Jun 302015

As you may have guessed the upcoming arrival of baby no.5 calls (once again) for an overhaul of our busy but happy family home. Rooms will be changed, beds will be updated and roommates will be swapped to accommodate for another bundle of joy who we are yet to meet. We love this ever changing house and the kids are always excited when we shake things up a little.

Little Town Wall Stickers

We may not have the time (or energy, patience or money) to repaint the walls every time a room switches owner but luckily there are some super easy things you can do to freshen up a space and make it fun. One of my favourite (and quickest) ways to spice up an empty wall and style it to suit your child’s taste or interests is with some gorgeous wall stickers, I absolutely love our latest addition from Bright Star Kids.

BSK Little Town

These colourful Little Town Wall Stickers (RRP $39.95) were just the bright touch we needed for this rather plain playroom corner, doesn’t it look awesome? The set contains 12 buildings in different shapes and sizes, 1.8 metres of path/road and a selection of landscape accessories so you can build your own little town. All pieces can be placed in the order of your choice so you can create a unique town that shows your personality and fits your wall perfectly. You can grow your city even more by adding some of the other wall sticker sets that fit the theme, like construction vehicles or airplanes.

Bright Star Kids wall stickers

Bright Star Kids Wall Stickers are made from high quality, flexible fabric that is gentle on walls, removable, reusable and works on all household walls. They are particularly handy for rental properties as you can remove them without damaging the walls or leaving sticky residue, just take them with you when you move out. There are lots of different designs to choose from and prices start at just $12.95, now that’s a make-over on a budget!

To find out more about Bright Star Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit www.brightstarkids.com.au.

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Jul 132012

My children’s favourite shop to go to is Bunnings. Not because of the forklifts and the little trolleys but because I let them choose two colour cards from the walls full of paint colours. I know they would love for us to paint their bed rooms walls in some bright colour but I have realised that it is not that easy; to clear out a room completely, to prep the walls and let them dry during two or three coats of paint, only to be changed for another colour a few months later. The beautiful wall stickers from 41 Orchard are a much quicker and more practical way of decorating and they look amazing.

One of the first things you’ll notice when browsing the 41 Orchard website is the colours, an eye catching range of vibrant, fresh, happy colours that will put smiles on faces. All of the wall decals can be ordered in different colour combinations so you can select the look that suits your wall space perfectly. For some styles you can even make up your own custom colour combination, allowing you to create the room of your dreams.

In store you’ll find a wonderful range of nursery wall stickers, tree wall stickers, name wall stickers, chalkboard stickers and much more. Tree wall decals are very popular at the moment but often they are more suitable for girls, at 41 Orchard they have put together some beautiful ‘boy colours’ so hip boys can join in this trend too. My favourite would have to be this Nursery Tree Wall Sticker, I think it looks amazing!

The 41 Orchard wall stickers are made right here in Australia from a special, high quality fabric that can be moved over and over again. So when your kids swap rooms or even when you move house you can take your decoration with you. The wall decals are PVC free, biodegradable and made with eco-friendly, non-toxic inks so you can rest assured that they are perfectly safe for your little treasures.

To find out more about 41 Orchard, to browse the range and to order online visit www.41orchard.com.

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Jun 052012

Last week I wrote about our ‘renovator’s delight’ home and how happy we are with the extra space. On the downside it means there is still a lot to be done to make it ‘perfect’ and with little ones there is never enough time to do it all. We have been doing up bedrooms from the day we moved in and we keep playing musical bedrooms so there is always one bedroom free to work on.

A neutral wall colour makes it easy to swap from girls room to boys room, all it takes is some colourful accessories and a beautiful wall decal to make the room their own. If you choose wisely your new wall decals are reusable too so you can easily move them to another room (or even another house) later on. The latest addition to our walls is from Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals, a wonderful new Australian business that is passionate about creating inspiring spaces for little ones to play and sleep in.

From compact wall stickers for small spaces to huge, impressive decals for big areas, from boys to girls, from baby to teens, there are lots of designs available in store and everything on the website is actually in stock (no long waits). The Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals wall stickers are made from high quality vinyl or fabric and depending on the style you can reuse them again and again.

Speaking of reusable, these Glitzy Girls wall stickers take that word to the next level by letting your little miss dress up her own wall decals. With five girls per pack the combinations are endless. Your budding fashion designer will love these dress up girls and if you add the Design Diva accessories she might never leave her room. Check out the Interactive Wall Decals category for more fun interactive designs for boys and girls.

If you’ve fallen in love with the whimsical Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals range make sure you sign up for their newsletter, if you subscribe before July 29th you could win a wall decal of your choice (up to $150).

To find out more about Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals, to browse the range and to order online visit www.leafydreamsnurserydecals.com.au.

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