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Jun 242020

Learning to read is a huge achievement, some of my children instantly ‘got it’ and others took their time to work it out and that is totally OK. I have definitely learnt that keeping it fun, exciting and entertaining helps take away some of the pressure and allows young readers to playfully make the jump from looking at pictures to proper reading. Proving you’re never too young to become a bookworm, LeapFrog has released this amazing new invention called LeapStart:

The LeapStart 3D Learning System (RRP $89.95, ages 2-7) brings books to life while cleverly combining a whole range of important learning areas like reading, spelling, puzzling, languages, tracing, maths, comprehension and much more. This makes it exciting for curious kids with different interests and levels of development and perfect for our two youngest learners.

It all starts with the LeapStart 3D base station that flips open to hold any LeapStart book of your choosing. Once you click your book into the base and switch the device on you can begin your discovery journey with the chunky toddler-friendly stylus. Each page is filled with interactive fun: Pictures, words, sounds, games, tunes, letters, numbers… just touch anything you see with the Touch & Talk stylus and watch the magic happen!

The education experts at LeapFrog understand exactly how little minds work and have designed the LeapStart technology to help develop a love for reading through play. Letters, letter sounds, words and sentences become a lot more interesting when you can touch them to hear them being read out loud, and you’re in charge. LeapStart allows young readers to feel independent and once they start ‘getting it right’ it offers a wonderful sense of pride and achievement.

The futuristic pop-up holographic screen that is built into the LeapStart 3D base station makes LeapStart 3D an experience like no other. As children explore each page by touching images, playing games or answering questions they will be treated to special holographic animations on the full colour screen, it’s like your favourite characters have jumped from the page to take you on an out-of-this-world adventure!

We have started our collection with the two included Level 1 titles (Shapes & Colours and 22 Words in English & French) as well as the LeapStart 3D Sampler Book but there are plenty of other LeapStart 3D books across three different levels to collect. Featuring popular characters like PAW Patrol, Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig and covering topics from maths to writing, reading to science and everything in between there really is a LeapStart adventure waiting for every child.

With several birthdays coming up in a September we have already added Pre-School STEM, Disney Princess Shine and of course First Day of School to our wish list. Our four-year old Hattie is gearing up for the start of school so this will be a wonderful help as we prepare for the big day. Bonus: If you already own one or more books from the earlier LeapStart version, you’ll be pleased to know those titles are compatible with LeapStart 3D too (obviously without the 3D effect).

A little heads up for parents: LeapStart 3D takes a bit of preparation to get started, you will need to insert 3 AA batteries and connect the device to your computer to set it up and download the audio content for your books. Once that’s done LeapStart 3D is good to go! A built-in carry handle makes LeapStart easy to transport for small hands.

You can find the LeapFrog LeapStart 3D range at your local Big W or Target store and other good toy stores or online at selected retailers.

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

For your chance to win a LeapStart 3D prize pack (RRP $89.95, LeapStart 3D + 2 bonus books) hop on over to the LeapFrog Australia Facebook page to enter, good luck! Be quick, competition ends June 25, 2020.

Dec 012018

In our family a good book is an absolute December must-have. I love searching for the right book to match each child’s interests and reading level, although sometimes it takes quite the hunt to find that perfect read! I am super excited to have stumbled upon this fabulous new book by Richard Platt and can’t wait to hear what the kids think of it:

As much as they enjoy a nice fiction story our 8 and 10-year olds are even more intrigued by facts and figures, miss 8 regularly borrows a Guinness Book or Records from the library (to the great delight of the library staff) and they pick up so many cool facts and general knowledge through reading. With that in mind I am confident A World of Discovery (RRP $29.99, ages 7+) will be a huge hit.

A World of Discovery is filled from cover to cover with fascinating discoveries and inventions about space travel, science, technology, the human body, time, computers and much more. When and where was it invented and by whom, how does it work, how do we use this today? Inoculation, the compass, explosives, the internet, DNA… kids will love reading about these and many other discoveries that changed the world forever.

With more than 30 different topics there is something interesting to discover for every young reader, in fact even mums and dads can learn a thing or thirty! The gorgeous modern illustrations by James Brown are very eye catching and will help children visualise how each discovery works. A World of Discovery is a large hardcover book with a beautiful embossed cover, making it a wonderful luxurious gift for Christmas.

Hip Tip: If you enjoy ‘A World of Discovery’ make sure to also check out ‘A World of Information’ and ‘A World of Cities’ for many more wonderful finds.

To find out more about Walker Books and to take a closer look at the Judy Moody series visit www.walkerbooks.com.au.

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Feb 122014


They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and that’s definitely the case for household appliances. During last week’s 47 hour power blackout I was forced to wash our clothes by hand and you can imagine as family of six we are experts at making dirty laundry! It made me realise how valuable a good washing machine is and how little I know about removing stains.

Panasonic ECONAVI, saving you time and money

Panasonic ECONAVI, saving you time and money

I may be a leek in the laundry department but at Panasonic they know all about stains, in fact they’ve designed a fantastic range of super clever washing Panasonic ECONAVI Washing Machines that remove 23 different types of different stains. This unique stain removal technology means you don’t have to break your pretty little head over those nasty marks anymore; simply pop your soiled clothing in the machine, select the correct setting and let the washing machine do its magic.

Panasonic Washing Machine NA 148VX3WAUPanasonic has all your every day stains covered: mud or grass, coffee or makeup, juice or chocolate, blood or tomato sauce, you name it and there is a setting for it. If you have a big and busy family like me this could save you lots of time, frustration and money spent on replacing ruined clothes too. I know what I’ll be looking for when we are in the market for a new washing machine!

Another way ECONAVI Washing Machines can save you money is by automatically adjusting the water temperature, volume and spin cycle to suit the load of your washing machine. This efficient washing means you won’t waste unnecessary water or energy on little loads, which is great for both your wallet and the environment. Panasonic Washing Machines are available in 8kg and 10kg load size with prices starting at $1,249.

For more information about Panasonic, to browse the Panasonic washing machine range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.panasonic.com.au.

Dec 152012

Beds and bedrooms are not the only things being shuffled in our house as we prepare for baby no.4 to arrive. The biggest change of them all is the upgrade from our much loved Subaru Outback to a big 8-seater car so that there is room for another car seat. As we tried different cars and different seat configurations we realised it was the perfect time to check that all the kids were sitting in a seat that is appropriate for their age and size. The conclusion was that our two 4-year olds were ready to move into a bigger seat, preferably one that will take them all the way to 8 years old (as per Australian laws).

Air Protect TechnologyBefore I started the selection process I made sure to check the current state rules and regulations as they seem to change all the time, once I worked out what type of seat was required by law it was time to start comparing. It is easy to get confused when looking at car seats, there are just so many brands, styles, sizes and features to choose from. Of course above all our main focus is on safety (the same goes for other parents I am sure) which is exactly where Air Protect Technology comes in.

Obviously we all hope never to be involved in a car crash with our little ones, but sadly accidents happen and precious children get seriously injured or even killed every day. The innovative Air Protect Technology is all about protecting your child’s head, the most critical area of the body, from side impact collision through the precise release of air. By choosing a seat with Air Protect installed you can rest assured you are making a very safe choice, just take a look at these impressive test results:

Air Protect Test Results

Air Protect Test Results

Air Protect Technology has proven to be a very important safety feature for car seats, so it is not surprising that Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st, two of the world’s best car seat manufacturers, have included Air Protect Technology in their car seat range. Both brands have a fantastic selection of seats on offer to suit different ages, from infant carriers for tiny little bundles all the way up to booster seats. After all, no matter how big or small your child is his/her safety is your number one priority.

Maxi-Cosi GoliathFor the twins we chose the Maxi-Cosi Goliath ($349), a convertible booster seat that is suitable for children aged 6 months up to 6-8 years old. This new addition to the Maxi-Cosi range is of course fitted with Air Protect Technology which goes beyond the testing required by the Australian Standards. At the moment the twins are both still using the built-in harness but as they get bigger the seats grow with them (headrest and straps are adjustable) and they can use the lap sash seat belt instead.

Three in a row, easy done with the Maxi-Cosi Goliath

Aside from the safety features there are plenty of other reasons why the Maxi-Cosi Goliath is perfect for us. We especially love the narrow shape which allows three seats to be fitted in one row (in most modern cars) and the reclining backrest so they fit well on seats of different angles. One of the things we love most is that there is no need to question whether your child is ready to move to the next step, the handy height markers on the seat make it really easy for you: once their shoulders pass the line it is time to make adjustments.

Shoulder Height Markers on the Maxi-Cosi Goliath

Shoulder Height Markers on the Maxi-Cosi Goliath

With the school holidays coming up many families will be spending time on the road and the number of accidents rises significantly during the holiday season. Before you head off with your family please make sure your child is sitting in an appropriate seat, seats are installed correctly and seat belts are in good working order. If your child is ready to move up to another car seat don’t put it off, make the safe choice and get a new Air Protect seat installed so your precious cargo is well protected.

To find out more about Air Protect, take browse the Air Protect car seat range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.airprotect.com.au.

For your chance to win one Air Protect car seat of your choice (subject to availability) use the Seat Selector on www.airprotect.com.au and answer the following question: Which seat from the Air Protect range would you choose if you were to be our lucky winner?

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