Get a FREE Lunch Puch at Mikki and Me

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Jul 172016

Mikki and Me

I don’t know about you but not having to pack lunches every morning is one of my favourite parts of the school holidays. The kids and I love our lazy breakfasts and improvised lunch (usually warm), so we’re going to make to most of it before school goes back. If you’re back into school routine already and you’re looking for ways to make lunch more fun this awesome Mikki & Me deal is perfect for you:

Yumbox SnackPurchase any Yumbox lunchbox (the brand new snack size or the original) and receive a FREE Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutter. That means the more Yumboxes lunch boxes you buy, the more of those cool sandwich cutters you’ll get too, score! Your bonus gift will be added to your order automatically and LunchPunch designs are selected at random. Offer ends July 22, 2016, or while stock lasts. 

The Lunch Punch is, well, a punch for your lunch (or breakfast, that’s fine too). Bigger than traditional cookie cutters the Lunch Punch is specifically designed for bread, in fact it punches easily through two slices of bread AND spread without crushing and flattening them. They are not only easy to use and clean (dishwasher safe) but they also cut very efficient with very little cut offs for minimal waste. Of course Lunch Punches are free of BPA, Phthalates and other nasties so they’re super safe.

To find out more about Mikki & Me, to browse the range and to order online visit

Save 25% on Yumbox

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Jun 232016


With the end of the month looming businesses around the country are gearing up for their annual stocktake, something no store owner is looking forward to. To lighten the workload many stores are hoping to clear the shelves with a big Stocktake Sale, great news for budget-conscious mamas like me!

Yumbox PaninoIf you have been eyeing off one of those awesome Yumbox lunch boxes you’ve probably discovered that they rarely go on sale. In fact, they are more popular than ever and stock often sells out the moment it comes in. Luckily for you I’ve stumbled upon a fabulous deal from Yumbox stockist Robin’s Nest, so if you’re keen to grab a cool new Yumbox ahead of Term 3 here’s your chance:

Right now you can save a huge 25% storewide at Robin’s Nest, simply enter the code ‘STOCKTAKE25’ at checkout. Be quick, offer ends June 26, 2016.

Yumbox Robin's Nest

To find out more about Robin’s Nest, to browse the Yumbox range and to order online visit

Save 30% storewide at Sustainababy

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Jul 142015

As the birth of our new son or daughter is coming closer I have slowly started to go through my ‘baby checklist’. Of course I have held on to quite a few pieces (most of it to be honest!), but after multiple owners some items are looking a little worse for wear or are just not the right season. I recently ordered a beautiful stack of organic cotton baby clothes from Sustainababy and am so pleased with them! If you’ve had your eye on some gorgeous eco-goodies too now is the time to shop up a storm in the Sustainababy Birthday Sale:

Fill up your shopping basket at Sustainababy and save a huge 30% off storewide, simply enter the code ‘5THBIRTHDAY’ at checkout. Offer ends July 19, 2015, excludes gift vouchers, bulk nappy packs and mattresses.


The awesome news is that Sustainababy is bigger than the name suggests and it holds treasures for the whole family. Get organised for your new bub, re-stock your gift cupboard, pack a re-usable lunch, go green on your cleaning supplies or treat yourself to something special, all at 30% off:

Purebaby Grow SuitI first discovered Australian fashion label Purebaby when I was pregnant with baby no.3 and have been a big fan every since. My two youngest girls have both worn the Purebaby newborn range and I can’t wait to see our new addition in these lovely soft Purebaby Grow Suits (RRP $29.95, now $20.97) too. Made from 100% certified organic cotton the range is free from nasty chemicals and gentle against sensitive baby skin. I love how the smallest sizes of these sweet suits have fold-over mittens, another great ‘safety’ feature for itchy bubbas!

YumboxWith school going back next week don’t forget to give your child’s lunchbox and drink bottle a little check-over and replace if necessary. Like many families worldwide our kids use Yumbox bento-style lunch boxes (RRP $39.95, now $27.97) which are absolutely fantastic and very practical, while available in quite a few stores these days I have NEVER seen them on sale at such a great price. Sustainababy currently has the awesome Yumbox Panino in stock in three different colours.

Plan Toys XylophonePersonally I love getting organised nice and early for birthdays and Christmas, it saves me running around in rush and if you shop the sales you can save yourself some big bucks too. The timeless wooden Plan Toys make lovely gifts that are high quality and durable, there are so many fabulous designs to choose from to suit boys and girls of different ages. What a great way to support your child’s development and support the environment at the same time.

To find out more about Sustainababy, to browse the range and to order online visit

The new Yumbox is here!

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Mar 302015


For the past few months my Facebook feed has been filled with colourful images of the brand new and improved Yumbox range. Stores have been taking long lists of pre-orders and as soon as these beautiful pastel coloured lunch boxes were unpacked they were sent out to all those impatient mamas. The word on the street is that Yumboxes have once again sold out across the country but I managed to spot a few remaining ones hiding at Whimsy Child:

Yumbox Panino

Now available in fresh Gelato Blue and fruity Ananas Yellow the Yumbox would have to be one of the most popular bento style lunch boxes in Australia.

Yellow Ananas PaninoYumbox lunch boxes are strong, durable and reusable so they can transport healthy lunch after lunch. With its 3 cup capacity (large 2-cup compartment and two 1/2 cup compartments) the Yumbox Panino is a great size for hungry kids and even mums. While the Yumbox is dishwasher safe a quick hand wash is recommended to prolong the longevity of the seal. I hand wash our Yumboxes in the evening and let them dry overnight, so they are ready to go again in the morning.

Fox Lunch BagBy the way, if you live in a warm climate and are searching for a way to keep your lunchbox and snacks cool all day the Apple & Mint lunch bags are just what you need. They are the perfect match for a Yumbox lunchbox plus a squeezy yoghurt or a piece of fruit and keep your meals chilled for 8 hours thanks to their handy freezable cooling panel. Apple & Mint designs currently in stock include Yellow Polkadot, Purple Icecream, Blue Star and Black Fox.

To find out more about Whimsy Child, to take a closer look at the Yumbox and to get your order in visit

Oct 022014


Our school holidays started yesterday so like every other school holiday I am using my time wisely to get everything back-to-school ready. I have to wash all the school uniforms and check them over properly for any tears and holes, label new garments and relabel old ones that lost their tags, clean the school shoes, wash the bags, thorougly scrub the lunch boxes and replace the bottles and this time I have to do it in three-fold as miss 4 will start kindy after the break. The twins use the Yumbox for their lunches and miss 4 can’t wait to have one too.

Yumbox Panino Red

When the two older kids got their Yumboxes a few months ago these clever lunch boxes has only just arrived in Australia. They were a huge hit from the start with stores selling out within hours and their popularity has only grown since then, in fact a brand new sibling has recently been welcomed into the Yumbox family. On the outside the Yumbox Panino may look exactly the same as the Yumbox Original but inside it’s a different story.

Yumbox Panino BlueFeaturing 4 compartments (one large 2 cup section, two 1/2 cup servings and one small 1 oz. dip/treat well) the Yumbox Panino is perfect for kids and adults who love a decent sandwich or good helping of salad. Add to that the innovative lid that seals each section individually, the clear, removable tray and the handy fold lock closure and you’ve got a real winner of a lunch box. I think I may treat myself to one of these stylish new lunch boxes too!

The Yumbox Panino ($39.95) comes in Pomodoro Red and Tutti Frutti Blue and is available at Whimsy Child.

To find out more about Whimsy Child, to take a closer look at the Yumbox and to get your order in visit

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jan 092014


A little while ago I told you about the fabulous Yumbox lunchboxes from Whimsy Child and as expected they sold like hotcakes, with so many pre-orders they sold out quickly and it is still hard to keep up with the demand. I know how many of you loved the design so with the Back to School period in mind I had a little chat to the gorgeous Mel at Whimsy Child and I’ve organised a Yumbox to give away to a lovely Hip little one reader:

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

Just in case you missed what all the excitement is about: The cleverly designed Yumbox lunchbox features five different compartments representing the five different food groups, making it very easy to pack a healthy, nutritious lunch for little students (or yourself). The innovative design includes a special lid that seals each compartment individually, contents will not leak or mix so you can even add liquids like yoghurt or fruit puree.

Yumbox GreenWhen you pack your child a Yumbox lunch you are not only providing a great variety of foods but you are also teaching your child about healthy eating and portion control. There is no need for a whole stack of separate of separate containers, bags or wraps, the complete lunch can be packed together and the BPA-free Yumbox can be used again and again so it is a great choice for the environment too. I told you Yumbox is awesome!

For more information have a little read of my original Yumbox post here.

To find out more about Whimsy Child, to take a closer look at the Yumbox ($34.95) and to order online visit

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Yumbox takes the guessing out of school lunches

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Oct 252013


Making a decent kids school lunch is not as easy as it sounds. The days of a simple ham sandwich in a gladwrap are over, instead school mums are now expected to serve a variety of (healthy) foods conveniently packaged in reusable containers or pouches. But where to start? What do you pack for your little students, how much should you give them and how do you store it neatly and safely? Let Whimsychild take the hassle out of lunches with the exciting new Yumbox:

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

Yumbox, the hippest (and healthiest!) lunchbox in the schoolyard

The Yumbox ($34.95, available in Framboise Pink and Pomme Green) is a clever lunchbox solution that encourages healthy eating. The leak proof container opens up to reveal a removable clear insert that is divided in five food compartments, each able to hold a 1/2 cup content. The compartments represent the different food groups making it a breeze to serve your child a healthy and complete lunch (Little bonus: one small compartment for a tasty dip or yummy treat in the middle).

Yumbox PinkSimply fill the five spots with grains, dairy, fruit, vegetables and protein and voila, you’re done! With all the different food groups covered you can be confident your little bundles of energy have all they need to keep going all day. The innovative Yumbox lid is designed to seal each compartment separately so foods won’t get mixed or leak, yay for a dairy serve of yoghurt or a fruit serve of apple sauce!

Yumbox has each foodgroup covered

Yumbox has each foodgroup covered

Aside from the fact that Yumbox obviously promotes a varied and healthy diet and teaches children (and parents) about portion control it is also an environment friendly product. The lunchboxes are made from high quality food safe materials and are BPA and Phthalate free. At the same time by using a Yumbox for your lunch you are eliminating the need for disposable sandwich bags, wraps and foil so you are not adding any waste to landfill.

Yumbox GreenThe Yumbox is super hot in the US right now and hip mums are having a hard time getting their hands on one of these fabulous lunchboxes. The first order of Yumbox lunchboxes has arrived on Australian shores this month and they will no doubt sell like hot cakes, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Luckily you’re one of the first Aussie mums to hear about them and you can order your Yumbox today at Whimsychild so you can be sure you won’t miss out.

To find out more about Whimsy Child, to take a closer look at the Yumbox and to get your order in visit