Sep 302011

I absolutely love shopping online and most of the time I am really happy with my purchases. Sometimes it can’t be a little tricky though to imagine what a certain garment looks like on real people when all you get to see is a lay-flat image of the clothing. Eeni Meeni Miini Moh has just released its very first 90-second film clip showcasing some of their stunning Summer pieces so you can see and fall in love with them ‘real life’.

If you looked carefully you probably spotted the gorgeous butter dot frill dress, the colours are just beautiful and the 100% cotton fabric is perfect for Summer. The frilled layers make this anything but an ordinary summer dress so it can easily be worn for a special occasion. For those girls who refuse to wear anything but pink tones there is also a peony pink version available, as well as a cool clover green colour option. The frill dress ($109) is available in sizes 0-5.

I personally love the crimson red Circus Ringleader T-shirt, my son would love it and he happens to be the ringleader very often (maybe not in the circus but definitely in this house!). The circus theme can be found on several garments in the Summer range and who doesn’t love rabbits in hats, elephants, jugglers or a big top circus tent. The ringleader t-shirt ($51) is available in sizes 0-5.

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