothing I’ve seen before! Wish I’d known about it when my boy was a bub and taking his temp was like wrestling a crocodile.

    I am also beside myself with excitement over the clock – I have a serially early riser (5.15am anyone!) so it would be a Godsend to win!

  9. Also following your blog x

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  11. What an awesome store!
    I like the Original Slumber Bear by Prince LionHeart. This would have been fantastic for my son when he was younger!

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  15. I love the framed wall art from Art Eater

  16. I love the WillowBlu bags from Little Yoyo Styles

  17. From Rudy and the Dodo I like the big book of science things to make and do (by usborne)

  18. From Sustainababy I like the Chewable Jewels Necklace & Bracelet Combo – Turquoise Beach

  19. OMG! I think this would save my life! This is exactly what my girls need right now! My other choice of useful item is the Amadeus 360 no spill toddler cup, My girls so badly want to be independant but just about every time they use a cup they spill it this would be fantastic to help teach them to drink without the spills!

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  24. I visited Peppermint parade i love the Candybelle clip, very pretty

  25. I visited Badburst kids i love the Badburst kids girls Retro apron – Green/floral…

  26. I visited Rubyandthedodo my favourite item is the Wooden space pinball machine.

  27. I also visited Sticky biz i love the Garden room wall arts..

  28. Amadeus 360 No Spill Toddler Cup would be so useful when the little ones are trying to get the hang of a real cup

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  36. I love the Cherub Click N Go Bottle Warmer. So many times I have been shopping or just generally out and about and little mans bottle is cold. (unlike his big sister he doesnt like to drink it cold) This would be so useful rather than trying to find a service station that will let you use their microwave. When we drive to Sydney to see the kids grandparents this would be the most useful thing I could pack

  37. I visited Since we were kids and I like the PSI bands.

  38. I visited Budburst Kids and I love the Fairy Summer Pyjamas for girls.

  39. I visited Havoc Denim and I like the Girls summer ruffle dress

  40. visited Lastork and I love KidKraftPrimaries4-Pouch Sling Bookshelf in Primary Colours

  41. The Original Slumber Bear by Prince LionHeart would have been great for my unsettled bub!

  42. I’m now following the blog!

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  45. Amadeus 360 no spill toddler cup is fantastic!

  46. I am in lust with the phil&teds Verve

  47. I would of loved the Celebrate the New Arrival- Natural hamper from LAStork when my baby boy was born.

  48. Handmade “Sunshine” dolly- Ferm from Rudy and the Dodo is gorgeous!

  49. The Mother Garden food sets from Little Yoyo Styles (Strawberry home made cake set and Wild Strawberry lunch box- sushi) are too cute for words!

  50. Amadeus 360 No Spill Toddler Cup – amazing!

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  54. For my nearly two year old twins i would be most happy with the Amadeus Big Cow Cup – the words i hear every day ” mummy I have spilt the water!! Clean it up!!!” This would be a lifesaver!

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  56. The fetal doppler is by far the most important and useful item listed on this site. For any mother who has had a stillbirth, they will experience so much anxiety. I visited my in any pregnancy that follows the stillbirth. I visited my obstitrician three times more than what I needed to due to anxiety and because I couldn’t feel the moments at the end of the pregnancy. I would of loved to of had one of these in my last pregnancy.

  57. LOVE the idea of the slumber bear!

  58. The Cherub Click N Go Bottle Warmer would be very handy for use on long car trips to see my parents as we need to feed on the way there.

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  61. Visited Whimsy Child – I love the Coco & Ginger “Ginger” Dress in Orange Batik

  62. Visited Havoc Denim – I love the Girls Malibu Ruffle Playsuit – gorgeous!

  63. Visited Bubzidoo – I love the red start Bubzidoo

  64. Visited Bright Star Kids – I love the Baroque Wall Sticker Clock

  65. Love it!! We have 5 kids in one bedroom and this would be sooo helpful!! 🙂 I also love the colour change Natribottles. I love glass bottles for babies for the safety factor (no leaching of chemicals etc) and these ones are just a step up in cleverness!!

  66. Now following “parents like us” on Twitter (sugarfishgirl)

  67. Love the gorgeous Crepe Play Set on Whimsy Child!!

  68. I really love the Moosebaby Moose Noose. Too many times I have had near accidents with my athletic bolting daughter, and this would give me peace of mind.

  69. Original Slumber Bear by Prince LionHeart. My little one from the first night in hospital would get upset leaving my side. If I knew about this bear it would have saved hours of lost sleep.

  70. The Cherub LCD Dummy Thermometer is a fabulous idea. Thermometers are so hard to use with a sick, fidgety, upset baby.

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  75. You have some great products in your store. Aside from the smart little monkey clock, the thermometer dummy looks like a very useful product – what a simple way to take your little one’s temperature.

  76. As a mum i think the Cherub LCD Dummy Thermometer comes in VERY useful especially if your bub is fussy and when bub is sick often they wont sit still long enough for the underarm or ear thermometer so the dummy thermometer comes in handy 🙂 I find it keeps them ALOT calmer then thrying to get bub to sit still for a minute trying to get a reading with the ear or underarm thermometer..

  77. I think a Babushka Doll set would definitely be useful, even if just as a really fun toy!

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  79. Qubies UpsideDown Icecube Tray is a great item… makes life easier!

    Plus follow on Facebook

  80. We could use a BabyZoo Night Light, then when my daughter wakes in the night crying for a light on, she could turn one on herself for comfort and then it would turn itself off once she was snugly back asleep, and I wouldn’t need to worry. perfect!

  81. Amadeus 360 No Spill Toddler Cup looks great! My son is only 6 months old but is already trying to drink from our cups rather than his ‘sippy cup’.

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  84. The BabyZoo Night Light would be nice with its soft and calming glow.

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  89. From Sukimama I like the Dimples Merino Wool Cotton Blend Sleepsac

  90. From Budburst Kids I like the Mummy and Me Cookbook

  91. From Bright Star Kids I like the Polka Dots Wall Stickers

  92. From Mickey House I like the Gap Rockets 2 pcs Pj’s set.

  93. The bright and beautiful babushka stacking dolls. Always a favourite way to amuse little people.

  94. The Amadeus Big Cow Cup is not only too cute but the shape and well thought out handles are brilliant

  95. The Click and Go Bottle Warmer looks really useful — I’d love to have something like that to heat up a drink on the go.

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  99. Love the LCD Dummy Thermometer, great idea.

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  101. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  102. Australian Girl Doll – Matilda is my fave

  103. Sonotech Fetal Doppler so great to be able to share experience with other around you not to mention to reassurance for parent to be.

  104. Subscribed to the Hip little one newsletter

  105. To many great items to pick but love the art eater page and great ideas for childs artwork think there is shopping to be done lol.

  106. Love the Ribbon Ruffle Sundress @ outlet shop for kids

  107. Name labels @ no more lost item @ school or day care.

  108. Chunky wooden puzzle – dolls @ rudy and the dodo nice and chunky for little hands.

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  110. The Cherub LCD dummy thermometer, so much easier than fiddling around under bubs arm!

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  112. BabyZoo Night Light – to stop all those scary dark moments

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  114. Cherub LCD Dummy Thermometer..very clever and useful!

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  116. The gift vouchers in any denomination. Every occasion covered, useful because one doesn’t have to strain their brain as to which item is the best gift, and this way there are no double ups.

  117. newsletter subscriber.

  118. Cherub On The Go Baby Food Pouch – the most useful of useful because I cook my own baby food and never ever have enough suitable containers.

  119. Email newsletter subscriber .

  120. Cherub Natripur Breast Milk Bags (25 Pk), this way I can get up and feed our little angel while my wife gets to catch up on sleep, and if she’s out grocery shopping then I’ve got the milk right here rearing and ready to go. Useful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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  122. I think the Cherub Click N Go Bottle warmer is great to make sure baby has warm milk

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  125. Wow this clock is an amazing idea, would make a fantastic gift for my new grandson.

  126. The Cherub LCD Dummy Thermometer is a fantastic idea! Would be great for my daughter who hate the thermometer under her arm.

  127. The Fetal Doppler was truly the best purchase i have ever made. I purchased one as my partner has older children (7&10) and as this was my first it was a great way for his children to feel a part of the whole experience and build a bond with me as well as the bub. They get excited to hear its heartbeat and watch my belly move. In all honesty it is this item that has bought us together to experience this magical journey as a family. 🙂

  128. Babyzoo Night Light is so cute and anything to help them sleep at night means that you can get more sleep yourself!

  129. Have just subscribed to your newsletter.

  130. Visited StickyBiz – Love the Harold & Montie Canvas it would look fantastic in my sons room.

  131. Visited Bubzyboo – love the ‘Kaboodle Kits For Kids – Treasure Box’ – this would be a great activity for a rainy day.

  132. The dummy thermometer… brilliant idea.

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