Dec 022018

I am sure many mums will understand me when I say that I do not at all feel ready for these tweens years yet! The twins turned 10 in August and miss O. dived straight into it by having her ears pierced (after several years of begging!). She doesn’t go anywhere without her lipgloss and sprays perfume by the bottle, I wish she would stay little for a while longer! Thankfully she is not into makeup just yet but she has been having a ball experimenting at home with these tween-friendly gifts from Kooki U:

Designed and made right here in Australia Kooki U offers young Australian girls a cruelty free, mineral based cosmetic range that is affordable and fun. Happy kids, happy mum: Double win!

Whether you are into bright and colourful or neutral and subtle, Kooki U has everyone covered. Olivia is most definitely more the neutral type so this gorgeous Glam Powder (RRP $14.95) suits her perfectly, it adds a subtle touch of shimmery shine to cheeks, eyelids and lips and of course the pretty pink Kabuki Brush makes applying it extra special. Glam Powder is available in three shades: Sparkles, Blue Glow and Pink Glimmer.

Now that Summer has finally arrived it’s time to get out the nail polish and get those toe nails sandal ready. The Kooki U nail polish collection features bold neon colours, sweet pastels and glittery hues and you can even finish the look with some eye catching nail stickers, how awesome is that? When it comes to cleaning up the nail polish can be removed with Kooki U’s gentle moisturising, water-based nail polish remover with Aloe & Vitamin E.

With prices starting at just $1.50 Kooki U is a perfectly shopping destination for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, party favours and stocking fillers that won’t break the bank. You can also handpick your favourite Kooki U pieces and bundle your unique selection in one of the cute Kooki U gift tins, or save time and choose one of the pre-made Kooki U Gift Sets (RRP $19.95-$44.95) instead. The tins look fabulous and can later be used to store other little trinkets and treasures in too.

To find out more about Kooki U, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Jan 202017

With only one more week until the kids go back to school we’re busy shopping for the last bits and pieces and adding the final touches to school bags and uniforms. I can’t believe I will have two 8-year olds going into the ‘big building’ this year! They sure grow too fast, before we know it I’ll have twin tweens on my hands… If you already have a tween or teen girl heading back to school you’ll love this great ‘Back to School’ giveaway from our friends at Girl Lane:

Developed by a pharmacist using natural and botanical ingredients the Girl Lane product range will help young girls learn to care for their skin, body and hair the right way. With the start of a new school year in mind Girl Lane has put together this sweet pack for one lucky winner:

It is no secret that skin dries out quickly, especially in this hot, dry Australian summer weather and with airconditioners flat out in every home, car and school. Made with soothing Aloe Vera a quick spray of this compact Girl Lane Intensive Hydration Mist (RRP $11.99, 50ml) will help you wave goodbye to dry, irritated skin and welcome back calm, moisturised skin. Our daughter says it feels nice and cool, it’s definitely a thumbs up!

You are never too old or young to learn about slip, slop and slide and it is super important to teach our children to be aware and pro-active when it comes to sun protection. The Girl Lane High Protection Sunscreen (RRP $9.99, 40ml) is safe for sensitive skin and offers powerful SPF50+ protection against harmful sun. It’s an ideal size for backpacks or sports bags and is even 4 hours water resistant, bring on sports day and swim carnival.

At the end of a busy day it may be the last thing on your daughter’s mind, but a good cleansing routine will definitely help keep tricky teenage skin fresh and healthy. It doesn’t have to take long, these Girl Lane Gentle Cleansing Wipes (RRP $6.99, 25 pack) are quick and easy to use and can be used anytime and anywhere (they’re a great refresher throughout the day too). They are free from nasty parabens and SLS and instead treat the skin to a dose of nature’s goodness with Aloe Vera and pomegranate.

As a 33-year old mum I may not exactly be a girl anymore but that doesn’t mean the Girl Lane Tropical Paw Paw Lip Balm (RRP $5.49, 15g) can not be my favourite new lippy. This fruity Paw Paw balm feels, smells (and dare I say, even tastes) absolutely delicious. Containing a selection of caring ingredients like Papaya, Jojoba, Shea Butter and Macademia Oil it leaves lips soft and shiny and the lip shaped-applicator makes it easy for young girls to apply without mess or waste.

To keep your child’s school bag tidy and organised and all these handy body basics neatly together they are throwing in a cute Girl Lane Metallic Bag (RRP $10). This spacious storage bag is perfect for a trip to the toilets but also great for sports, school camp or a holidays. It even has a handy see-through front so you can see in a flash if you’ve got all favourite gear before leaving the house.

To find out more about Girl Lane, to locate stockist near you or to order online visit

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LeapTV, the new way to learn and play

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Nov 292014

If you have been browsing all the latest toy catalogues in preparation for Christmas you have no doubt spotted the exciting new arrival from LeapFrog, an innovative educational video gaming system for children aged 3-8 called LeapTV. I can hear you thinking: ‘Aren’t those kids a bit too young to play video games?’ Normally I would agree with you but on the other hand I am a big LeapFrog fan and have seen firsthand the positive effects their learning games have on my children so I set out to find out more…

There is no denying it, most children (including my own) find video games super interesting, they love the fast paced action on the big screen and the feelings of independence and being in charge that come with holding a controller. The problem is that the majority of games available are simply not suitable for young children, the content is too grown-up, the games are too difficult and while they are enjoyable kids learn very little from them.

LeapTVLeapFrog is on a mission to make video gaming fun, educational, child friendly and child appropriate so it gets the thumbs up from little players and passes the test for caring parents and experienced educators at the same time. Through LeapTV children have access to 70+ LeapFrog educator-approved games and videos that will have children develop important skills like reading, maths, science and creativity while playing. Get ready to jump, dance, point, swing, hop, fly and more with LeapTV.

We have been testing LeapTV for a few weeks with our 3 oldest children (6 year old twins and a 4 year old) and as they are familiar with LeapFrog learning through their LeapPads it didn’t take them long to work out what to do. Setting up LeapTV is very straight forward, it’s quick and effortless and the chunky, ergonomically shaped controller (with wrist strap!) is really simple to use for small hands. Instructions are clear and spoken out loud so even not-yet-readers can play, honestly they could not have made it any simpler.

LeapTV ControllerThere are three ways to play LeapTV and different games call for different ways of play which keeps play varied and interesting. For Classic Control and Pointer Play you need the controller, either with the handles together the traditional way or full length as a pointer, Body Motion is controller free and gives your child all the freedom to move around while burning lots of energy.

Just like other LeapFrog computer games LeapTV requires you to set up user profiles for your children. By doing so their LeapTV experience will be personalised and age appropriate and as your child gets better the games will automatically get trickier so it stays challenging. You can add multiple users and depending on the game you can play with 1-4 players so it’s the perfect shared present for siblings this Christmas.

LeapTV Pointer PlayWe have been playing LeapTV Sports which is likes a sports carnival, there is a fun sport for everyone and I love that the games are short so it’s an ideal way to keep the kids entertained while you cook dinner or a quick play before bed. From bowling to rope climbing and from skate boarding to karate, it was great entertainment for the whole family. All the sports are different so it keeps little brains active eg. bowling requires Pointer Play, skate boarding asks for Classic Control and rope climbing is controlled by Body Motion.

Throughout the games players are practising math, patterns and shapes by eg. skateboarding along the right pattern, balancing the weights in strength training, hitting the base ball through numbered hoops and chopping shapes in karate.

LeapTV Dance & LearnThere are currently 9 LeapTV games available and new titles will be released as the library grows, each game has different learning areas so you can pick the titles that are most beneficial for your child’s development. Featuring popular characters like Pixar Pals, Spiderman and Dora the Explorer the LeapTV software library is going to be a hit all boys and girls. I am hoping to soon try out LeapTV Dance & Learn and LeapTV Sofia the First so we’ll keep you in the loop as we explore the world of LeapTV.

The LeapTV Gaming System (RRP $229) consists of a sleek and stylish LeapTV base station, a LeapTV camera/motion detector and a LeapTV controller, the bonus customisable Pet Play World game is downloadable upon registration. Additional controllers (RRP $39.99) and LeapTV game cartridges (RRP $49.99) are sold separately.

To find out more about LeapFrog, to order online or to locate stockist near you visit