Dec 282012


Tonight we’ll be leaving for a nine hour drive to Melbourne and although I am looking forward to visiting our Melbourne family I am not overly excited about the trip itself. Nine hours is a long time with three little ones so we are trying to travel mostly at night time in the hope they’ll sleep, fingers crossed. Of course I’ll come prepared with lots of toys to play with, movies to watch and yummy snacks which will hopefully get us through. If you are hitting the road these holidays you may want to save a spot in the car for Zimmiz.

Zimmiz Boy Scout GreenAll the way from out of space the quirky Zimmiz creatures have recently set foot on Australian soil and they are looking for new friends. At first sight you may think they are just a fluffy toy but once you pop in your iPhone or iPod Touch you’ll soon discover that your new Zimmiz buddy has a surprising personality of its own, he will keep kids entertained for ages! Zimmiz are designed for children aged 4 years and up.

To start your own personal friendship with Zimmiz you will need to install the Zimmiz App on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download it for free from the Apple iTunes store. Bring your new friend to life and see what happens when he falls asleep or eats his food, when you tickle him or shake him and much more. There are more than 300 animations and actions to explore and fun games to play, it really is all about interactive play and keeping little minds busy.

Zimmiz in action

Like with all electronic toys it will take a bit of practice for kids to properly control their Zimmi, but these days a lot of kids have experience with touch screen devices so they’ll get the hang of it soon. They’ll love shaking Zimmi up and down, selecting his meals and wiping his boogers from the screen (not kidding!). Aside from the standard options there are additional games etc available to purchase in the iTunes store.

Zimmiz Green Boy ScoutSeeing how much my 4-year olds like playing on their LeapPad and how quickly they learn I think they would really enjoy Zimmiz too. Sadly we don’t own an iDevice to try it out yet but a little birdy told me that an Android application will be released next year so there is hope! A real big bonus of Zimmiz is that you are not left with an outdated product as apps can be updated and change continuously. 2013 will also bring a pink Baby Zimmi, red Girl Scout and blue Soldier Boy for even more Zimmiz fun.

To find out more about Zimmi ($24.95), to download the free Zimmiz App and to order online visit, shipping costs are $4.95. Zimmiz are also available from leading toy stores nation wide.

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