Jun 262014

It’s been a while since I brought you an update on Ebulobo but today I’ve got news and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. A brand new delivery of Ebulobo toys has arrived from France and made it into the Coccinella store on Down That Little Lane, they’re soft, huggable and gorgeous as always and make the perfect buddy for your little one:

Super Monsieur Louloup

Even though he measures a very impressive 100cm in length this big wolf is far from scary. Kids will be running towards this cuddly Super Monsieur Louloup ($99.95) to give him a big squeeze and he has no big sharp teeth for grandma to worry about. Like all Ebulobo toys he is made with precious little bundles in mind, all of Europe’s strictest safety standards are met and he contains only safe and non-toxic elements for your peace of mind.

Trendy Monsieur LouloupWho said fairytales are old fashioned? Clearly this Trendy Monsieur Louloup (65cm, $59.95) knows his chances of eating Little Red Riding Hood for dinner are very small so he has brought along his mobile phone to order take away instead. Mr. Wolf has flexible long legs and arms that are the perfect size for little hands to hold on to and on his belly you’ll find a handy storage pouch for his phone, you didn’t know wolves could have pouches did you?

Little Bag BettyDo you remember Tightrope Betty from the Ebulobo Magic Circus Collection? Well she is back for another performance this season in the shape of this adorable Little Bag Betty ($39.95). Little girls can carry around there special treasures wherever they go in this sweet pink cord shoulder bag decorated with Betty in her pretty gold tutu. I’ve popped one of these away for my daughter’s upcoming birthday, she is going to love it!

Ebulobo WoodbearThis year Ebulobo has given old favourites Gustave, Louloup and Woodbear an extra snuggly makeover and transformed them into flat cuddly toys ($34.95), combining the eye catching look of Ebulobo toys with the soft, comfortable feel of snuggle blanket. Unlike with ordinary ’round’ soft toys there are less bumps and bulky shapes that could be uncomfortable to sleep on and it makes them more compact to pop in your bag too.

Ebulobo Toy Blankets

To find out more about Down That Little Lane, to browse the Coccinella store and to order online visit www.downthatlittlelane.com.au.

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Jul 272013

My Birthday Teddy

If you are a regular Hip little one reader you have probably already spotted our My Birthday Teddy giveaway where you’re in with a chance to win a beautiful personalised My Birthday Teddy for someone special in your life (or yourself of course). I tried my hardest to find the right words to describe how gorgeous, soft and cuddly these big teddies are but nothing speaks louder than a few snap shots of my bunch (minus the baby) with their furry buddies:


My big three with their My Birthday Teddies

My big three with their My Birthday Teddies

The first thing you’ll notice when your My Birthday Teddy arrives is that each teddy comes securely packaged in its very own Australia Post box, this way your teddy is sure to make it to its destination safe and sound and it makes a fabulous little makeshift bed too. The fluffy bear is wrapped in tissue paper and his/her birth certificate is included to make the adoption final.

My Birthday Teddy post box (and bed!)

My Birthday Teddy post box (and bed!)

If you had any trouble picturing the true size of a My Birthday Teddy bear the above picture says it all. Standing 50cm tall they are big bears with big hearts, I knew my girls would love them but even my son sleeps with his teddy. The kids loved spotting their name and birth date on the teddies and they especially liked that I included their middle names too (they don’t hear them very often!). I am convinced they will really treasure their My Birthday Teddies as they get older.

With just two weeks to go until we draw the lucky winner of the My Birthday Teddy make sure you get your entries in. Good luck!

To find out more about My Birthday Teddy, to check out the different options and to order a teddy online visit www.mybirthdayteddy.com.au.

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Jul 112013

My Birthday Teddy

August is a bit of a crazy month in our household with four of our six family members celebrating their birthday. Of course it is busy (for me) but also a bit emotional as it make me remember so vividly the days our children were born and how much they have grown and changed this past year. But no matter how old they are, there will always be that special memory of their birthday and the names we carefully picked for them which is why I love the idea of My Birthday Teddy.

My Birthday Teddy TraditionalAt My Birthday Teddy they understand that certain dates are extra special and worth remembering. Whether it is a child’s birthday or communion or maybe a graduation, Valentine’s Day or even the day of your first date, ‘save the date’ with a gorgeous teddy personalised just for you. The beautiful teddy bears are soft, cuddly and while they look fabulous sitting proudly on a shelf they make the best huggable buddies for children too.

My Birthday Teddy PinkThere are three different teddies to choose from (Pink, Blue or Traditional with checkered or pink ribbon) and you can further customise your bear with a unique embroidered message to suit the receiver and occasion perfectly. Each My Birthday Teddy measures a generous 50cm tall (yes, that’s half a metre!) and with this impressive length come very decent sized feet too, that means plenty of room for the words of your choice. You have three lines and 15 characters per line to play with so you better start counting.

My Graduation TeddyYour custom made My Birthday Teddy ($55) will be carefully wrapped in tissuepaper and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, delivery costs are $10 Australia wide. What a lovely gift for little people and such a precious keepsake for later (great gift idea for grandparents)! Of course I could not be raving about My Birthday Teddy without ordering my four treasures their very own My Birthday Teddy too so stay tuned for an update and a photo in the next few weeks.

To find out more about My Birthday Teddy, to check out the different options and to order a teddy online visit www.mybirthdayteddy.com.au.

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Oct 252012

As a child I remember spotting a cute blue rabbit soft toy in a store but sadly my parents felt it was a little bit too expensive. Then, at the bottom of the box of rabbits, we found one lonely little rabbit, its arms removed and its ears hanging off. My mum bought all the pieces at a discounted price and put her back together for me, creating a unique little bunny that still means a lot to me. When I spotted the gorgeous Boska’s Teddies at Coccinella it reminded me of my special rabbit, and I think you will love this sweet range too.

Making your child a precious soft toy was never this easy! The adorable Boska’s Teddies are just about finished, all you need is a loving hand with a needle and thread and you are ready to make your very own custom made teddy. The best part about the Finish Your Teddy concept is that there are no two teddies the same, just like there are no two children the same. A happy face or a sad face, it is all up to the maker whether that be you or, if old enough, your child.

There are lots of different Boska’s Teddies to choose from but my favourite is this grey little character called Ouchyououch. Yes he looks a little bruised and battered but all kids get hurt from time to time and this could be just the friend they need to put a smile back on their face. It is also a gorgeous gift idea for a special little person who needs to go into hospital, with Ouchyououch on your side you are never alone.

If you are a little short of time, or just don’t like the sound of handling a needle and thread, there are also Finished Teddies available in store. There is an even an Eco Teddy made from 100% bamboo yarn! Boska’s Teddies are designed and handmade in Poland and they are 30cm tall. They are huggable, very soft, terribly cute and will steal your heart the moment you see them.

To find out more about Coccinella Eco, to browse the Boska’s Teddies range and to order online visit www.coccinella.com.au.

For your chance to win a Boska’s ‘Finish Your Teddy’ visit www.coccinella.com.au and answer the following question: Which Boska’a Teddy do you like most and who would you give it to?

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Mar 152012

Every now and then I take my kids on the bus to see daddy at work, an exciting adventure when you are only 3. But it is not just them who are a little nervous, I am too. Nervous about keeping an eye on all of them, nervous about making my connection with three small (and slow) kids and lately most nervous about what they will say to and about other people on the way. Kids say what is on their mind and they have put me in an awkward position many times by commenting on the way other bus passengers look (there is no hiding from it in such a small space!). I always make very clear that everyone is different and every single person is beautiful. This important message is exactly the reason I love Ugly Ted.

As soon as you see Ugly Ted you realise he is not just your ordinary, picture perfect teddy bear. His front teeth are a little wonky, one ear is bigger than the other, his eyebrows are a bit uneven, some would say he is not the perfect teddy. But who decides the definition of perfect? He is a teddy, he is cute, he is super soft and cuddly and kids fall in love with him the minute they lay eyes on him, what else do you need from a teddy?

Ugly Ted was created to help fight bullying, teaching kids that no matter what someone looks like or where they are from, you should always remember to treat others the way you would want to be treated. Ugly Ted is already hugely popular in the US and now Australian kids can adopt Ugly Ted too and share the anti-bullying message. Bullying is a huge issue amongst children and we all should do what we can to make a difference.

By adopting Ugly Ted you’re not only helping to raise awareness for this great cause, a portion of profits raised will be dontated to various charities too. Here in Australia you can find Ugly Ted exclusively at Parents Like Us and right now you can adopt him for the introductory price of just $19.95 (normally $24.95). You can even print your very own adoption certificate! A big message, a big heart and a big size too, Ugly Ted is 40cm tall and everyone who meets him just wants to hug him.

To find out more about Parents Like Us, to browse the range and to order online visit www.parentslikeus.com.au. Australian orders over $50 are shipped free of charge.

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