Jul 062012

As many of you know I moved to Australia 6 years ago, all the way from The Netherlands. What you may not know that in The Netherlands I used to work as a travel agent. In my time at the travel agency I visited quite a few different countries and the last country I visited before moving here was Egypt, a very interesting, beautiful, amazing country full of history.

In the latest adventures of Disney’s Buddies, called Treasure Buddies, the five cuddly friends are visiting Egypt too. Talking puppies Budderball, B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha and Mudbud are in for a big adventure in this land of pyramids, tombs, ancient treaures and pharaohs and of course they are sure to meet some fun, friendly (and not so friendly), exotic friends along the way.

As long as they stick together these adorable pawed buddies will be able to solve the puzzles, avoid the booby traps and find the mysterious treasure in the race against a rather cold and royal looking cat. Lots of fur, a good dose of desert sand and sparkling gold, this Egyptian adventure can be enjoyed by young and old.

As expected my kids were very impressed by the talking animals in Disney’s Treasure Buddies. From puppies to cats, from camels to monkeys, snakes and more, they thought they were all interesting although they loved the camel most. When I told them about Egypt, and that I actually went there myself they were even more intrigued by the whole setting of this movie. Although a little too young to understand the story line they still very much enjoyed it and have asked to watch it again and again.

Treasure Buddies is available on Blu-ray ($49.95) or DVD ($39.95) and is on sale at major retailers across Australia.

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