Aug 062015

Transmission Films

During the week I am so busy running around with the kids, that when it comes to the weekend my hubby is usually ‘forcing’ me to sit down and put my tired mama feet up. He knows I love relaxing with a good movie and as I have a soft spot for period dramas this new Kate Winslet film was the perfect pick for our Saturday movie night in:

‘A Little Chaos’ tells the story of Madame Sabine de Bara (beautifully portrayed by the lovely Kate Winslet), a talented gardener and designer who is far ahead of her time. When King Louis hires famous landscape architect Le Notre (Matthias Schoenaerts) to design the Versailles gardens Madame de Bara puts forward one of her revolutionary designs in the hope she can play a small part in the enormous project.

A Little ChaosHer ideas are different, new and refreshing so, although a bit of a gamble, Le Notre hires the mysterious female gardener and they start on a journey of discovery. Strong and independent Madame de Bara is a widow still coming to terms with the loss of her husband and child, Le Notre is an unhappily married man who is unfulfilled in love. In between the hard work, the extravagant Versailles lifestyle, the expectations of others and their own grief and struggles the two gardeners manage to find each other…

‘A Little Chaos’ is available on Blu-ray ($30-$35), DVD ($20-$30) and digital download at retailers across Australia and online.

To find out more about Tracks, to watch the trailer and to order your copy online visit

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Jul 142014

Transmission Films

As we are having friends over from the Netherlands this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a newly released and truly Australian movie. Tracks brings us back to 1977 when Australian girl Robyn Davidson makes a 2700km solo trek through the Australian desert with four camels and her loyal dog. Her journey was documented by a National Geographic photographer and captured in her best selling memoir Tracks. It is the first time we get to enjoy her quest on the screen and let me tell you, it is nothing less than inspirational (and a lot less dusty than you may think):

Tracks Blu-ray

The world has its doubts when Robyn shares her plans to track from Alice Springs to the Indian ocean all by herself, by foot and through the lonely desert with no company but some camels and a dog. She may not have any experience or the necessary funds but she does have determination and despite many hurdles she manages to earn her camels and gain sponsorship from National Geographic.

Tracks KeepCupAt first Robyn feels her desire to be by herself and far away from the materialistic world is compromised by the intrusive photographer who visit her on her journey every few weeks. She has no choice but to accept his presence, the uncomfortable chats and the posed photographs but slowly she starts looking forward to the rare human contact and they form a, at times rocky, bond.

Both talented actress Mia Wasikowska (Robyn) and Adam Driver (photographer Rick) have done an amazing job capturing the raw emotions that colour this month long track. From happiness, admiration and overwhelming gratitude to sadness, despair and loneliness, it’s an epic journey through Australia’s most remote areas that is absolutely breathtaking, ending in a refreshing meeting with the much longed for Indian ocean.

Tracks is available on Blu-ray (RRP $34.99), DVD (RRP $29.99) and digital download at retailers across Australia and online.

To find out more about Tracks, to watch the trailer and to order your copy online visit

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Apr 252014

Khumba logo2

Get ready for a wild African adventure with an adorable, and rather unique, young zebra called Khumba and join him on his journey across the Great Karoo desert:

Khumba, released by Transmission Films, tells the story of little Khumba, known within his herd as the half-zebra because he is only half striped. Some members of the herd even believe he brings bad luck, life is not easy for Khumba who is confronted with his different looks day in day out. When rain fails to fall and the water hole runs dry the blame falls on Khumba, it’s a heavy burden to bear and when he hears of a mysterious water hole that may help him get those missing stripes he leaves the herd.


On his hunt for the water hole Khumba meets a range of interesting animals, some friendly and some not so much. He travels the highs and the lows, the mountains and the valleys and the hot and dry desert, dreaming of finding his missing stripes. All he wants is to be the same as other zebras, believing that this will break the curse and solve the important drought issues.

Khumba DVDKhumba is a lovely story about friendship, self acceptance and believing in yourself, it teaches children a very valuable lesson: don’t try to change who you are, real beauty can be found in being yourself and accepting your differences. At 82 minutes it is quite a long movie for young children so our 3-year old didn’t watch it completely but master 5 did and loved the story, he really got the message which was lovely to see.

Khumba is available on 3D Blu-ray + Blu-ray Combo (RRP $34.99) and DVD (RRP $29.99) from leading retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Khumba, to learn all about the movie characters and to watch trailers online visit

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Jun 302013

Tad the Lost Explorer

If you’ve always wanted to introduce your child to the adventures of Indiana Jones but felt they were a bit too grownup I’ve got the answer for you, meet Tad the Lost Explorer.


Tad the Lost Explorer DVDAs a child friendly builder Tadeo always dreamt of becoming a famous archaeologist like his hero Max Mordon but he gave up on that dream a long time ago. Now he spends his days working away at a construction site, nowhere near as exciting and adventurous as he thought his life would be. But life has a funny way of turning everything upside down and thanks to a case of mistaken identity Tad and his furry friend find themselves on their way to Peru, let the adventure begin…


The key to this exciting development is an ancient stone tablet, it is said this tablet is the guide to the Lost City of Paititi where a mysterious treasure can be found. Soon Tad is joined by a stubborn little parrot, a typical tourist guide and the beautiful archaeologist Sara (who happens to be engaged to Max Mordon) and together the team is determined to break the code and find the Lost City.


But they’re not the only ones hunting, sneaky Max Mordon cares more about money than preserving history and he doesn’t care if anyone gets hurt along the way. Will they discover the Lost City, and if so, who will get there first? What exactly is ‘the treasure’ anyway? I won’t give too much away but Tad does really find the Lost City and he may even find love too…

Tad the Lost Explorer is available on 3D Blu-ray + Blu-ray Combo (RRP $29.95) and DVD (RRP $19.95) from leading retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Tad the Lost Explorer and to watch the trailer online visit

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Jun 072012

As a child there was a certain type of movies that my siblings and I (but especially my brother) loved to watch, I don’t think our parents liked them just as much but we definitely did. Matilda, Home Alone, Dennis the Menace, I am sure you can see the pattern here: an inquistive, curious, adventurous (sometimes a little naughty) child and one or more bad guys that have to be stopped in their evil plans. Based on the best selling UK book series about Horrid Henry the newly released DVD Horrid Henry: The Movie proves that this theme, albeit modernised and updated, is still hugely popular and I can totally see why.

Henry, nicknamed Horrid Henry by his teacher Miss Battleaxe, thinks he is way too cool for school. He always comes up with new excuses for not doing his homework and really all he wants to do is be a rockstar. Henry’s antics do not only get him into trouble with the headteacher, they cause him to lose his spot in the talent show, get Miss Battleaxe fired and they even put the school at risk of closure. No more school sounds like fun, or not…?

The two school inspectors seem very keen to close down the school and for all the children to be sent to the exclusive, expensive school run by a nasty head master, what do they have to go gain from it? Henry’s brother Peter and his teacher Miss Lovely discover that the school inspectors are being paid to close the school, and Henry realises he doesn’t want his school to be closed down after all so he needs to come up with a plan.

Henry, his brother Peter and Henry’s enemy-turned- partner in crime Moody Margaret decide that Henry has no option but to fight his way back into the talent show, get famous and hopefully in doing so prevent the school from closing down. Henry and his band the ‘Zero Zombies’ sneak in and win but sadly his winning performance does not have the desired effect.

The perfect solution arises when Henry receives an invitation for the tv show 2 Cool 4 School. If he could win the big cash prize they could pay the corrupt school inspectors and keep the school doors open. But winning doesn’t come easy, first Henry has to pass a range of difficult challenges and resist temptation. In the final round he has to meet the Terrible Teacher who nominated him, miss Battleaxe, he is crowned ‘2 Cool 4 School’ and wins the big prize. But will Henry be in time to stop his school from closing down?

Horrid Henry is hugely popular in the UK with millions of Horrid Henry books sold (Horrid Henry is the most successful children’s literary character after Harry Potter), the Horrid Henry tv series a big hit and a wide range of other Horrid Henry products available to fill the need for more adventures. The real fans will love this Horrid Henry’s Annual 2012 activity book filled with 73 pages of puzzles, craft and other fun Henry activities.

Overal I really enjoyed Horrid Henry: The Movie, the cast is great and this is a great movie for a rainy afternoon (possibly not the day before school starts!). Although G rated I think Horrid Henry: The Movie is most suited to older children who can appreciate and understand the funny side of the story. I know my nearly 4-year olds would not understand (and maybe even be frightened by) the ‘scary’ school teachers, the tv show and the zombie artist in the talent show.

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