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In less than two weeks our little Hattie will hit the 6 months mark. I can’t believe how fast she grows, we’ve already spotted two teeny tiny white dots on her little gums and the end of swaddling is also in sight. Harriet is so quick at rolling these days that for safety reasons we will have to move to sleeping bags soon, I am guessing we are in for a fair few sleepless nights…

Swaddle Up

At Love To Dream they understand that the transition from swaddle to sleeping bag can be quite a tricky one, not just for your baby but for mum too (back to broken nights and lots of resettling). If you don’t like the sound of going ‘cold turkey’ you will love the gentle approach of the Love To Dream 50/50 Swaddle Up,

The 50/50 Swaddle Up offers all the sleepy goodness of the famous Swaddle Up Original with a fabulous convertible twist. Thanks to two convenient zips the ‘wings’ can be detached individually and help your baby slowly get used to the strange (and a little scary) experience of free arms. Start with a swaddle and end with a sleeping bag, how easy!

Love To Dream 50:50

With the cooler season approaching Love to Dream has just released the special Swaddle Up 50/50 Winter Warm (RRP $59.95, size Medium – Extra Large), a cosy 2.5 TOG convertible swaddle that will keep your precious bundle toasty warm. The super soft bamboo quilting offers both warmth and comfort to allow your baby a restful night sleep even on chilly nights. The gender neutral design is perfect for both boys and girls and the convenient double zip makes midnight nappy changes a breeze.

To find out more about Love To Dream, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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Dec 132013

Mum 2 Mum

Sleep, they say you don’t appreciate its worth until you can’t have it. With four children five and under we have become quite used to broken nights but I wouldn’t mind a few solid hours of sleep every now and then. As you may know I am a huge fan of swaddling and at 9 months old our little Sybil is still being wrapped for bed time (just like her siblings were) but I admit it gets trickier the bigger and stronger she gets, one waving arm means a wide awake baby. Especially with those little escape artists in mind the talented team at Mum 2 Mum has created the Dream Swaddle:

The Mum 2 Mum Dream Swaddle ($36.95) is designed by and for mums, it’s simple to use and very effective. No need for tricky folds and twists and no masses of excess fabric, just a clever three-step wrapping system in one compact garment.

DreamSwaddle PinkThe first step involves two flaps that keep the arms neatly at the side of the body, however unlike a traditional wrap the arms are tucked in individually and not directly against the torso. Step two is a handy front zip, creating a cosy fit whilst still leaving the necessary room for hips and legs to move. Last but not least a velcro security wrap goes around your little bundle, allowing you to create a perfect fit every time even as your child grows.

DreamSwaddle BlueThe fool proof designs means that dads, grandparents and carers will have no trouble copying the swaddle routine, ensuring your baby receives the exact same sleep message anytime and anywhere. Made from 100% cotton the Dream Swaddle is soft, comfortable and breathable which is very important in the hot Aussie summers. To take the hassle out of mid night nappy changes the zip opens up two ways, that way you don’t have to undo the whole swaddle.

DreamSwaddle GreenThe Mum 2 Mum Dream Swaddle is currently available in the sizes Small (7-14lbs/3.17-6.35kg) and Large (15-22lbs /6.80–9.98kg) and four different colours to suit both boys and girls. For comparison: at 9 months old our daughter weighs around 8kg so with a bit of luck you can use the Dream Swaddle from birth to around 1 year old, by that time most babies will have progressed to (or be ready for) a sleeping bag.

To find out more about Mum 2 Mum, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Nov 042013


Before the twins were born I had absolutely no idea how to wrap a baby, it looked really difficult and in the early days I let my husband do the swaddling as often as I could. Five years and four children later I am quite the expert if I say so myself; the twins slept wrapped for 7 months, miss 3 for 10 months and we are far from ready to ditch the wrap for our 8-month old. But no matter how good your wrapping skills are, sooner or later the standard wraps will get too small which can cause lots of bedtime dramas. Don’t fear, the solution is here thanks to Bubziboo:

Bubzidoo Pram WrapYou may remember Bubziboo from its innovative baby Pram Wrap and now mum, owner and designer Catherine designed a fabulous product that will help bigger babies (and mamas) get the sleep they need too. Where most other baby wraps measure 80 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm in size the brand new Bubziboo Organic Wrapping Sheet ($43.90) stands out from the crowd with a huge 200 cm (two meters!) length.

The Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet is designed and made right here in Australia using soft, 100% organic cotton in a gender neutral white colour and finished with a sweet colourful trim. No more fiddling, stretching and pulling to get a tiny bit of material to tuck in, only for your baby to wake up in the middle of the night with arms waving around. The extremely generous size of the wrapping sheet means there is no need for tricky folds and twists, just wrap it around your baby it doesn’t get any simpler.

Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet

Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet

Whether baby is being wrapped by mum, dad, grandma or babysitter, with a simple, straight forward wrapping sheet like this is it easy to be consistent, which will help in establishing a good sleeping pattern for your baby. Where other wraps are usually square the Bubziboo Wrapping Sheet is rectangular shaped (200x68cm), giving you the extra fabric where you need it (around the arms) and without excess, bulky material at the bottom.

Postage for one Bubzidoo is just $5 and if you order two or more postage is FREE, within Australia and worldwide!

To find out more about Bubzidoo, to take a closer look at the Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet and to order online visit
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Christmas with an eco touch

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Oct 062013

Earth Greetings

In these times of e-mail, e-cards, Facebook, iMessage, SMS and Whatsapp more and more people have started skipping the traditional letter or postcard. Yes it is nice to hear that beep and receive an electronic message but at Christmas time nothing goes above an old fashioned, handwritten Christmas card from a friend or loved one. Of course we all know the paper we write our Christmas wishes on has to come from somewhere and many trees are lost to make all those lovely cards.

This year Sustainababy is offering you a fabulous eco friendly option, check out these gorgeous cards from Earth Greetings:

Earth Greetings Christmas Cards

Earth Greetings Christmas Cards

The gorgeous Earth Greetings Christmas Cards ($15.95) with envelopes come packaged in a box set of 10 (two cards of each design). Featuring beautiful Australian themed illustrations these cards are the perfect choice for people sending their December wishes to friends and family overseas. Not only are all cards, envelopes and even the packaging printed carbon neutral right here in Australia on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, for every pack sold $1.65 is also donated to Trees For Life to plant a native tree!

Christmas Gift TagsThe same delightful illustrations can be found on these Earth Greetings Christmas Gift Tags ($7.95). each pack contains 10 gift tags and 1,5 meter of red hemp string to attach the gift tags to your carefully picked Christmas gifts. All that is missing is the Earth Greetings Christmas Gift Wrap ($5), how cute is the overall kangaroo print in seasonal green tones? Christmas is rapidly coming closer so why not choose the eco way and know you are doing your bit for the environment this December.

To find out more about Sustainababy, to browse the Earth Greetings range and to order online visit

Nov 302012

I have said it many times before but I am saying it again: even without the traditional cold weather and snow Christmas is still my favourite time of the year. As you may know I grew up in Holland where we celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th (this is when we received our presents) and in our house Christmas was all about celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending precious time with family. I have always loved the way we celebrated the true meaning of CHRISTmas so when we became parents my husband and I decided to do the same with our own children.

Sinterklaas evening is just a few days away so behind the scenes I have been busy packing the kids presents. Because Australians don’t celebrate Sinterklaas it is impossible to find Sinterklaas wrapping paper so I was pleased to find this gorgeous Australian themed wrapping paper ($6) at Target. I know it is probably meant for Christmas but it doesn’t look overly Christmassy so you can use it all year around, I think my family in Holland will really enjoy receiving presents wrapped in true Aussie spirit.

After Sinterklaas it is straight on to Christmas. I love how most families make up their own little traditions that are a mix of their different backgrounds and we do the same at our house. One of the things I clearly remember from Christmas with my family is the little plates full of treats my grandmother put out for every single one of us, each of the cousins had its own plate which we thought was pretty special. When I spotted these cute star shaped Christmas plates at Target (a bargain at $3 each!) I figured they would fit this tradition perfectly.

There is limited choice of Dutch Christmas treats here in Australia and I am not a fan of chocolate for children so this is pretty much all I could come up with for this year. I ordered the almond Christmas wreaths and sugar coated wreaths at the Dutch shop and was so pleased to find them, you can also hang them in the tree with a ribbon which looks very cute.

I picked up the gorgeous silver Christmas baubles at Target, one for each of the kids (I cheated a little bit and bought one for baby no.4 too). They cost just $2 per bauble and even have a chime inside, the kids will love hanging their own bauble in the tree! The same bauble is also available red and gold, so there is one for every style Christmas tree. We might start a tradition of letting the kids pick a new ornament every year.

So that’s just a small peek at our December traditions, I hope you will all have a very special December filled with wonderful moments with your own family.

If you want to grab some of these lovely Target Christmas essentials too simply go to or visit your local Target store, there is lots more to see and admire in store!

Oct 302012

On the weekend I started organising all the newborn clothes, beanies and blankets in the nursery, I like being prepared! Of course I still have some pieces from the other children but I have also picked up some new goodies, simply because I can’t resist myself. One of my favourite things to buy for babies is a gorgeous wrap, I just love a swaddled baby and I think you can never have enough wraps.

You probably know Australian label gr8x from its nappy bag range, but I know many of you haven’t discovered the gr8x wrap collection yet. Gr8x wraps are available in a lovely selection of boys, girls and unisex colours and prints, I doubt you’ll be able to stop at just one. You don’t have to because the wraps are sold in packs of 2 and at just $34.95 they are well priced (great gift idea too!). If I knew I was having a girl I would definitely add this Dizzy Circles Pink design to my hospital bag, very cute.

Each wrap is finished with a matching ribbed trim and rounded corners for a neat and classy look (no ‘pointy’ fabric corners near your baby’s face). The medium weight makes them warm enough for winter and cool enough for summer. You’ll find that you will use your wraps for much more than the bedtime routine, like as an easy cover up for in the pram or car, a quick clean play area for on the floor or even a breastfeeding cover.

Now if you are a swaddler you will be well aware that it is not only the print or the material that makes a perfect wrap, size is very important. There is nothing as annoying as buying a packet of gorgeous wraps only to find you can’t even get them around your newborn once. The gr8x Double Stretch Swaddling Wraps are designed to be super stretchy, the cotton fabric measures 84cm x 90cm yet it stretches to a generous 145cm which is a very good size!

In addition to the Hip little one giveaway below gr8x is also giving you the chance to win gr8x Wrap Prize Packs on the gr8x Facebook Page. Go grab your favourite picture of your wrapped up baby and you might just win!

To find out more about gr8x, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 gr8x Wrap Prize Packs (RRP $69.90 each, 4 wraps per prize pack) simply visit and answer the following question: Which gr8x Wrap do you like most?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Christmas gift giving with Bright Star Kids

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Nov 242011

A few days ago, as we were driving through the beautiful Grampians, my husband and I talked about our dream jobs. Well, it was actually just me doing the talking but I tried to make it into a conversation. I know you will probably laugh but my dream job would be to be a professional gift wrapper. A room filled to the brim with the most beautiful wrapping paper, ribbons and decorations is my idea of heaven. I just love the detailed folding, being precise and matching all the colours, textures and prints up perfectly so it is no wonder I am excited about Christmas coming up.

Last night I made a start on my Christmas gift wrapping, starting with all the small presents I have been collecting for months. Our huge dining table was well prepared with several rolls of gorgeous wrapping paper, ribbon and some sweet Christmas labels from Bright Star Kids. The Cute Christmas Labels kit ($8.95) contains 14 Merry Christmas stick-on labels in different shapes and colours, perfect for adding some extra Christmas cheer.

You probably know Bright Star Kids from the range of personalised name labels but they make a large selection of preprinted labels too. The Made With Love Stick On Labels ($14.95) can of course be used the whole year around but they will no doubt be very popular around Christmas time to finish off a parcel of delicious home made treats. Each kit contains 12 ‘fill out’ labels, 10 seals and 12 decorative mini hearts.

If you prefer a little retro touch you can decorate your parcels with the 14-piece Vintage Christmas Labels. You can’t go wrong with the traditional red and green Christmas colours and aside from delivering season’s greetings to the recipient they also hold the ribbon neatly in place, a nice bonus. Order your Christmas labels today, Australian orders over $20 ship free of charge (or $2.50 shipping for orders under $20).

To find out more about Bright Star Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit