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'Lil Fairy Door

Christmas Countdown – Day 11

As we near the end of the year I can’t help but look back and see how much our kids have grown these lasts 12 months. O how I wish I could keep them small for longer, I love their innocent trust in all that is good and the way they believe in magic. Children have the biggest imagination (especially this time of year!) and often the littlest things lead to big adventures like this gorgeous ‘Lil Fairy Door:

'Lil Fairy Door Red

Three years ago Australian mum Sally created the very first ‘Lil Fairy Door, her own little girl loved everything ‘fairy’ and this gorgeous miniature door opened up to a delightful imaginary world. Three years on ‘Lil Fairy Door is available in 400 stores across Australia and overseas, allowing children of all ages to explore their fairy fantasies through pretend play.

'Lil Fairy Door GreenTo create a special fairy entrance in your home you need to attach your ‘Lil Fairy Door to the wall, somewhere low to the ground or high on a shelf (an ideal location if you need to keep it away from young children who may cause damage or eat small parts). It would look gorgeous in a little girl’s bedroom, playroom or reading corner and with choice of 12 different colours there is a perfect ‘Lil Fairy Door for every child and every decor, prices start at $36.

'Lil Fairy MushroomsLittle by little you can grow your little piece of fairy land using the adorable range of ‘Lil Fairy accessories. From mini mailboxes to tiny footsteps, from small mushrooms to a teeny teaset and petite tooth fairy notes and much more, at ‘Lil Fairy Door they know how to capture a child’s imagination. With Christmas in mind there are also some brilliant Christmas themed accessories available, once you’ve seen this frosty evidence you will be a believer for life.

‘Lil Fairy Door will be exhibiting at the annual Kids Instyle trade event at the Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (19 – 22 February, 2015).

To find out more about ‘Lil Fairy Door, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Message in a Mailbox

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Nov 012014


As the majority of our family lives overseas we heavily rely on phone and mail to stay in touch. Of course we correspond mainly via email but we also love getting postcards and letters via old school snail mail. Birthdays and Christmases always bring a nice pile of cards and the kids love opening the mailbox to a big stash of hand written greetings.

Toy Aussie Post Box

If your child loves sending and receiving mail too I’ve got the perfect Christmas present for you, check it out this gorgeous Toy Aussie Post Box from Lark! Featuring the same bright red colour and pull down slot as a traditional Australia Post mail box this sweet children’s toy will make pretend play very real, who wouldn’t want a miniature Aussie Post box in their bedroom or playroom?

Lark Toy Aussie Post BoxOf course you can use your post box to send letters to your sister, brother or friend but it’s also an ideal way to get in touch with the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa. This sweet set consists of the sturdy wooden mailbox, six colourful wooden postcards and six wooden stamps for hours of pretend play fun. There is no need to worry about wet tongues and sharing germs, the stamps attach with Velcro so you can use them over and over again.

With Christmas rapidly approaching this lovely Toy Aussie Post Box ($60, ages 3+) is sure to sell out in a flash. Stock is limited so make sure you get your pre-order in to avoid disappointment.

To find out more about Lark, to take a closer look at the Toy Aussie Post Box and to pre-order yours today visit

Feb 232014


As I walked into school this week I spotted one of the twins’ class mates with a big empty spot exactly where his front tooth had been just last week. All I could think was that surely children don’t lose their first tooth at 5 years old? I realised how quick our babies are growing up, while I hope it is still a while off I am afraid it won’t be long before our own children start losing their precious baby teeth too. If you are looking for a cute Tooth Fairy tradition of your own you’ll love this sweet Tooth Fairy Doll at Shnookums:

Tooth Fairy Doll Front

This delightful Ragtales Tooth Fairy Doll is sure to catch the imagination of little children with her head full of hair and adorable purple outfit. Kids can pop the lost milk tooth in her tiny backpack and in the morning they’ll find it replaced by a shiny coin, I wonder what the going rate for baby teeth is these days? If you know please drop me a note so I can leave our tooth fairy some helpful instructions.

Tooth Fairy Doll Back

As children have a fair few teeth to lose these nightly visits are a costly business for the Tooth Fairy, at least you can save yourself some big bucks on the Tooth Fairy Doll. She is currently on sale for just $15, what a bargain and such a lovely keepsake!

To find out more about Shnookums, to browse the range and to order online visit

Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy

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Nov 152011

We have all heard of the Tooth Fairy and most kids are happy to give up their lost teeth in return for a special reward. In a way the Tooth Fairy has a very easy job, pulling out a tiny tooth from under a pillow is a piece of cake compared to the task ahead for Minkie Mary. Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy is in charge of gently taking away your little one’s dummy, something that can be quite upsetting for both child and parent. Get it right straight away and come prepared with the Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy kit from Rudy and the Dodo.

The gorgeous Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy dummy weaning kit ($34,95, consisting of a book, storage pouch and toy mouse) is a great tool for parents as they gently encourage their child to give up the dummy.

The thought of that precious, much loved dummy going in the bin is much harder to swallow than the magical story of Minkie Mary, the friendly dummy fairy mouse who travels around to visit little boys and girls who no longer need their dummies. As a reward for their brave gesture of giving up the dummy Minkie Mary leaves behind a special treasure: a cute little toy mouse that offers the necessary cuddles and security instead of the dummy.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to take a closer look at Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy and to order online visit

Oct 192011

A few weeks ago my oldest daughter had an unlucky fall and lost a teeny tiny piece of her front tooth. Unless you run your fingers across the bottom you won’t even know and of course I know they are just her baby teeth so she will lose the whole tooth eventually but I was still very sad about it. I absolutely love baby teeth, those tiny teeth and all the gorgeous gaps between them, they are so adorable! I dread the day they will start coming out and I am determined to keep them safe in the Baby Tooth Flap Book from Baby Tooth Land.

At Baby Tooth Land they understand how precious your babies milk teeth are so they have designed a range of products that will add a special touch to the toothless stage and that will help you keep the teeth safely stored. The hardcover Baby Tooth Flap Book ($28.95) closes with a magnetic flap and inside it features twenty individual compartments (protected by a transparent cover). The round box shows exactly which position each tooth used to sit in and you can fill out when each tooth came out. Add a photo of a big toothless grin and your personal keepsake album is complete!

If your family is one of the lucky ones to be visited by the Tooth Fairy when a tooth comes out you will love the Tooth Fairy Kit ($44.95). The kit contains all you need to make the Tooth Fairy feel right at home at your place: a Tooth Fairy Doorhanger that tells her where to go, a satin Baby Tooth Pouch to place the teeth under the pillow, Tooth Fairy Stationary so your child can write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and of course a Baby Tooth Keepsake Box to store the teeth in once collected. Imagine how lovely it will be to look back at the complete set of mini teeth later and read the very funny tooth fairy letters!

All Baby Tooth Land products are available in a boys and girls version, make sure you like the Baby Tooth Land Facebook page to get a special 10% discount code for your first order.

To find out more about Baby Tooth Land, to browse the range of products and to order online visit

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