Apr 122018

While it is many years ago I still remember the excitement of unpacking our first game console. Discovering the different characters in each game, mastering special skills, exploring secret worlds, discovering valuable treasures and fighting bad guys, it was so much fun! But what if you found yourself on the other side of the screen and became the avatar in your own game? Get ready for a brand new Jumanji adventure:

A boring shift of detention is about to become a whole lot more exciting when four students find an old video console in the basement. As they plug in to play Jumanji they find out that this is a game like no other: You don’t just play Jumanji, Jumanji plays you…

Transported to the jungle of Jumanji the students are shocked to discover that they have been turned into the avatars of the game. Jumanji is no longer just an innocent computer game, for these four players it becomes a dangerous adventure, a fight for survival and a journey that teaches them a lot about themselves and each other. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’; will they make it out alive or will it be game over?

‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD at all good retail stores across Australia.

To take a closer look at Jumanji or other exciting new releases and to order your favourite titles online visit www.theviewinglounge.com.au.

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Mar 302017

I don’t know about your little ones but my kids are very much hanging out for the school holidays. This 11-week long schoolterm has been quite exhausting so we’re all looking forward to plenty of resting and relaxing in the holidays. I’ve stocked up on crafts, tucked away some new K-nex and LEGO kits and of course we have a few feel-good movies lined up for rainy days too. Having been released only yesterday the kids can’t wait to pop some popcorn and enjoy Sing:

If your kids love singing and swinging, grooving and moving and giggling and wiggling they are guaranteed to love Sing, a fabulous family movie from the talented makers of Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets.

After a series of hilarious auditions five amazing contestants are selected to compete in a singing competition like no other: a loud-mouthed mouse, a timid elephant with an incurable case of stage fright, a pig mother to 25 little piglets, a getaway driver gorilla and a punk-rock porcupine. Will this spectacular musical event be the hit the struggling theatre needs to once again claim top spot?

Packed with catchy songs and featuring a star-studded cast this musical blockbuster was an absolute hit on the big screen and now you can share in the fun at home too.

‘Sing’ is now available on DVD (RRP $39.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Universal Pictures Australia and to take a closer look at ‘Sing’ visit www.theviewinglounge.com.au.

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If the kids can’t get enough of Sing they are to sure to have a ball with these FREE Sing craft activities. They make great boredom-busters for the school holidays and they are completely screen-free, simply click on your favourite(s) below to download and print them at home. Enjoy!

Sep 222012

I know you are all looking forward to Summer and I am too, because of the beautiful weather but most of all because our new baby will be joining us in February. My other three children were all born in August, real winter babies who stayed nice and warm inside for the first few weeks. This time around it will be very different, it will be warm (or even hot!) and the baby has no choice but going out because the twins do have to go to school 3 days a week. When out and about with baby sun protection is a must, keep your babe in the shade with a Baby Brolly from Gooseberry Australia.

At Gooseberry Australia you’ll find a great range of stylish and practical pram accessories, perfect for hip Aussie parents. All products are designed in Europe to give you the fashionable European look but you don’t have to worry about a designer price tag as the collection is very affordable. This family business looks after her customers from start to finish and even offers free shipping Australia wide on all orders!

The Baby Brolly ($45) is Gooseberry Australia’s signature product, a cute umbrella that attaches to your baby’s pram, capsule or trike to keep him/her safe from the sun. What a great accessory to have, there are so many uses for it. It is cleverly designed to fit most bars/frames (1.5-3cm) with a special universal attachment that is easy to install. I love how the attachment has rubber protection pads to prevent damage to the bars.

The Baby Brolly is made from high quality materials and the beautiful fabric is durable and tough. All set up the umbrella measures a generous 64 cm wide and 70 cm long but you can simply unclick the top part and fold it away for easy storage. Just pop it in your pram basket and you will never be caught out by a sunny spell. The Baby Brolly is available in a 8 different colours so you can select a colour to suit your pram, the gender of your baby or just your mood.

To find out more about Gooseberry, to browse the range and to order online visit www.gooseberryaustralia.com.

For your chance to win a Baby Brolly in the colour of your choice visit www.gooseberryaustralia.com and answer the following question: Which colour Baby Brolly would you choose if you were to be our lucky winner?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends October 22, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Sunday Coffee with Babychic Designs

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Apr 152012

When I go out for a quick trip to the park or a small grocery shop I always grab my Babychic Designs Pram Organiser, such a clever and convenient product AND it is designed by an Aussie mum. Many mums have a passion and talent for sewing but what makes you decide to take that to the next level and turn it into a business? Today we are sitting down for a quick Sunday coffee with the lovely Lauren from Baby Chic Designs to find out.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
I enjoy a relaxing Sunday, spending time with my little family – the day usually starts off with hubby making our usual full English breakfast which we eat on the deck in the sunshine. We then head out somewhere with the kids for a couple of hours and come back where all the little kids will play in the street till the late hours of the afternoon, all the adults will stand supervising having a chat. Hubby then cooks us a lovely roast dinner and then we put the kids to bed and watch a spot of tv before turning in for the night.

Why did you start Baby Chic Designs?
With a history in FMCG marketing I had always dreamed of creating my own brand I just hadn’t found the right thing. Babychic Designs began after we had just moved back from London, I had fallen pregnant straight away so was unable to find a job. I spent my time nesting and sewing. The pram I had was all black, nice but very hot in the sun, I also loved the bright funky colours of the bugaboo but couldn’t afford one. So I started sewing a pram cover and matching hood cover for my pram. Once my my daughter Sienna was born I was stopped endlessly and asked where I had gotten my pram from – and so Babychic was born.

What do you love most about running Baby Chic Designs?
I love seeing other mums fall in love with my Babychic Pram Accessories. I love having the flexibility to take a day off without feeling guilty if my kids need me or if i have appointments i need to make. And whilst running your own business from home and juggling a young family is challenging at the best of times, it allows me to be at home with my two babies and enjoy seeing them achieve all their milestones.

What is your favourite Baby Chic Designs product and why?
My favourite Babychic product is our Babychic Universal Pram Cover – this product allows mums to change the entire look of their pram in under a minute. It covers the front, back and sides of the pram seat and fits most travel system type prams with a click in and out seat. There is nothing else like this on the market and we spent a huge amount of time developing the patterns and the end product.

Match with a Babychic Pram Hood / Canopy cover and any mum can have the designer pram they have always wanted without the hefty price tag.

What is one of the things you wish you knew before becoming a mum?
Being a mum is the the most rewarding job in the world, it encompasses every emotion that a woman can have, however it is also the toughest job in the world. The heart melting moments when your daughter comes up to you when you pick her up from childcare and she says ‘ I looove you mum’ definitely make it all worth while.

To find out more about Babychic Designs, to browse the range and to order online visit www.babychic.com.au.


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Jan 272012

Just like many other families we thought Australia Day was a perfect day to venture out and explore this beautiful country a little more. Now that the twins are a bit older going out has become a lot easier, they can walk by themselves and with a bit of luck they can go without a day sleep. The baby can walk by herself too, in fact she’d love to walk everywhere if she could, but she definitely still needs her sleep during the day. Unlike the twins who only slept in their own cots the baby quite enjoys a little nap in the pram, nice and cosy under her SnoozeShade.

SnoozeShade was invented by mum Cara, who loved going out with her little girl but the older she got the harder it was to get her to sleep in the pram. Cara realised that there was a big need for a product that would allow babies and toddlers to take a quiet, comfortable, peaceful snooze in the pram without being disturbed by light, noise, activity around and even curious passersby.

After a year of brainstorming, researching and trying SnoozeShade was born, a blackout blind for strollers and prams. For me,  someone who used to leave the house with pegs and a gigantic muslin cloth (which never stayed put), this is a gift from heaven. The SnoozeShade has been designed to fit different pram sizes and shapes and to offer complete coverage. The breathable SnoozeShade blocks out 94% of light and 98% of UVA/UVB rays ensuring a safe and silent rest for baby.

The SnoozeShade is fitted with many clever features to help baby get a restful sleep and mum feel confident about baby’s safety and protection. My favourite selling points are the fast installation (it takes less than a minute for me to put up the SnoozeShade Plus) and the ‘Sneak-a-Peek’ zip for peace of mind. I also love how the look-out panel lets baby look out but sun doesn’t come in, perfect for the bright summer days.

I am currently using the SnoozeShade Plus on my phil&teds Vibe 2 but there are several other SnoozeShade designs to choose from. Thanks to the classic black colour the SnoozeShade suits every pram and doesn’t go out of fashion. The clever design features velcro straps for an ideal fit for your pram, on the website you’ll find an extensive list of prams that have been tested with the SnoozeShade. Prices start at $34.95 and when ordered online delivery within Australia is FREE.

To find out more about SnoozeShade, to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit www.snoozeshade.com.au.