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With just 6 weeks (or maybe less?) to go until baby no.5 arrives I am starting to get very excited about meeting our new addition. I can’t wait to see if we’ve been blessed with a little boy or a little girl, what he/she looks like and introducing the baby to the four siblings. I know it is a lot less important but I’ll admit that I am also looking forward to not feeling/looking like a whale, finally being able to sleep on my belly and getting out of the house and back into shape.

As we are expecting a Spring baby I am planning to spend plenty of time outside, exploring the neighbourhood and getting fresh air whilst enjoying some (gentle!) exercise and hopefully building up to some running in the future. Outdoor specialist Thule, famous around the globe for its high quality transport gear, is on a mission to get parents off the couch and out the door with a fantastic all-round sports stroller perfect for our Aussie landscape.

The sleek and modern Thule Urban Glide is packed with great features that will make your outdoor experience fun, safe, smooth and hassle free:

Thule Urban Glide (Sybbie)
Sybil (2 years old) enjoying a comfy trip

Light weight:
The Thule Urban Glide is one of the lightest full-size strollers I have ever come across, weighing in at just 10.5kg it is extremely light to lift (yay for my poor back and post-delivery recovery) and a breeze to push. Don’t be fooled by the featherlight design though, there is absolutely nothing flimsy about the Urban Glide! It is strong, sturdy and solid and can hold up to an extremely generous weight of 34kg. This means that all four of our children, ranging from 2 to 7 years old, can enjoy a ride in the same pram, now that’s what I call an excellent investment that will really grow with your child.

Thule Urban Glide (Juliet)
Juliet (5 years old) hitching a ride

The clever designers at Thule have made sure the Urban Glide is very comfortable for both child and parent. The pneumatic tires and rear suspension guarantee a smooth, comfy ride even on bumpy terrain whilst the soft padded seat can be reclined to a near-flat position, making it an ideal pick for snoozes on the go. The ergonomic handlebar can be adjusted in height to suit anyone from petite, gorgeous mummies to tall and handsome dads and anyone in between, measuring close to 2m hip daddy is particularly grateful for this back-saving feature! I also love the multi-position sun canopy that comes down nice and low compared to other prams, keeping the bright (and harmful!) sun out of your little one’s eyes.

Thule Hood Down
The extra-generous sun canopy is ideal for bright, sunny days

Whether you are strolling, jogging or running, thanks to the strong, adjustable 5-point safety harness your little passenger will sit safe and snug in the Thule Urban Glide. You can keep a close eye on your precious cargo at all times by peeking through the handy view-in-roof window. The front wheel swivels for easy manoeuvrability as you navigate the shops or park and can be locked into place when you are jogging longer distances, of course the Urban Glide meets all safety standards.

Thule Urban Glide
Big sturdy wheels perfect for exploring the Aussie outdoors

With years of experience in the car industry hip daddy has come to know the Thule brand as a high quality, durable and reliable label. His expectations of the Thule Urban Glide were therefore very high and I am glad to say it did not disappoint. The frame is very solid and strong and everything clicks and slides into place easily and smoothly. Thule is so confident that their prams are built to last that they back up their design with an unbeatable 10-year frame guarantee, is that the ultimate peace of mind or what?

Thule Urban Glide Fold
Big in perfomance, small in storage

To save you time and energy the Urban Glide can be folded in a quick, effortless one-handed motion. Simply slide the folding mechanism, hidden under the seat and away from curious little hands, to the side to instantly collapse the pram to a compact fold for storing and transporting. If desired the wheels can be taken off to create an even smaller package.

Thule StorageThree of my favourite busy-mum features are the thick, strong fabric that is easy to wipe clean, the handy mesh pocket next to the seat that keeps your child’s drink bottle within reach and of course the large zippered basket that holds up to 4.5kg. I often do a quick shop on the way (usually ending up with more than planned) so I love the roomy storage. The basket cover is even water resistant in case you encounter a little shower on the way.

Thule Mesh CoverThere are quite a few Thule accessories available (sold separately) to help you make the most out of your Urban Glide, including a rain cover, mesh cover, snack tray and more. I am particularly excited about the Thule Infant Car Seat Adapter which is compatible with our chosen baby capsule, I can’t wait to share a snap of our new addition enjoying a Thule trip in just a few short weeks. I will make sure to share our experiences with the Thule and a newborn once the baby is here and we are ready to head outside.

The Thule Urban Glide (RRP $749, colours Dark Shadow, Mars or Thule Blue) is available at Baby Bunting, Babies’R’Us and leading independents retailers across Australia.

Thule Urban Glide

To find out more about Thule, to take a closer look at the Urban Glide and to locate a stockist near you visit

Stay tuned, once our little bundle has arrived we will be sharing the Thule love and give away an awesome Thule Urban Glide to one of our fabulous Hip Little One readers too. Keep an eye on the blog or sign up to the Hip Little One newsletter so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Apr 032014

From phones to toasters, from kitchen machines to watches and everything in between, with many products now available in all shades of the rainbow it has never been easier to show your true colours. This week Remington joined the latest trend and released its colourful new Remington Stylis PRO collection:

Remington Stylis PRO Dryer

The brand new Remington Stylis PRO range consists of the very trendy Remington Stylis 3200 PRO Dryer and the Remington Stylis Ceramic PRO Straightener, both are available in 12 fashionable colours. These hip new arrivals do not only look super stylish, priced at just $39.95 a piece they are really affordable too and sure to be a very popular gift idea this upcoming Mother’s Day (May 11).

Remington Stylis PurpleThe Remington Stylis 3200 PRO Dryer is fitted with the latest ionic technology, releasing 90% more ions (compared to a standard Remington dryer) to help you create the soft, shiny and smooth hair you’re after, time after time. Call it magic but this extra dose of ions is the key to conditioned, well nourished, salon style hair. It may take a bit of practise but within no time you’ll be able to switch between all six different settings like a pro.

The bold look of this hip haircare gadget matches its powerful performance, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that this convenient light weight hair dryer (weighing a tiny 400 grams) is fitted with an impressive 2100 watt Hi-Torque motor.

Remington Stylis PRO Straightener

For sleek and smooth locks look no further than the funky Remington Stylis Ceramic PRO Straightener, the only question left is which colour to choose. With heat settings ranging from 130⁰C – 235⁰C and floating ceramic plates for constant contant this new straightener makes it very easy to achieve that perfectly styled look.

Remington StraightenerThis design is an ideal choice for busy, time-poor mamas, it takes just 30 seconds to heat up and if something unexpected was to happen (after all, with kids you never know!) and you forget all about your straightener it will turn itself off automatically. Just like its brightly coloured sibling the Stylis Ceramic PRO Straightener comes with a generous 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

To find out more about Remington and to browse the Stylis range visit

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Feb 172014

Vuly logo

If you regularly read our updates on the Hip little one Facebook page you may remember that we were considering purchasing a trampoline for our little tribe. After lots of researching, comparing, reading reviews and asking around we finally decided on one and ordered the Vuly Thunder from Australian outdoor play specialist Yardgames:

Vuly Thunder

Vuly Thunder

Born in 2008 right here in Australia the Vuly brand is now one of the biggest names in trampolines, you can find their trampolines in backyards all over Australia and around the world. Following the success of the original model (the Vuly Classic) Vuly last year released a brand new, innovative and highly anticipated design called the Vuly Thunder, a revolutionary trampoline designed to be strong, safe and have the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence. I thought that sounded pretty awesome so I set out to find out more.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder is made without traditional coil springs, instead it uses super strong, quiet and extremely bouncy, leaf springs, eliminating the risk of limbs getting stuck in springs and removing the annoying clanging noise that many trampolines make when in use. Because the mat and the net are one piece there is no slipping off the trampoline either making it extremely safe for our precious bundles.

Vuly versus Springfree, a question we asked ourselves too. I’ll admit that we did consider a Springfree but after comparing the two we made up the balance and felt the Vuly Thunder ticked all the boxes for us, had some great benefits over the Springfree and was simply much better value for money.

Vuly Thunder in action

The Vuly Thunder in action

One of the first things people look at when buying a trampoline is the size. You want a trampoline that can accommodate your own children (and any little guests that come to visit), now but also as they grow. As a family of six we knew we had to invest in a big trampoline so we decided on the Vuly Thunder XL, a round trampoline with a jump mat diameter of 3.8m. The Vuly Thunder is also available in size M (2.5m diameter) and L (3.2m diameter) for smaller yards/families.

No matter how big (or small) your trampoline is, the fact that it is big enough doesn’t mean it can hold the weight of the jumpers so the weight limit is extremely important. As we have four children it is likely there will be multiple children, and sometimes an adult, on it at the same time so we wanted to make sure our new trampoline could handle the weight. The Vuly Thunder, regardless of which size you choose, has a massive weight limit of 150kg (that means even hubby and I can have a jump together!). Only the biggest and most expensive Springfree has a 150kg limit, the others can only hold 115kg.

Also very important is the weight of the trampoline itself. The Vuly Thunder is a very solid and extremely heavy trampoline which is very important in our windy neighbourhood, the Thunder XL weighs in at more than 250kg so it won’t blow away with a strong gust of wind. For comparison, even the biggest Springfree trampoline comes in at less than 150kg.

Fun and exercise in one

Fun and exercise in one (inside the Trampoline Tent)

Obviously a trampoline is a big investment so you want to make sure you are buying a high quality and very safe product that will last the distance. The Vuly Thunder is designed with strong, heavy duty, thoroughly tested parts and does not involves any nuts, bolts or screws so it is not only easy to set up but there is also no chance of screws becoming loose leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

You may not be able to do the same tricks (yet) as the Olympic medalists that tested the Vuly Thunder but you can definitely try whilst being safely protected by Australia’s tallest trampoline safety net. The strong mesh is not too loose and not too rigid and has small holes so fingers and toes won’t get caught. The net is stitched to the mat so jumpers won’t tumble off the trampoline.

After having seen several Springfree trampolines with broken zips around the entrance, and hearing from others users with the same issue, we felt this was a big worry as it leaves an open door for kids to fall out and get injured. The entrance of the Vuly Thunder is completely zip free, instead the safety net and the door opening overlap. This layered designed allows for a tight side opening (admittedly a bit of a squeeze for an adult) that is not accidentally accessible while jumping.

Fun on the HexVex Mat

Fun on the HexVex Mat

The Vuly Thunder is fitted with a super bouncy mat with HexVex print which adds a whole new dimension of play to your trampoline. From a game of Trampoline Twister to Mimic Me and Story Hop, kids will have no trouble coming up with new games to play using the fun illustrations on their Thunder.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder comes complete with free trampoline skirt which looks neat and keep limbs, toys and animals from getting under your trampoline. Another bonus is the handy step that is built into the frame, removing the need for a ladder, Springfree trampolines are delivered without ladder and it will cost you an extra $99 to add one.

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

If you keep an eye on the Yardgames website you will notice that there are regular offers for a free Vuly Trampoline Tent when you purchase your trampoline. This is an awesome accessory that our kids absolutely love, you can use the complete tent with roof and sides or just the roof alone, transforming your trampoline in a super cool cubby.

Quite the adventure, 'camping' on your Trampoline

Quite the adventure, ‘camping’ on your Trampoline

By buying your Vuly trampoline through Yardgames, a registered Vuly reseller, you can rest assured you will receive full warranty, ongoing support and half price spare parts for the life of the trampoline directly from Vuly Australia.

When you add all these great features and bonuses up the Vuly Thunder came out on top for value, quality, safety and fun and we’re super thrilled with our purchase. If you happen to walk by our yard you’re sure to hear lots of laughter and giggles thanks to Vuly.

To find out more about Yardgames, to browse the Vuly range and to order your own Vuly trampoline online visit

Aug 292013

As you can imagine life with four young children is rather busy and if it wasn’t for my wonderful husband I think I would have gone crazy a long time ago. He is absolutely amazing with the children (and with me!) and helps out wherever and whenever he can, I know he does much more than many other husbands do and I am so grateful for that. Hip daddy is not one to spend much on himself so we decided Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil him with some stylish new clothes and a brand new Power Tool Haircut Kit (so he can finally get rid of his ancient clippers!), time for a hip makeover maybe?

Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit ($79.95)

Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit ($79.95)

At Remington they know that many dads don’t often see a hair salon on the inside (if ever!), they just take matters into their own hands and do it themselves at home. Of course a few lucky fathers have a loving wife that knows how to handle the clippers so they get to sit down and hope for the best. Whether dad does the job himself or mum is in charge, a nice clean cut is now much easier to achieve with the new Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit ($79.95). It’s like having your own barber at home!

Super Magnet MotorTo guarantee a fast, clean, effortless cut every single time the Power Tool Haircut Kit is fitted with an innovative Super Magnet Motor that is low in noise and vibration. This heavy duty motor drives more power to the precision ground blades which are capable of handling even the thickest hair. The blades are perfectly aligned so there will be snagging or pulling. Unlike many traditional ‘3-settings’ clippers this heavy duty kit comes with 8 (!) different combs, allowing you to create the ultimate look.

When you hear the words ‘power tool’ you probably think of durable, strong, reliable, quality, heavy duty and consistency and that is exactly what the Power Tool Haircut Kit is all about. The high impact polycarbonate casing is drop proof (tested from 3 meters) and rock solid whilst still being lightweight. The industrial strength power cord is a very generous 3 meters long so you can move around as you please. Aside from the clippers and 8 different combs the handy storage case toolbox holds plenty of other pieces to make your next haircut a success, for example a barbers cape, barbers scissors, lubricating oil and more.

A toolbox full of accessories

A toolbox full of accessories

I can’t wait to see hip daddy open his present this Father’s Day and I’ll make sure to come back here and share our experiences in a week or two once he has had a chance to try it out. I may even give it a try myself and once I have mastered these fancy new clippers I might just be brave enough to start cutting master 4’s hair myself, very budget friendly!

The new Remington Power Tool Hair Kit comes with a very impressive 5-year warranty and is available from leading electrical retailers across Australia. For further stockist information please phone: 1800 623 118.

To find out more about Remington, to browse the range and to take a closer look at the Power Tool Hair Kit visit

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Remington – Style Therapy

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Dec 192011

I am sure I am not the only mum who hardly ever gets photographed with her children. It is not that I don’t want to but it just never happens. We take photo’s of the the kids all the time and I love looking at old shots to see how much they have changed. A few months ago, on a day where we all looked our Sunday’s best, my husband suggested to program the camera so we could all quickly jump in a picture together. It took a few shots but it worked and we have done it several times since then. This is our latest family photo taken that way, I love this picture and everyone is commenting on my hair which is looking fabulous thanks to the Remington Style Therapy.

We all know straightening your hair can be rather tough on your hair leaving it looking dry and tired. Of course you can buy some (expensive) potions and lotions to help you out but that is yet another expense and another thing to think about and make time for. Instead you could use the newly released Remington Style Therapy, featuring high-grade, porous ceramic plates that release a blend of nourishing frizz-resistant conditioners whilst you straighten your hair. You’ll end up with a silky smooth finish and it also prevents moisture loss to leave your locks healthy and nourished without you putting in any extra effort! This makes the Remington Style Therapy the perfect styling tool for busy mums like me.

Using innovative advanced coating technology the Remington Style Therapy delivers shiny, straight, healthy hair in an instant, in fact it can reach a variable high heat of up to 230°C in just 15 seconds. If you love the look of stylish sleek locks but you are worried about damaging your hair you can trust the Style Therapy to provide that extra care and protection by releasing frizz resistant micro conditioners, without it costing you extra time or money. The salon swivel cord lets you move around with ease whilst the superior ceramic plates are super smooth and designed to offer excellent contact between hair and plate so you achieve the desired look much faster.

The Remington Style Therapy (RRP $73.95) is available from leading electrical retailers and comes with a generous two-year warranty.

For more information about Remington Australia and to browse the range of products visit For stockist information call 1800 623 118.

Sauber Intelligence

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Dec 142011

If you have been reading Hip little one for a while you might remember that I wrote about my children’s allergies and my choice for bedlinen that is approved by the Asthma Council. Like many twins who were born prematurely our 3-year olds suffer from several allergies and it is not always easy to keep our house free from triggers. Our youngest has recently started showing similar signs, making me more determent to be careful with the products we bring into and use around our home. A clean, safe house starts with a quality vacuum cleaner and you most certainly can’t get any better than the new Sauber Intelligence.

The state-of-the-art Sauber Intelligence vacuum cleaner has only just arrived on our shores and is sure to impress even the fussiest housekeeper. Designed and manufactured by European manufacturer Sauber the innovative Sauber Intelligence features an innovative five level filtration system, thoroughly cleaning the air that flows through the vacuum cleaner and releasing clean air without irritating dust mites and allergens.

The ability to eliminate dust mites and allergens has earned this fancy vacuum cleaner the approval of the National Asthma Council and it is listed as part of the Australia Sensitive Choice Program. The Australia Sensitive Choice Program makes it easy for asthma and allergy sufferers to select products that are beneficial to their health and can improve their quality of day-to-day living.

Sauber is German for clean, pure, spotless, something we all wish for our household and now that goal has come within reach thanks to this clever design. Aside from the obvious cleaner results the Sauber Intelligence has many other great selling points, one of them being the minimum noise levels. If I hadn’t actually heard the Sauber Intelligence at work myself I would not have believed that a vacuum cleaner can be this quiet, such a big bonus with little people who need to sleep and one very sensitive little girl who doesn’t respond well to noise.

Just a few other key features of the Sauber Intelligence include a patented Sauber floor nozzle (which automatically adapts the rim of the brush when moving between carpet and hard floors, no more manual adjusting), energy efficient performance (using only the minimal suction required for each floor surface), a clear digital display with large symbols and very important, an ergonomic design for comfortable and effortless cleaning.

When researching household appliances I always seem to lean towards European made designs, as I am from Europe myself I am familiar with and can very much appreciate their reliability, durability and high quality. The 5-year warranty shows how confident Sauber is about the quality and performance of the Sauber Intelligence, standard warranty that long is hard to find elsewhere and will offer Australian families much needed peace of mind. In the unlikely case that your Sauber Intelligence does need to be repaired you’ll be pleased to know that repairs are done right here in Australia and parts are widely available.

For more information about Sauber or to take a closer look at the Sauber Intelligence (RRP $1500) visit or drop in at your local Godfreys store for a test run.