‘I Love My Mum Because’ giveaway

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Apr 142019

Pan Macmillan Australia

While everyone has their eye on school holidays, Easter and ANZAC Day it is easy to forget about Mother’s Day, which is rapidly creeping up on us. With only four weeks to go it’s time to start shopping, dropping hints for and/or creating the perfect gift for the special mum in your life or even just yourself! Personally I find nothing warms the heart like a handmade treasure and this is one unique gift that is guaranteed to make any mother melt:

Whether you have a mum, mama, mother or ma, a grandma, nan, oma or nonna, I Love My Mum Because (RRP $14.99) is the cutest keepsake book for all those special ladies. Go grab your crayons, pencils and markers and get started…

‘I Love My Mum Because’ invites little artists to become little authors, using their creative skills to tell the world why they love their mother. Across 31 pages children are encouraged to celebrate mum in ‘activity book’ style with colouring in pages (draw a picture of you and mum, decorate flowers for your mum, trace your hand, show your feelings in colours), little puzzles (spot the mum, match the mother-baby shapes) and of course write sweet notes to/about your mum (write a wish for your mum, describe your mum). The end result is a sweet gathering of personal love notes for mothers and no two books will ever be the same, just like mothers are all different too.

Thanks to the sturdy hardcover this precious book is sure to stand the test of time and will still be treasured by mums years from now. I think it makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift or birthday present: a joy to make and a joy to receive. Hip tip: If you’re a little softie like I am, keep a tissue box on hand when you read because you’ll need it!

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at ‘I Love My Mum Because’ by Petra James and Alissa Dinallo to order your favourite titles online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 copies of I Love My Mum Because (RRP $14.99) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

Aug 082018

Starting at a new school is not easy, especially when you are only 5 years old and rather shy. Our miss Sybil has been working hard on making new friends and is doing well, although it does make her a little sad when her class mates struggle to remember how to pronounce her name. Sizzle, single, simple… we’ve heard them all and the latest addition is Cyril. Initially she was upset, but I quickly turned that frown upside down with this gorgeous picture book by Emily Gravett:

I read a lot of children’s books but I think Cyril and Pat (RRP $24.99) is my new favourite. This fabulous picture book, filled with the sweetest illustrations tells the story of Cyril, a cheeky little squirrel, who forms a special (and rather unusual) friendship with a rat called Pat. Against the odds, and against what others may think of this unlikely couple, the two make a great pair and love hanging out together. What a fantastic message: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the most unlikely people turn out to be the best friends!

Written in a catchy rhyming manner and filled with detailed, colourful, eye catching illustrations this book is an absolute joy to read and our kids love listening to the melody of the story and predicting the words.

From the same skilful hand comes Old Hat (RRP $14.99), another sweet book with a empowering message hidden amongst the gorgeous illustrations. Harbet the Dog wears a cosy knitted hat, handmade for him by his nana. Harbet is totally content with his hat, until others start commenting on his ‘old hat’. The teasing leads Harbet on a journey of trying to fit in, always searching for the latest, trendiest item to wear on his head.

There are so many colourful, quirky, unique hat styles, little readers will adore Emily’s creations. However no matter how hard Harbet tries, somehow he always ends up with an ‘old hat’. Thankfully in the end Harbet stops trying to fit in and learns a valuable lesson: You are perfect just the way you are!

To find out more about PanMacmillan, to discover more books by Emily Gravett and to order your favourite titles online visit www.panmacmillan.com.

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Dec 032016

Oh My Giddy Aunt

Christmas Countdown – Day 3

As a woman and mother of four girls there is one thing I know for sure: A pretty piece of jewellery never fails to bring Christmas joy. At gorgeous Australian store Giddy Aunt they know very well that the best things come in small packages so especially for our Christmas Countdown they have put together this precious little combo that is sure to put big smiles on the faces of two lucky people:


Lovingly handpicked with a mother and daughter in mind, this duo of ready-made Signet Rings is a wonderful keepsake gift that will forever hold sweet memories.

oval-ringFor our mama-winner Chief Giddy Aunt Nikki has chosen the Oval Signet Ring (RRP $29.95) in sterling silver. Available in a wide range of sizes and with an optional red, blue or pink embellishment this beautiful ring will suit mothers of all ages. If gold is more your taste you can also purchase this little gem in 9ct gold (RRP $144.95) for a classic, timeless look. As a personal touch the ring can be engraved with a letter of your choice, a small engraving fee of $10 per ring applies.

heart-ringsMatching her mother’s ring our daughter-winner will receive the gorgeous Heart Signet Ring (RRP $29.95) in sterling silver, adorned with a festive red stone. These delightful rings are a super popular present all year around and can be customised with a tiny birthstone to match your child’s birth month, what a unique birthday gift idea. Being ready-made there is no wait and they can be dispatched immediately. Like its oval sibling this heart ring is also available in 9ct gold (RRP $144.95).

To find out more about Giddy Aunt, to browse the range and to order online visit www.giddyaunt.com.au.

For your chance to win a ‘Mummy & Me’ Signet Ring Set (RRP $79.90) enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below. Both Mummy (Sterling Silver Oval Signet Ring, no stone) and Me (Sterling Silver Heart Signet Ring, red stone) rings will be engraved with your first initial, sizes subject to availability.

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Dec 022016

Bright Star Kids

Christmas Countdown – Day 2

Big Christmas trees with shiny baubles, sparkly tinsel and fresh green holly, handmade wreaths and beautiful nativity scenes… I love seeing little bits of Christmas pop up wherever we go and I particularly enjoy seeing my children’s faces light up with excitement at the beauty of it all. If you’re looking for a way to make your child’s Christmas extra special you’ll love these festive designs by Bright Star Kids:


Bright Star Kids has got the whole family covered with a wonderful Christmas Collection full of gorgeous personalised Christmas goodies to suit everyone:

christmas-stockingWith so many deliveries to make in just one night it is easy for Santa Claus to get confused, that’s why Bright Star Kids is helping the old man out by personalising your child’s Christmas stockings and Santa sacks (RRP $19.95-$29.95). Imagine the delight when the kids recognise their own names on Christmas morning! From small gifts to big presents and everything in between, with more than 25 different designs and sizes to choose from there is a perfect stocking or sack for all.

christmas-gift-labelsWrapping parcels for our family and loved ones is one of my favourite things to do, I love thinking about their happy faces when they unwrap their surprises. Whether the gifts are delivered by Santa or you have made/picked them yourself with love, Bright Star Kids gift labels are the cherry on top of a beautifully wrapped present. Bonus: If you choose a personalised label suspicious kids won’t be able to recognise your handwriting so you can keep up the Christmas magic a little longer.

With all the kids excited and everyone in good spirits Christmas is a fantastic opportunity for some lovely family photos, that way you can remember these special moments for years to come. Bright Star Kids offers a great range of Christmas clothing range that can be personalised with your child’s name or even your family name; styles, sizes and price vary per design. I may have to get the pretty Christmas Angel Tee for our little Harriet, isn’t it cute?


To find out more about Bright Star Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit www.brightstarkids.com.au.

For your chance to win a $60 Bright Star Kids gift voucher enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below:

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Sep 242016

Empowering Resources

One day someone asked me why we chose to have a larger family, as surely after two children ‘you’ve seen it all before’. Some may feel this way but as a mother of five I strongly disagree, I love all their different personalities, their quirky habits and watching them grow and develop into beautiful individuals. Sadly there is a lot of pressure on children to fit into a standard mould instead of celebrating diversity which is why I absolute love this Empowering Resources book:

You're Different, Jemima

In You’re Different, Jemima (RRP $17) we meet a gorgeous girl called Jemima who is enthusiastic, full of ideas and has a big imagination. Sadly her teacher is not so appreciative of Jemima’s excitement, she insists Jemima fits in with the rest of the class and slowly Jemima is starting to lose her spark… Thankfully a lovely new teacher sees Jemima’s differences as qualities, celebrates her uniqueness and she encourages Jemima to be her-special-self.

I think as parents we all see things in our children that are a little ‘different’ and at times we may worry that this will make them stand out. Let’s stop seeing different as negative and turn things around, different is awesome!

To find out more about Empowering Resources, to browse the range and to order online visit www.empoweringresources.com.au.

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It’s about us

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Mar 122016

It's About Us

A few weeks ago I told you about the heartbreaking movie Miss You Already, in which Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore portray two best friends who are dealt a devastating cancer diagnosis. I shed quite a few tears while watching, being a mother myself it is one of my greatest fears to have to leave behind my family and for my children to grow up without a mother.

Sadly there are many beautiful families who faces this reality and who are forced to prepare their children for the difficult time ahead. The wonderful team behind it’s about us understands how hard this is so they have put their hands and hearts together to help cancer sufferers and their families bundle their memories and leave a legacy for those left behind.

It’s about us has developed a digital scrapbook that can be customised and personalised into something that is relevant and meaningful to you and your loved ones. Providing inspiration through simple, personalised template style pages will allow you to capture your most special memories, emotions, quotes, stories and feelings through text and photos within a supported framework.

MomentoCreating your unique scrapbook is easy thanks to the handy, step-by-step software from Momento Photo Books, who have generously supported this great initiative by offering a 50% discount on all it’s about us books. There is also the opportunity to purchase a Momento Photo Books gift voucher, allowing the recipient to put together a precious keepsake that will be treasured for life. What a thoughtful gift during such a difficult time!

To find out more about it’s about us, to take a closer look at the it’s about us book or to start making your own visit www.itsaboutus.com.au.

Jan 032016

Adventure Lane

At the end of her kindy year miss 5 received a glowing report card with a special mention for her creativity. Not a day goes past without her designing something interesting, using a range of recycled materials she builds hats and bags, glasses and necklaces, bows and hair clips and much more. I knew this cool Adventure Lane find would be perfect for our budding fashion designer:

Chalk + Tees

The creative minds at Little Mashers have taken the boring out of a simple t-shirt and turned it into something totally awesome, fun and unique, check out Chalk + Tees.

Chalk + Tees BoxEach Chalk + Tees t-shirt (RRP $30, size 3-12) features a special chalkboard panel that can be drawn on over and over again. Packed in a nice recycled gift box together with three pieces of coloured chalk in a drawstring bag these tees are design-ready straight away. Kids can draw, colour, decorate and write to their heart’s content to show their personality, style and ever-changing mood.

With sixteen different colours and designs to choose from there is a perfect Chalk + Tees look for every boy and girl. Want to change your chork creation? Simply wipe off the artwork to start with a blank slate and of course the t-shirts can be machine washed (cold) too. Our Juliet immediately loved the Princess Chalkboard Tee, I have never seen royalty have as many makeovers in one day as this happy princess!

Juliet Chalk + Tees

To find out more about Adventure Lane, to browse the range and to order online visit www.adventurelane.com.au.

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