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Mayapple Baby

As I am going through all the baby stuff (after four babies I have gathered quite the collection!) I think back to those early days with our newborn twins. As a brand new mum with two tiny babies, living in a relatively new country without family nearly, I knew so little. Over the past seven years I have come to realise how many nasties are hiding in many baby products and no one really knows what damage it can do in the long run. Better safe than sorry is my motto so over time I have replaced most of my old baby gear with stylish baby products that are free from all these nasties.

Mayapple Baby Suri Blueberry

If teething trouble is causing your little one grief (and driving mummy crazy) you will find these gorgeous Mayapple Baby creations are the perfect distraction AND they are totally safe.

Mayapple Baby SuriFeaturing interesting shapes and textures the colourful Suri & Friends teething toys (RRP $22.95 per set of 3) will help soothe sore gums, are easy to hold for little hands and can even get to those hard-to-reach spots. Hip mamas can let their precious babies chomp away without any worry as all Mayapple Baby teethers are made from high-quality German medical-grade silicone and are free of yucky plastics, heavy metals, BPA, Phthalates and Nitrosamines.

ABC Teething LettersAlso available in the teething range are the funky ABC Teething Letters, soft and flexible to bite on with a firm chew ball at the end. With three teethers per pack you can keep one at home, one in your nappy bag and even one in your car, you will never get caught by teething pains again. You can find your favourite Mayapple Baby products in store today at Australian online boutique Fluffy Tails.

To find out more about Fluffy Tails, to browse the Mayapple Baby range and to order online visit

3 Natural solutions for your teething baby

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Jul 252015

Natural Teething Solutions

Brought to you by Heinz Infant

Lots of tears, crying and screaming, rosy cheeks, pulling the ears and chewing on everything they can get their hands on… when you spot these early signs of teething you know that first white bud can’t be far away. There is no straight answer to the question ‘When do babies start teething?’ as every child is different but a teething chart can give you some indication.

As mean as it sounds, there is no avoiding this horrible stage so it’s simply a case of battling through (You will get there, we all do!). If you are in desperate need of a few tried-and tested survival tips here are my three favourite teething remedies:

Teething Toys
Kangaroo TeetherTeething toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours but I myself particularly like the plain and simple wooden teethers which are usually finished with a food safe oil. The smooth, natural material and rounded shapes are perfect for little hands and baby can chew to its heart’s content without damaging those new teeth or inhaling nasty chemicals. Think ahead and look for designs with an interesting contour so they can reach the back molars too when they rear their ugly head.

Teething Oil
If your teething baby refuses to let you anywhere near those sore gums you may find a natural teething oil (eg. Grumpy Gums Teething Oil) applied around the ears and jawline is your best call. This gentle non-toxic formula contains safe essential oils well known for their anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, cooling and soothing properties which will help with the symptoms of teething and it’s great for teething rash too, nice bonus.

Grumpy Gums Teething OilThe molecules in essential oils are so tiny that they are instantly absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream so your unhappy baby should start feeling better in as little as ten minutes. Many parents swear by natural teething oil so talk to your fellow mummies or read the reviews online to find one that works for you, it could be just the gentle alternative for Panadol or Nurofen you are looking for.

Frozen Treats
Our four children have always been extra fussy with their meals when teething, so I found a frozen treat was the perfect way to combat those nasty teething pains, cool the gums and get some food into them at the same time. To create a soothing snack for your baby you can use a traditional ice lolly maker to freeze the food or add frozen fruit to a mesh baby feeder. From my experience even the grumpiest baby can be won over with a yummy ice block on a colourful stick, just be prepared for a bit of mess.

HEINZ Baby FoodIf you don’t have fresh fruit on hand or lack the time to cook and mash it, most mums are super busy as it is, you can still make a refreshing teething treat with one of the convenient Heinz Baby food jars. Heinz infant food is prepared right here in Australia and there are lots of tasty fruit combinations (and consistencies) available that babies love. They contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives making it a perfect healthy option and you can use these handy jars of goodness straight from your pantry or even the store shelf, it’s so quick and easy!

Zoku Quick Pop MakerA little tip: A few years ago we got the handy Zoku Quick Pop Maker which allows you to make ice lollies in just 7 minutes and it really is a fabulous invention. You keep the Zoku unit in your freezer permanently and when teething trouble strikes you grab it out, fill the slots with your child’s favourite Heinz baby food (or fresh fruit, juice or other ingredients), slide in the handles and minutes later your teething relief on a stick is ready!

You can check out the entire Heinz Baby range and nutritious recipes on the Heinz for Baby website or join the ‘Recipe for Happy’ conversation on

If you have another awesome teething tip I would love to hear it, please share your mama wisdom below.

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Vulli Package Deal – Save 20%

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Feb 082014

Vulli logo

From your neighbour to the mums at school and from famous Aussie mothers to international celebrities, I think you’ll have a hard time finding a parent who has not heard of Sophie the Giraffe before. This gorgeous teething toy by French label Vulli is loved around the globe and regularly makes an appearance in glossy magazines, held by gorgeous minifashionistas and tiny celeb babies. As of recently the adorable Sophie the Giraffe has a new best friend named Fanfan the Fawn and you can find him at The Little Haven:

Fan FanJust like Sophie the new arrival Fanfan the Fawn ($28) is made with 100% natural rubber and decorated with 100% edible paint. making him complete safe for babies to play with and chew on. In fact, Fanfan is even suitable for the tiniest babies from birth onwards. The legs and neck are ideal for little hands to hold on to and they do an awesome job at reaching sore gums. The unique scent of natural rubber makes it easy for babies to recognise and find their favourite toy just by smell.

Vulli Mealtime SetAs your little one gets older you can make those first tastes of solids extra special with this sweet Vulli Mealtime Set ($39.95). The 5-piece set contains a shallow dish, a bowl, a beaker and even a cutlery set and each piece features the lovable Sophie. It won’t be long before your hungry eater will start wanting to feed himself so be prepared for some mess, at least you pop this great set straight into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Sophie the Giraffe Christmas BaubleI know Christmas has only just been but there’s nothing wrong with being organised. If your baby will be celebrating his or her first Christmas this year this cute Sophie the Giraffe Bauble ($13.95) is a perfect gift to mark that special moment. Hang this Christmas ball in the tree with a shiny satin ribbon and it is sure to be the centre of attention (after the star on top of course!). A sweet gift and a wonderful keepsake that can be enjoyed year after year.

If you adore Sophie and Fanfan as much as we do you will love the Vulli Package Deal: Purchase all three products featured above for just $64.95, that’s a saving of more than 20%!

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the Vulli range and to order the Vulli Package Deal online visit

Oct 012013

Decor Baby

The interesting texture, the classic look, excellent durability and of course the eco friendly aspects, wooden toys are the perfect choice for hip, eco conscious parents. Australian mum Chloe knows that it can be very time consuming to dig through all the plastics to find the perfect wooden toy or gift which is she started Decor Baby, a lovely online store filled with wooden treasures.

For our son’s 5th birthday we bought him this Tiger Tribe Aiport Boxset ($59.95) made from eco-friendly birch plywood and it was big hit. From the outside it looks like a nice tidy box (I like things neat and organised) with a handy carry handle for moving it from room to room. Inside it carries 2 planes, a helicopter and plenty of track pieces to entertain kids for hours. There are six themed Tiger Tribe boxsets to choose from to suit boys and girls.

Wooden Letter Trains

Letter CarriageDecor Baby is also proud stockist of these cute Wooden Letter Trains which make a very sweet Christmas keepsake gift for a special little person. Whether you add a carriage for every letter of the alphabet or put together the name of your child, these trains are sure to quickly become a favourite toy as well as a unique decor piece in the nursery. Prices are very affordable and depend on the number of letter carriages.

Owl Teething RattleFor the youngest of the family Chloe has sourced these delightful handmade Wooden Teething Rattles ($22). These stylish baby toys are lovingly created with non-splintering, certified sustainably harvested hardwood and finished with organic oils so they’re completely safe your little bundle. Unlike many other baby rattles the Smiling Tree Toys rattles have a lovely, gentle rattle that is very pleasant and absolutely not noisy or irritating.

Long neck relief

Long neck relief

Heart Teething RattleThe teething rattles are currently available in 4 different shapes: Owl, Dove, Heart and Giraffe. Baby Sybil really enjoys playing with the Giraffe Teething Rattle as the long neck makes it easy to hold and the smaller head manages to reach her sore gums perfectly. After a while of daily use you can simply ‘refresh’ your rattle with a light sand and good coating of an organic food grade oil, we tried this last week and it looks like new again.

To find out more about Decor Baby, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Aug 182013


Yesterday our baby girl turned six months old, that’s half a year gone in the blink of an eye! Since she was four months old she has been showing signs of teething so I think those first white toothy pegs can’t be far away. As little as she is she has proven to be quite picky but when I first gave her one of these Kaszubebe Wooden Teethers she took to it immediately.

Teething relief with style

In the rocker, in the pram, in the carrier and in the car seat, Sybil was always happily gnawing away on this lovely shaped teether until one day we lost it. I searched high and low but couldn’t find it anywhere, luckily the wonderful Renata at Coccinella still had some in stock, crisis averted. Kaszubebe Wooden Teethers are handmade in Poland using the most beautiful, high quality, 100% chemical free wood, so it’s a safe and natural choice for precious little bundles.

Kaszubebe Wooden Teethers ($15)

Kaszubebe TeetherThere are three different teethers to choose from, each with smooth, rounded curves and a hole for little fingers to hold on to. Priced at a teeny tiny $15 per teether the Kaszubebe Teethers are gentle on your baby’s gums, the environment AND your wallet. Make sure you grab a spare one just in case! Last time I mentioned these fabulous designs on Facebook they sold out in a flash so be quick if you want to get your hands on one or two. The teethers come packaged in a cute little gift box.

To find out more about Kaszubebe, to take a closer look at the range and to order online visit

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