Save the koalas with Ty Beanie Boo

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Jan 172020

Talking to children about tragedies is never easy. We try to shield our children from as much pain as we can, but sometimes disaster strikes close to home and it is important to help children understand what is happening. The bushfires that are currently impacting many parts of our beautiful country are destroying lives, homes and nature and there’s simply no hiding from it. My gorgeous kids are trying to wrap their little heads around it all and want to help, here’s a gorgeous way for small people to do their bit:

The fabulous team at Ty Beanie Boos has jumped into action with a fantastic initiative that will warm the hearts of every little animal friend across the globe… Adopt Katy Koala and help saves the koalas!

100% of global profits from the sale of the adorable new Ty Beanie Boo ‘Katy Koala’ will be donated to WIRES (Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation), raising much needed funds for Australian wildlife AND raise awareness around the world for our bushfire crisis. What a fantastic opportunity to talk to your Ty Beanie Boo fan about this important cause! My girls are very keen to ‘donate’ some of their pocket money to WIRES and adopt Katy Koala in return as a reminder of their gift.

You can find Katy Koala Beanie Boo at your favourite Beanie Boo retailer from April 2020 and she will be available worldwide.

To find out more about Big Baloon, to take a closer look at the Ty range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Jul 262016

Becker Film Group

I don’t know about you but these days I find there is very little on TV worth watching. Large family life is pretty busy so if I do have a rare quiet moment for some screen time I pick carefully, preferably a good movie or an interesting documentary. With the weather cold and miserable all weekend and two sick munchkins on the couch we all snuggled up to watch this fascinating new release by Becker Film Group:

Get ready to see the best of Africa up close as you embark on an African Safari of epic proportions, expertly guided by Mara Douglas-Hamilton and ‘The Lion Whisperer’ himself: Kevin Richardson.

African Safari DVDAfrican Safari takes viewers on an amazing jeep and hot air balloon journey to spot the very best of Africa from different angles: from elephants to lions, from rhinos to giraffes, from buffalos to cheetahs and more, Africa’s wildlife never ceases to impress. Some moments the animals come closer than you’ve ever seen before, bringing a fantastic experience to your very own living room.

The nice thing about this trip across Africa is that it’s real and (sometimes literally) down to earth. Not everything goes to plan all the time, but the bumpy hot air balloon landings and unexpected lion visits to the campsite make African Safari natural, believable and enjoyable to watch. We felt it was great fun for the whole family.

African Safari

African Safari is now available for digital download and on DVD (RRP $24.99) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Becker Film Group and to watch the African Safari trailer online visit

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Jan 262016


Happy Australia Day! Today I am celebrating my 9th Australia Day since moving to this amazing country, aren’t we lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world? Obviously there is lots to love about Australia but the wonderful wildlife is one of my favourites, and it also happens to be the inspiration behind the latest My Arkadia range:

Arkadia giveaway

Designed right here in Australia by the talented designers of My Arkadia the brand new ‘A Wild Life’ collection celebrates some of Australia’s most iconic animals in style. From the kangaroo to the platypus, from the emu to the Tasmanian Devil and from the kookaburra to the rainbow lorikeet, Arkadia has all your Aussie favourites covered.

Arkadia Lorikeet

As you may know we are big animals lovers and often feed furry, feathered and even scaled visitors to our garden.  The kids especially like watching the galahs, rosellas and rainbow lorikeets pecking away at the bird feeder we installed right in front of our living room window. With that in mind this bright and colourful Lorikeet Rainbow Tee was made for our miss 7 and she absolutely loves it. Even baby Harriet will be celebrating her first Australia Day in style with the Matilda Infant Suit, how sweet is the little joey?

Arkadia Matilda

Made from soft organic cotton and using eco-friendly inks the Australia themed range is comfortable to wear and gentle on your child’s skin and the environment. The awesome children’s t-shirts (RRP $29.95) and infant suits (RRP $24.95) are available in a range of colours to suit boys and girls and sizes starting at a tiny 00 up to a size 14. Not only are they perfect for cool Aussie kids, they would make a fantastic souvenir for family and friends overseas too!

Charitee GirlsLooking for a t-shirt with a story? Precious echidna Piggie was kidnapped from the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital last year and later thankfully returned. The exclusive Charitee t-shirts by My Arkadia feature Piggie together with her new offspring Puggle, such a cute duo! All profits of the Charitee range go directly to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, prices start at $29.95 (Kids) up to $34.95 (Adults). Be quick, orders close January 29!

To find out more about My Arcadia, to browse the range and to order online visit, shipping is free Australia wide.

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Nov 162015

She may only be 7 weeks old but little miss Harriet has already got her very first holiday under her (sleepy) belt. With my parents visiting from The Netherlands we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to show them our favourite Aussie holiday destination, Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. We already stayed there 7-8 times but we still absolutely love it and look forward to going there again, it’s a little piece of paradise that never loses its charm.

We admired the beautiful mountains, we walked the tracks and descended to the bottom of a waterfall, we ate ice-cream, fed the birds, enjoyed lazy breakfasts and shared late dinners on our own balcony while watching the kangaroos and simply had a perfect holiday. If you are looking for a family friendly holiday surrounded by stunning nature and wildlife I can highly recommend it!

Juliet Halls Gap Lakeside

Kookaburra Halls Gap Lakeside

Harriet 6 weeks

Mc Kenzie Falls Halls Gap

Kangaroos Halls Gap Lakeside

Sybbie Halls Gap Lakeside

Jun 112013

Juliet nearly a Vet Rebecca Johnson

For as long as I can remember I have loved reading. To some books are just letters and words but for me they are much more than that, they open up new worlds and exciting adventures, the possibility to jump into someone else’s shoes and explore a completely different life. I am determined to enstill the same love for reading in my children and I know children can never resist a book character that shares their name. I already found books ‘about’ my oldest two and I recently discovered a great series for my third child Juliet too: Juliet nearly a Vet.

'Juliet nearly a Vet' by Rebecca Johnson

‘Juliet nearly a Vet’ by Rebecca Johnson

Juliet nearly a Vet 1Juliet nearly a Vet is written by Australian author, teacher and mum Rebecca Johnson who has written more than 60 books. Over the course of four short books she tells the story of Juliet, a 10-year old Australian girl who dreams of becoming a vet. She loves helping out her mum, a vet, at the clinic and even keeps her own Vet Diary filled with every tiny bit of information about sick animals and their treatment. It might just come in handy when Juliet and her friend Chelsea start their own Pet Motel in Juliet nearly a Vet: The Great Pet Plan.

Juliet nearly a Vet 2From cats to wombats, from lizards to parrots and from snakes to koalas, Juliet loves them all and she is always happy to lend a helping hand to an animal in need. In Juliet nearly a Vet: At The Show Juliet and her friend are determined to get pony Midgie ready for the show. Surely that’s a piece of cake for someone who’s nearly a vet? And then there’s the new chicken coop to be built and nine little guinea pig babies to adore, vets have a busy life. 

Juliet nearly a Vet 3Life is busy at a farm too, especially around spring time with new babies arriving all the time. Luckily Juliet is not scared of some hard work so in Juliet nearly a Vet: Farm Friends she offers to help out for the week at her friend Maisy’s farm. Little lamb Flossy needs to be bottle fed, there are four ducklings and eight chicks to keep track of, pigs to be fed and where has Bella, the pregnant cow gone? Juliet is just in time to help deliver the new calf, I wonder what the farmer will call the new addition… 

Juliet nearly a Vet 4While my kids are a little bit too young to read Juliet nearly a Vet by themselves they have loved listening to me reading the books to them, in particular Juliet nearly a Vet: Bush Baby Rescue (a baby possum is now on their wish list). With 85 pages per book and a good font size they are the perfect read for the 8-10 year old age group. The books contain some lovely animal illustrations and at the end of each book is a short quiz to test your freshly gained animal knowledge.

If your kids like animals and in particular the Australian wildlife they’ll fall in love with Juliet for sure.

To find out more about Rebecca Johnson’s Juliet nearly a Vet book series ($9.99 per book) published by Penguin Books Australia and to order online visit

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