May 312016


When I look at our beautiful Harriet I can’t believe she is 8 months old already, time is just flying by and her first birthday will be here before we know it. On the weekend I folded away tiny baby clothes that no longer fit her, packed up the bouncer and even replaced her capsule by a normal car seat, our baby is turning into a little girl. She may be growing out of a lot of things but her Lamaze toys are still getting their daily workout:

Space Symphony Play Gym

The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym (RRP $99.95) is the perfect mix between a play rug, motion gym and tummy time mat, it’s a fantastic multifunctional design that provides hours and hours of fun for little ones from birth onwards.

Lamaze BoxThe soft, padded mat is round in shape and decorated with attractive, colourful patterns and pictures that are appealing to young eyes. Many babies are not very keen on tummy time so the key is to present them with lots of interesting things to look at and play with, that way they won’t even have time to get bored or upset. Tummy time is very important for baby’s development and can help avoid and relieve ‘flat head’ symptoms.

Lamaze Space ToysWhen your baby is on its back there is plenty to see too, pop up the quick snap arches and watch your baby as he follows and grabs the fun hanging toys and mirror. The toys and arches of the lightweight Space Symphony Motion Gym are detachable (handy for easy storage or transport) and the soft play mat is machine washable so you can remove little dribbles, food spills and other messy accidents. Nice bonus: The small toys are a great size for pram or car trips too.

With the added entertainment of sound and motion (3 AA batteries, not included) the Space Symphony Motion Gym is sure to put smiles on little faces whilst stimulating baby’s brains and encouraging hand/eye coordination.

Play & Gro

Lamaze Play & Grow toys (RRP $19.95 each) are cute, friendly soft toys that are made for little hands and inquisitive minds. Thanks to the handy pram clip there will be no tears about dropped/lost toys and baby will always have his/her favourite friend within reach. These lovely plush toys are suitable from birth onwards and even now at 8 months Harriet still loves her Plaw & Grow buddies, we take them everywhere!

Toots the ToucanPlay & Grow toys are designed with bright colours, quirky sounds, interesting textures and shapes and sometimes even vibrations so young children can discover while they play. Rusty the Robot, Jacque the Peacock, Bella the Bunny, Mortimer the Moose… there are more than 25 different designs to choose from so there is a perfect Play & Grow buddy for everyone. We have one in the pram, one in the car seat, one in her playpen and one in my nappy bag, can you tell we are fans?

Lamaze Developmental Toys are available at Target, Big W, Toys’R’Us, Baby Bunting and all good independent baby retailers across Australia.


To find out more about Lamaze and to browse the range visit

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Dec 212015

The Good Dinosaur

Christmas Countdown – Day 21

They say your chances of spotting a dinosaur are pretty slim, but lately I have been bumping into these prehistoric creatures everywhere! At the shops, in toy catalogues, on a passing bus… clearly the dinos are on the move so I am glad they are a friendly bunch. Based on Disney Pixar’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ this fabulous new Tomy toy range is thumping into Australia just in time for Christmas:

The Good Dinosaur

Arlo and Bubbha, Butch and Mary Alice, Forest Woodbush and Ramsey, all your favourites dinosaurs have come out to play. From a pocket size buddy to a friendly giant that really walks, ‘The Good Dinosaur‘ has got Christmas all wrapped up.

ButchWhen this Tyrannosaurus Rex named Butch gets a move on you better get out of the way! Don’t be fooled by those little arms, with his loud roar and moving jaw tall and tough Galloping Butch (RRP $59.95, ages 3+) is one very impressive dinosaur. To make your dinosaur play even more realistic this awesome 8″ T-Rex gallops and talks just like in the movie, watch out everyone ‘We got longhorns to round up!’.

Chomping SpotOf course the tribe wouldn’t be complete without this wild and wacky boy called Spot, Arlo’s miniature mate. There is nothing this hungry fellow loves more than some delicious bugs, leaves or another crunchy treat. Feed Chomping Spot (RRP $29.95, ages 3+) a scrumptious insect snack (two yummy bugs included) and he’ll really chomp, too cool! Be warned, with 7 different sounds he is quite the noisy eater.

The ‘The Good Dinosaur’ toy range is now available at Target, Toys’R’Us, Big W, Myer and Toyworld stores across Australia.

To find out more about Tomy, to browse the ‘The Good Dinosaur’ toy range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Dec 182015


Christmas Countdown – Day 18

If you have been following our Christmas Countdown you know that we’ve got the older kids covered with plenty of art & craft, dolls, toys and electronic entertainment, but what do you put under the tree for the youngest members of the family? If this is your (grand)child’s first Christmas this year you’ll love these special gifts from Lamaze, the developmental toy specialist:

Lamaze Play Mat

When it comes to floor play the Sit Up and See Activity Gym (RRP $149.95, ages 0 months+) would have to be one of the most versatile play mats around and a great gift for young families this Christmas.

Lamaze Activity GymNewborn babies can comfortably lay on their back on the padded mat and watch the dangling toys and shiny mirror, as they get older they can roll over for tummy time using the soft rainbow pillow for support. Parents can even fold out the two blue ‘legs’ so baby sit up on a slight angle safely secured in the 3-point harness. The cute mobile is sure to attract curious little eyes and its lights and sounds are automatically activated by movement, how clever!

Lamaze Play & GrowOf course the Sit Up and See Activity Gym is not going to fit into your child’s first Christmas stocking, but a gorgeous Lamaze Play & Grow toy (RRP $19.95) most certainly will. There are lots of colourful designs to choose from, how cute are Jacque the Peacock and Bella the Bunny (my current favourite)? Featuring interesting colours, shapes, patterns, textures and sounds they are fabulous clip-on toys for playtime on-the-go.

OctotunesOld favourite Octotunes (0-24 months, RRP $29.95) has been a Lamaze bestseller for years and he is not giving in on popularity just yet. The award winning design is simple but fun for cheeky little tots, by squeezing the colourful tentacles they can play different notes and even put together an entire song or nursery rhyme. Not that musically talented? Here’s a handy list of Lamaze Tunes to get you started.

Lamaze Developmental Toys are available at Target, Big W, Toys’R’Us, Baby Bunting and all good independent baby retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Lamaze and to browse the range visit

For your chance to win a $199 Lamaze Prize Pack (Includes Sit Up and See Activity Gym, Octotunes and Play & Grow Plush, designs randomly selected) enter our giveaway below:

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Sep 172015

Miles from Tomorrowland

As a 7-year old boy who is crazy about space it is no surprise that our son Tommie is terribly excited about the start of Disney Junior’s brand new animation Miles from Tomorrowland. The star of this futuristic children’s show is a young, adventurous boy called Miles Callisto who travels the galaxy and is never short of adventure. Together with his friends and a quirky rob-ostrich Miles explores the mysteries of outer space and you are invited to join the journey through the special Miles from Tomorrowland toy range by Tomy:

Maximum MilesMeasuring an impressive 10″ in size Maximum Miles (RRP $29.95, ages 3+) sure is ready for the big milky way. Not only does Maximum Miles come complete with his all his space must-haves (laserang, blastboard and removable space helmet), he really brings the show to life by lighting up when using his gear. To prove he knows his stuff Maximum Miles is able to speak 8 different sentences from the show.

Miles from Tomorrowland Exo-FlexWalking, driving, flying, when it comes to space travel Miles can always rely on his muli-functional Transforming Exo-Flex (RRP $29.95) to get him to his destination. With a simple flip, fold, slide or turn the large robotic suit transforms and changes for different modes of play. Is there a mysterious object blocking your space route? Don’t worry, Exo-Flex will help you achieve your mission by blasting obstacles out of the way with its special flash beams.

Loretta CallistoIf you’re looking for a compact, handbag sized version of your favourite Miles from Tomorrowland characters you will love the Collectible Figures (ages 3+). There are six different toys to collect and priced at just $10.95 each they’re the perfect pocket money buy for young Miles fans. If you’re lucky enough to own the Stellosphere, home to Miles and the rest of the Callisto family, you’ll find the characters glow when returned to their spaceship base station.

The ‘Miles from Tomorrowland’ toy range is now available at Target, Toys’R’Us, Big W, Myer and Toyworld stores across Australia.

Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere

‘Miles from Tomorrowland’ Stellosphere by Tomy

To find out more about Tomy, to browse the Miles from Tomorrowland toy range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Jun 122015

Inside Out

If your kids are huge Disney fans like mine they are no doubt counting the days until Disney’s Inside Out hits the big screen next week. We have watched a few previews and can’t wait to see it, it looks like good fun for the whole family. So far all Disney Pixar movies have been fantastic (Up, Toy Story, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, we just can’t pick one favourite!) so I am expecting another great hit.

Inside Out Emotions Console

To coincide with the upcoming movie release Disney has teamed up with the toy experts at Tomy to create an exciting Inside Out toy range that will bring the Pixar magic straight into your home:

Emotions Control ConsoleJoy, anger, fear, sadness… Young Riley has lots of feelings and life is definitely not easy with so many emotions at play. Now you can take charge of all these emotions with the futuristic Inside Out Emotions Control Console (RRP $29.95, ages 4+), place your emotion on the console to see it light up. The base console comes with the happy Joy figurine and for expanded play you can collect all the other Emotions figurines (RRP $12.95) too. What a fun way to play out your favourite and create your own Inside Out movie scenes!

Bing Bong PlushNormally the ‘elephant in the room’ is something we’d all rather avoid but that’s not the case with this super cute and cuddly ‘I Cry Candy’ Bing Bong Plush (RRP $49.95, ages 4+). Quirky looking Bing Bong is a product of Riley’s imagination, he is ‘part cat, part elephant and part dolphin’ to be precise. But that’s not at all, he is made out of cotton candy wrapped around a nougat-y centre, who doesn’t love the sound of that!

Measuring a generous 10″ in size and with a slight cotton candy smell (if only he also tasted like it!) this gentle giant is very huggable and friendly. Bing Bong loves to entertain by singing the ‘Bing Bong Song’ and saying several phrases from the movie. To see colourful candy tears well up in Bing Bong’s eyes just squeeze his belly, he sure is an interesting character who will make a perfect friend for any young Inside Out fan.

To find out more about Disney and to watch the Disney Pixar Inside Out trailer visit

To find out more about Tomy, to browse the Inside Out toy range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Dec 202014


Christmas Countdown – Day 20

With only four short days to go until Christmas many mums are running around like mad women doing the last minute grocery shopping, preparing the house for all the visitors and trying to source a few missing Christmas gifts. If you are still searching for a present that will get the thumbs up from the boys you may like to know that the toy experts at TOMY are putting their money on Battroborg as the big hit this Christmas:

Battroborg Warrior Knight vs Viking Arena Set

Are you, like me, unfamiliar with the Battroborg phenomenon? (Yes I still have a lot to learn and discover too when it comes to toy trends) Battroborg Warriors are motion control battling robots outfitted with interchangeable weapons and armor.

Battroborg WarriorsUsing handheld motion controllers players can control their Battroborg robots as they battle it out against each other in the Battroborg Warriors Battle Arena (ages 6+). Each warrior has a different story, different armor and weapons, who will conquer when they face each other in the ring? Knock your opponent down with the strike of a sword, the hit of an axe, the sweep of a kama or the swing of a blade and be crowned the winner!

To find out more about Battroborg, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win a Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set (RRP $89.95) enter our giveaway below:

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