‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ giveaway

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Mar 192019

If you were to take a peek in family homes across Australia you will be hard pressed to find a book shelf without a copy of Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on it. For years this lovely picture book has been read, sung and played out in living rooms and libraries, bedrooms and cubby houses and many of us have our own special Bear Hunt memories. This year marks the 30th anniversary of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and that’s a special milestone that should not go unnoticed:

To celebrate the big 30 in style Walker Books has organised the ultimate ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ competition for book loving families. Grab your phone/camera and share an image or video of you and your family sharing We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #happybirthdaybearhunt and share what you think makes We’re Going on a Bear Hunt special.

The winning family, as chosen by Walker Books Australia, will score an entire year of story times, that is 52 books handpicked for your family! Entries close March 31, 2019, check out the competition details here.

To find out more about Walker Book and to take a closer look at We’re Going on a Bear Hunt visit www.walkerbooks.com.au.

Thanks to our lovely friends at Walker Books two lucky Hip Little One readers will win a gorgeous ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ prize pack containing a copy of the book, a tote bag, an adorable ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ plush bear (not dangerous!) and a cute bear ear headband. For your chance to take home this beary cool stash hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter.

Apr 142017

It’s a wrap! With term 1 finally done and dusted we can now look forward to a well deserved Easter break. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy a road trip with the family, indulge in a weekend getaway or even just discover some new spots in your local area. If you’re planning to hit the road with your little Teletubbies fan don’t forget to add these to your luggage:

We all know that travelling with kids can be a challenge, but it’s nothing the Teletubbies can’t fix. Featuring 8 exciting app buttons the Teletubbies VTech ‘My 1st Tablet’ (RRP $34.99, 6-36 months) introduces young travellers to music, nature sounds, numbers, letters and much more. They’ll be so busy swiping and tapping the light-up the touch screen and watching eye-catching animations and special light patterns there is no time to get bored!

There is plenty of off-screen Teletubbies fun to be had too, the sturdy Teletubbies ‘Let’s Go Up & Down’ (RRP $12.99) and Teletubbies ‘The Tubby Custard Ride’ (RRP $12.99) board books are ideal for that much-needed quiet time. The bright pictures and simple rhyming text are perfect for infants and toddlers. Curious tots are sure to love pushing, pulling and sliding the many tabs in The Tubby Custard Ride.

Whether it’s a quick nap in the car, a holiday far away from home or just a sleepover at Grandma’s, this soft and cuddly Teletubbies Supersoft Collectible Laa-Laa (RRP $17.99, 18 months+) will help your little one drift off to sleep peacefully. Designed for small hands and gentle against the skin it makes a perfect bedtime buddy, which of the four Teletubbies is your favourite?

Teletubbies books are available from Dymocks, BigW, Booktopia, Leading Edge and all good bookstores.

You can find all your favourite Teletubbies toys at your local Big W, Myer, Target, Toys’R’Us and Toyworld store.

To find out more about Big Balloon, to browse the Teletubbies range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.bigballoon.com.au.

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Aug 022016


Considering I have had a baby (or even two) on my hip for eight years straight I have become quite the multitasker: from making sandwiches to brushing teeth and hanging up the washing, being a busy mum of five I thought I was pretty good at doing things with just one hand. In saying that, with my right hand currently out of action everything takes a little longer and most of the cooking is up to hubby at the moment.

One Handed Cooks

If you’re looking for some fabulous kitchen inspiration and simple, healthy recipes that you can make (almost) single handedly you will love what this clever mum, dietician and teacher trio are serving up:

Hitting the shelves this week One Handed Cooks (RRP $39.99) is a fun, refreshing and family-friendly cookbook that is specifically developed for carers of young children aged 0-5 (but even I would gobble up most of these tasty dishes!). From the moment your little one has its first taste solids you are on a journey to raise a healthy, happy eater, it may not always be smooth sailing but One Handed Cooks is here to help you along the way.

Rainbow Shreddies

As well as over 100 recipes to inspire you in the kitchen the book covers a lot of important background knowledge that will help you understand how little brains and bodies work. This will equip you with all you need to tackle common mealtime battles and deal with fussy eaters calmly. Rainbow Vegetables Shreddies, Creamy Banana and Apple Porridge, Chicken, Pumpkin and Spinach Bread Pies, Turkey and Cauliflower Tots… getting the kids excited about nutritious foods (hidden or not) was never this easy, the book really contains something for everyone!

Scrumptious lunch

With five hungry tummies to feed it can be a tad tricky to come up with meals they will all love, all it took was one quick flick through this beautiful full-colour cookbook to leave me super keen to whip up some new creations. The recipes look amazing yet surprisingly simple to make, the instructions are easy to follow and there are lots of helpful tips in regards to storage, different variations and allergies. Add all these ingredients together and you’ve got a tasty winner for your kitchen bookshelf.

To find out more about One Handed Cooks by Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton and Sarah Buckle and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Feb 232015


It’s colourful, fun, interesting, educational and super cool, the award-winning Yookidoo toy range has arrived in store at Urban Baby and it’s going to sell like hot cakes. Check out what we’re so excited about:


Yookidoo is all about discovery, providing babies and toddlers with innovative toys that engage their growing little minds in many different ways. Colours, shapes, textures, sounds, movement, lights, these delightful toys are sure to keep kids entertained for hours.

Yookidoo Pull Along Whistling DuckThis friendly Pull Along Whistling Duck (RRP $59.95, ages 1-3 years) teaches young children about cause and effect. When you pull him along he will sing and whistle with delight, but when you halt he will stop. If you leave him for a while he will whistle and call you back to play, babies will love this! The colourful bead coaster is removable for another great way of play for little hands.

Flow 'n' Fill SpoutThe Flow ‘n’ Fill Spout (RRP $34.95, ages 9m – 3 years) is one of my favourite Yookidoo designs. Kids just love flowing water but letting the bath tap run non-stop is a costly business and I’d rather avoid a painful accident with a hot tap. This clever battery operated bath toy pumps water from the bath tub so you are not using any more water than normal and the temperature is always right. It comes with three little tumblers so kids can play around with different water effects.

Create an exciting play corner for your toddler in a flash with the Discovery Playhouse (RRP $139.95, ages 1-5 years). This portable play centre is filled with great activities, each of the walls (and even the inside) offers different things to explore, see, do and try. Learn about colours, numbers and shape, practise fine motor skills, peek in the mirror, roll the balls and much more. To save yourself precious floorspace the Discovery Playhouse can be folded away when not in use.

Discovery Playhouse

To find out more about UrbanBaby, to browse the Yookidoo range and to order online visit www.urbanbaby.com.au.

Jul 152013


At the start of the year I introduced you to Polish brand Kaszubebe and its beautifully designed children’s toys and games. Well they have done it again, unique, durable, simple and very appealing to little eyes, these new Kaszubebe puzzles from Coccinella are perfect for chubby toddler hands:

Kaszubebe Animal Puzzles ($26.95 each)

Kaszubebe Animal Puzzles ($26.95 each)

Puzzles are great fun for kids but you have to make sure the design is appropriate. The right puzzle needs to be attractive, interesting and challenging to keep little minds working but it should not be too tricky, you don’t want children to feel like a failure if they can’t solve it. For the youngest ones it is best to start simple like with these friendly Kaszubebe animal puzzles.

Kaszubebe Owl PuzzleThe Owl Puzzle and Frog Puzzle ($26.95) have a fun round frame and chunky wooden pieces in odd shapes, yet there are only seven components so children will feel confident they can do it. Being made from solid wood the Kaszubebe puzzles are eco friendly and very sturdy so they will stand the rough and tumble young children are famous for. Each puzzle comes in a cute little storage box so you can keep all the pieces together when not in use.

To find out more about Kaszubebe, to take a closer look at the range and to order online visit www.coccinella.com.au.

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Farm fun with LeapFrog

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May 112013

When it comes to toys our little miss 2.5 often tags along with the big two, she loves joining in with their board games and outdoor play and it is easy to forget she is only two. Yet other times I see her enjoy a real toddler toy and she can be so happy with it, like when she got given LeapFrog Farm Mash-Up.

Farm MashupLeapFrog Farm Mash-Up is designed for children aged 12-36 months and while our daughter is at the end of the age range she still very much loves playing with it. The compact ‘basket’ is perfect for small children’s hands and thanks to the handle it can easily be carried from room to room. When the handle is up the basket is automatically ‘locked’ so the contents can’t fall out when your little tot is on the move.

LeapFrog Farm Mash-Up (RRP $29.99)

LeapFrog Farm Mash-Up (RRP $29.99)

Inside the basket you’ll find 12 different farm animal tiles. Of course they are fun to play with and hold but they can be really brought to life by placing them in the dedicated area on the lid. Kids will love finding the matching pieces but also creating their own silly combinations. There are 36 unique combi-animals to be made with just those 12 base tiles. Not only do those ‘made-up’ animals look funny, they sound funny too! Listen to funny songs and discover what sound a dog-cow or sheep-pig would make, my daughter loves this (and the older two think it is hilarious too). We often take LeapFrog Mash-Up with us on car rides as it keeps them busy and entertained for ages.

19221_jpeg_in pack_1LeapFrog Mash-Up is a relatively small toy but there is lots to see, do and listen to. Learn about colours, practise sounds and animal names and sing along with familiar children’s songs (it plays 5 famous nursery songs like Old MacDonald and Farmer in the Dell) and new songs about the animals you’ve made (36 different songs). Of course placing the shapes in the right spot on the lid and pressing the music button it also great exercise for fine motor skills.

To find out more about LeapFrog, to take a closer look at the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

Jan 102012

If you have been following Hip little one for a while you may have been wondering how our toilet training journey is coming along. Having newborn twins was hard, having three kids under two was hard too, but compared to toilet training twins that was all a piece of cake. I did not expect it to be this hard, this time consuming and so stressful, each time we made progress something happened and they took a few steps back so I really didn’t have much to write about.

I decided to wait it out until summer, the toilet training season, so they could walk around in undies all day, saving me the hassle of undressing, dressing and washing numerous outfits every day (twins really is double the work!). Every child is different and although I copped a fair few moments on my decision to wait I knew we would tackle this in our own time, when they were completely ready. That time has come and so far so good, no more nappies at daytime and aside from a surprisingly small number of accidents everything is going brilliantly.

I was well prepared this time: 20 pairs of undies for each child, an endless supply of toilet paper and several boxes of Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes for Kids, a stool, soap and all within a hand’s reach. I have made it my life’s task to ask every 5 minutes if someone needs to go to the toilet and I don’t rest until I get a yes or no out of them. The twins have taken to the new routine really well, I was amazed by how many times they go to the toilet and manage to produce a few drops.

By now they can go the toilet by themselves, often our toilet is a high traffic area with one twin on the toilet, the other twins waiting for a turn and mummy trying to make everything run smoothly and with as little mess as possible. The baby is watching these new developments closely and sometimes even claims to want to do a ‘wee-wee’ herself, pulling up her top and sitting down on the potty, without success so far but that doesn’t matter!

They think toilet paper is very interesting and all this extra wiping can be pretty harsh on their skin so the Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes are a perfect solution. These handy wipes are alcohol free and contain Aloe Vera, so they are gentle and soothing to the skin like the baby wipes they are used to. It makes cleaning little bottoms a lot easier and once done they can be flushed down the toilet (unlike regular baby wipes!).

You can buy the Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes for Kids from most Woolworths, Coles and independent supermarkets and now also Big W. A 42-wipe refillable pop-up tub costs just $4.98 each and when empty you simply purchase the 84-wipes refill pack ($6.98), the clever pop-up design makes it easy to use for little ones and only one wipe comes out at a time (no unnecessary waste!).

To find out more about Kleenex, to browse the range and to get involved with the Kleenex Mums community online visit www.kleenexmums.com.au.

For your chance to win one of ten Kleenex prize packs valued at $41 (containing a Kleenex Plush Puppy, Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable Fresh Wipes for Kids Tub and Refill Pack) visit the toilet training section on www.kleenexmums.com.au and answer the following question: What is your best toilet training tip?

Submit your answer by leaving a comment below, your email address will not be published.

If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends February 10, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.