Mar 092012

I used to think that I would have so much more time once the twins were fully toilet trained, not having to change nappies anymore but boy did I underestimate the mess they can make in the toilet! They go to the toilet so many times a day, using way too much toilet paper and wiggling around on the seat as they go. At first they both sat nicely on the toilet, but after having seen a public toilet on the inside I quickly thought my little man to stand up. Since then there is even more for me to clean up as aiming is a skill he has not mastered yet. Lucky there is very clever gadget to help me out, the Widdleman.

The Widdleman is specifically developed for toddler boys who are learning to go to the toilet standing up and the goal is to encourage them to wee in the toilet and not up, around or next to it. When you are only little it can be pretty tricky to get it right which can be frustrating for both child and parent. Just like with many other things that kids need to learn the key to success is to make it fun and rewarding.

The Widdleman is definitely fun: you place this little gadget in your toilet and when your little boy manages to hit the target the digital counter starts counting. The Widdleman even expresses some extra encouragement by saying ‘Great aiming little man, don’t forget to wash your hands/put the seat down/flush the toilet!’. Good habits can’t start early enough so a reminder is always welcome.

My boy thinks the Widdleman is super cool and gets very excited when he hits the target properly, it is not surprising but my daughter is very sad that she can not wee standing up. The device itself sits flat against the toilet ‘wall’ and gets cleaned with every flush, of course you also just take it out of the cradle to clean it when needed. Batteries are included and priced at just $14.99 it is a fun and affordable way to teach your little man how to use the toilet without making a mess.

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Oct 302011

Just after the twins were born I suffered badly from babybrain but I was still hoping this wouldn’t last forever, surely once the babies would start sleeping through my elephant memory would return to its pre-baby state? Yes the kids are all sleeping through, and I have managed to fit in baby number three, but my memory and concentration skills are far from what they used to be and I really need to write things down to remember them. The MUMentum Family Organiser is a great tool to help you remember not only your own plans but also the schedules of your other family members.

The MUMentum Family Organiser (RRP $15.95) was designed by two mums, who know exactly how hard it is to run a busy family and do it all without making double appointments or forgetting important meetings. This handbag sized diary has plenty of room to keep track of everyone’s plans in a clear overview so you can feel under control and on top of it all. The diary is packed full of clever features and you can fill in the dates yourself so you don’t have to wait until January to start getting organised.

The MUMentum range is distributed in Australia by Lifestyle Parenting who has a whole range of innovative products under it’s umbrella. For mums there is a selection of great products on offer for example Milkscreen, a home test which detects alcohol in breast milk. Thanks to Milkscreen mum can have the occasional drink or celebrate a special occasion with a glass of champagne, knowing that her breastmilk is safe for baby.

For babies and kids Lifestyle Parenting has selected some fantastic products too: from Cheeki stainless steel bottles and Playtex cups and mealtime sets to the funky Groovy Grippers utensils, from the Drop Buddy to the very clever Wee Target and much more. This last one is a real cool way to help boys aim in the toilet bowl saving you a lot of mess to clean up: when your son manages to hit the target a cool picture appears, how cool is that?

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