Sep 242016

Empowering Resources

One day someone asked me why we chose to have a larger family, as surely after two children ‘you’ve seen it all before’. Some may feel this way but as a mother of five I strongly disagree, I love all their different personalities, their quirky habits and watching them grow and develop into beautiful individuals. Sadly there is a lot of pressure on children to fit into a standard mould instead of celebrating diversity which is why I absolute love this Empowering Resources book:

You're Different, Jemima

In You’re Different, Jemima (RRP $17) we meet a gorgeous girl called Jemima who is enthusiastic, full of ideas and has a big imagination. Sadly her teacher is not so appreciative of Jemima’s excitement, she insists Jemima fits in with the rest of the class and slowly Jemima is starting to lose her spark… Thankfully a lovely new teacher sees Jemima’s differences as qualities, celebrates her uniqueness and she encourages Jemima to be her-special-self.

I think as parents we all see things in our children that are a little ‘different’ and at times we may worry that this will make them stand out. Let’s stop seeing different as negative and turn things around, different is awesome!

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