Spirit of the Jungle giveaway

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Oct 132016

Pan Macmillan Australia

As much as master 8 loved being on holidays, he really missed his (almost daily) visits to the library. The few books we brought with us only lasted a couple of days and English books were not easy to find. Now that we are home he is quickly making up for lost reading time starting with this awesome new Pan Macmillan kids’ read:


Most kids would love to go on an unexpected overseas trip, but not London teenager Mak. When his parents take him to India to deal with an urgent family situation he is not happy at all, it is too hot and sweaty and the city too crowded and loud. When Mak and his family go on a boat ride along the river they get caught in a terrible storm, Mak finds himself separated from his family and lost in the big, mysterious jungle that’s full of unknown dangers.

City-boy Mak realises soon enough that he, for a real chance of survival, will have to embrace the adventure and step out of his comfort zone. Climbing trees, making shelters and foraging for food, there is plenty to learn when you are lost in the jungle. On his journey Mak meets and befriends a family of wolves, rescues a trapped panther, escapes snakes and fights monkeys, but there is still no sight of his parents. Eventually it is the panther and his own clever thinking that puts him back on the map of civilisation. It’s obvious: Mak has been given the Spirit of the Jungle.

Famous survival-expert Bear Grylls has done a fantastic job putting childhood classic Jungle Book in a modern (and very exciting) new jacket. Both our twins thought Spirit of the Jungle was a great read, in fact they are quite keen to try some of his survival tips for themselves. Miss 8 especially enjoyed the interaction with animals and the saving of wildlife, while master 8 loved the scary parts like dangerous snakes and sneaky poachers. Definitely a win for the bookshelf!

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at Spirit of the Jungle (RRP $14.99) by Bear Grylls and to order a copy online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

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Jurni, taking kids’ luggage to the next level

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Oct 012016


Sadly for us the holiday fun is coming to an end today as we get ready to fly back to Australia this afternoon. Saying goodbye is always the most difficult part and not knowing if and when you’ll see each other again makes it even harder! Back at home the school holidays are just beginning with families getting ready for fun road trips and faraway vacations. See how Trunki is taking kids’ luggage to the next level:

From storing and sliding to sitting and gliding, the exciting new Jurni (RRP $199, red, blue or pink) is the ultimate travel-accessory for young adventurers.

Jurni BlueThe Trunki Jurni is a stylish carry-on suitcase that is packed with clever features to make your next journey as simple and smooth as possible. Compact enough to be cabin-luggage approved this strong suitcase has a generous 25L capacity, one large storage compartment and a super handy pop-out pod that allows you to keep your most important must-haves on hand all the time. I just love how you can use the Jurni like a stand-up storage locker with a flexible shelf.

Trunki RedWhile on-the-move the Jurni also doubles as a sturdy seat, it even has in-line skate wheels so you can glide along and give your tired legs a well deserved rest. Thanks to the generous 100kg weight limit the Jurni comfortably holds kids and (most) adults. Whether it’s waiting in line at the airport check-in, on a train station or at the bus stop, you’ll never find yourself without a seat again.


To find out more about The Stork Nest, to browse the Trunki range and to order online visit www.thestorknest.com.au.

Feb 112013

Big Kids Graphics

So you quite like the thought of a quick and easy room makeover with a wall decal but the sight of all those childish prints and bright colours is putting you off? Check out the funky alternatives from Big Kids Graphics:

Balloon GirlI am sure it won’t surprise you when I tell you that Big Kids Graphics is all about cool wall decals for ‘big kids’, and rest assured there is no limit to how old a big kid can be (maybe it is you!). The quirky black and white designs, with a touch of colour here and there, are sure to catch people’s eye and make a great conversation starter. Be prepared for a bit of controversy when you browse the Big Kids Graphics range!

In This HouseAs you know I have a soft spot for typography so I would love to see the inspirational In This House Wall Graphic ($59) somewhere in our home, such a lovely reminder for busy families like ours. It would be perfect for a kitchen or living area, somewhere the family gets together often and will be reminded of what really matters. Good to know: the In This House Wall Decal can be made to fit your space perfectly, just ask Big Kids Graphics for a quote.

Rat PaintAnd there is more, you can not only change the size of most of the graphics, even the colours can be customised to suit your decor and taste. Big Kids Graphics uses a very low tack self-adhesive matte vinyl film and the decals are easy to remove from most wall surfaces. It’s all pretty straight forward but for some great tips and tricks on how to apply your Big Kids Graphic just check out the ‘How to’ video on the website.

To find out more about Big Kids Graphics, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bigkidsgraphics.com.au.

For your chance to win the Balloon Girl Wall Graphic visit www.bigkidsgraphics.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the designs featured above, which Big Kids Wall Graphic is your favourite?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends March 11, 2013. Sorry, Australian entries only. By entering you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh – Autumn/Winter 2012

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Feb 092012

It seems like only yesterday that I was browsing the fantastic Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Summer sale, I was so disappointed to miss out on some of the gorgeous styles but I know it was my own fault. I should have known by now that the Eeni Meeni Miini Moh clothing is always very popular and you have to grab your favourite pieces the minute you lay eyes on them. If you haven’t already spotted the new Autumn/Winter collection take a look at the pieces all the fashion savvy mums are lining up for:

The first thing you’ll notice when checking out the new range is the stunning rhubarb red colour used for both boys and girl, it definitely is THE colour of the season. I can already see my oldest two wearing these two outfits, cool stripes for my boy and the most gorgeous dress for my big girl. With a bit of imagination the dress seems to have come straight from one of my favourite childhood tv series, can you guess which one it is?

It might be a tight squeeze but my 18-month old would look just adorable in this Babydoll Dress ($54.95, 000-2) from the Enfant range, there are three divine colours to choose from but I would pick the rhubarb version so she would match well with her siblings. To really complete the look you can add the matching ruffled leggings ($36.95, 000-2), perfect for keeping those little legs warm on chilly days.

This year marks 10 years since the start of Eeni Meeni Miini Moh and by now many mums will recognise the signature prints and descriptions, of course you can expect some of these famous prints in the Autumn/Winter boys range too. There is plenty of subject choices: transportation, travel and animals. Get your little man this big brown bear t-shirt ($44.95, 0-5) and he’ll be able to say it in French in no time!

One thing that has changed since the start of Eeni Meeni Miini Moh is the size range, because as of last year the bigger kids can shop here too for the dedicated e3-M range with sizes going up to size 14. With cool, stylish, age appropriate designs the e3-M label has taken a solid place in the fashion market for older kids, getting the tick of approval from both fussy tweens/teens and mums.

To find out more about Eeni Meeni Miini Moh, to browse the Autumn/Winter collection and to order online visit www.eenimeeni.com.