Aug 112017

On the one hand it makes me sad how quick our babies are growing up, on the other hand it is also heartwarming to see them turning into awesome kids who you can really talk to about a range of topics and feelings. Now that the twins are almost 9 we’re having the best chats and they really enjoy having some special time before bed when the little ones are already tucked in. These last few weeks we’ve shared many laughs playing this hilarious drawing game:

Also known as ‘the world’s fastest drawing game’ Pass the Pen (RRP $39.95, ages 8+) is not a game for slowcoaches, you definitely need to be on the ball to get the top score!

Pass the Pen is easy to play and only has a few components, so it requires pretty much no set-up time which I think is great. Each turn one of the players needs to draw a card from the pile and, using a coloured dice, select which of the 5 challenges on the card they will have to draw. The real fun is in the special ‘Pass the Pen’ ballpoint, a unique pen fitted with a 10-15 second timer. Older players can set the timer dial to 10 seconds, while younger players are allowed 15 seconds for each turn.

In a race against the clock the artist needs to draw and the others need to guess, before time runs out and the pen tip disappears. If guessed correctly within the 10 second time frame both artist and guesser earn maximum points. If no one guesses the right word you pass the pen to the next player who continues on the same challenge and so on, with points decreasing the longer it takes for the right guess.

At only eight years old I was expecting the twins to struggle with some of the challenges, but I was pleased to see they knew the majority of words and they love giving the drawing a go so we all liked playing. Pass the Pen is obviously a fast-paced game so everyone needs to be switched on and there is no time for thinking (or perfectionism in drawing, which miss 8 initially found a bit hard to accept), just draw and guess as quick as you can!

Designed for 3 or more players this is a fantastic game for families or a group of friends to play together. As a parent I know all too well that time management can be a tricky when it comes to games so I love how you can make your game of Pass the Pen last as long or short as you like by adjusting the number of game cards. There are 104 cards with a total of 520 challenges, so there’s plenty of drawing fun to be had!

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VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

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Jan 092016


Kids can find it hard to believe but often the best things come in small packages. As you know our four big kids all received a cool present when Harriet was born to give them something fun to do while we settled in as a family of seven. Initially miss 7 looked a little jealous when she spotted Juliet and her camera, Tommie and his big building set and Sybbie with her toy dinosaur. Her new VTech watch was a lot smaller in size, but then she turned it on…

Smart Watch Pink

At first sight the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch (RRP $89.95, ages 5-12) looks like a colourful children’s timepiece, but it is much more than a boring clock. Aside from telling the time this cool smart watch with colour touch screen has 7 other great functions that active kids will love:

Smart Watch Clock

First up are some handy time related uses, like an alarm, stopwatch and timer. It helps Olivia independently tell the time during the day using the analogue/digital clock and she can set her alarm to get ready for outings or appointments. The stopwatch is a hot favourite for games and outdoor sports, backyard parcours anyone?

Smart Watch Alarm

Another huge hit is the camera which takes photos and videos and the voice recorder. Olivia absolutely loves performing and likes recording her activities to share them with others (or enjoy them herself again) later. From singing her favourite songs to acting out a story she made up herself and even reading a book out loud, she has created quite the library of little shows. You can even add a touch of cool to photos by adding fun photo effects.

Smart Watch Game

The biggest surprise however was the games mode. The Kidizoom watch has three built-in games that offer great on-the-go entertainment, an ideal sanity saver when travelling in the car or sitting in a waiting room. Play a game of spotto in Super Detective, solve the Rotating Puzzle (using your very own photos) and fight a fast-paced battle in Finger Dance, there is plenty to keep the kids busy and out of trouble. I told you, this is so much more than just a watch!

Smart Watch BlueGood to know: The VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch has 128MB internal memory and is fitted with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2 weeks depending on how much you use it. The watch comes with a complimentary Micro USB cable for easy charging of the battery and uploading of files to your computer. The VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch is currently available in blue, pink and white.

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Hip & Hygenic

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May 192013


Here I was thinking my life would get easier once the twins were big enough to reach the tap and wash their own hands. I guess I should be happy they remember to wash their hands after going to the toilet but boy, can these two make a mess. Wet sleeves, wet mirror, wet ground and soap everywhere, now I spend my time drying the bathroom and filling up the soap dispenser. I think I may have to invest in one of these:

MyBaby Touch Free Soap Dispenser ($29.99)

MyBaby Touch Free Soap Dispenser ($29.99)

The MyBaby Touch Free Soap Dispenser looks gorgeous and is a great help when it comes to washing hands. Not only does it deliver the perfect amount of soap every time (my little monkeys love using a handful), kids don’t even have to touch the dispenser as it is fitted with a clever motion sensor. While they wash their hands a cute 20 second song will play, the ideal time for a decent clean as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. The music function can be turned on/off and the unit works on 3 AA batteries. Just fill this friendly bathroom buddy up with your favourite liquid soap and he’s ready to go.

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