Read and Play with Peppa

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Jul 122018

We’ve only been at the new school for two weeks but for miss Sybbie the move has been a real eye-opener. All of a sudden she is super keen to practise her sight words, write her numbers, read her readers and borrow as many books from the library as she can possibly carry. I am so excited to see another little bookworm in the making!

The toy specialists at LeapFrog know all too well that learning new things can be tricky, so instead of it being a challenging chore they make learning entertaining and exciting! Take for example the new Peppa Pig Learning Game:

Designed specifically for the LeapPad learning tablets Read and Play with Peppa (RRP $34.95, ages 3-5) allows young children to enjoy some screen time whilst mastering a heap of new skills at the same time. Usually Sybbie not that excited to tidy up, but it turns out that tidying up with Peppa is actually lots of fun.

Guided by the alphabet little learners need to help Peppa and her brother George to put all their toys back in the toy basket. They will learn to follow simple instructions, recognise different letters and their sounds, discover what their place is in the alphabet, learn about beginning sounds, match pictures with words and more.

In between the chores Daddy Pig lets them play a little game: the more alphabet toys they tidy up, the more games they unlock! In the mini-games kids can try their hand at things like practise balancing the ball (balance the LeapPad to keep the ball steady) before it rolls away, building a train track, playing catch-the-toy with Daddy Pig or spotting the difference.

Once all the tidying up is completed kids can sit down and enjoy story time with Peppa’s Fancy Dress Party. Young readers can listen to the entire story but also touch individual words to hear them or look them up in the ‘dictionary’.

Created and approved by educational specialists LeapFrog learning games and apps expose children to important areas of learning (eg. maths, reading, science, geography and more) that will greatly benefit them on their educational journey. Parents can explore all the different games/apps in the LeapFrog App Centre and use the handy skill selector on the left to find the game(s) that are a perfect match for your child’s interests and developmental needs.

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Reading with Kids: Cheer or Chore?

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May 272014

Book Shelf

For as long as I can remember I have loved reading. As a child my parents took us to the library every Saturday where I picked six books and by the time the next Saturday came around I had read them all twice from cover to cover. As soon as I could ride my bike I went by myself, often visiting the library multiple times a week. When I was a teenager I would spend the whole weekend in bed reading and if I didn’t have a family to look after I would probably still do the same today.

Family Story Time

I always knew that when I would have children I would be doing lots of reading with them and with four little ones we spend countless hours reading every week. Because English is not my native language all this reading is not only good for the kids, it has always been (and still is) a learning process for me too. From looking at simple picture books with the baby and practising words with miss 3 to now reading longer stories out loud with the twins, as the children grow our reading ways do too.

Miss 3 relaxing with a book

Being able to read does not come easy to everyone and this is particularly obvious with our 5-year old twins. Even though they are the same age and have both been exposed to the same amount and same way of reading they are reading at completely different levels. Master 5 is reading well ahead of his peers and changes reading levels faster than the teacher can hand out certificates. He is reading independently, sounding out the letters, combining them to build words and sentences and he is always spotting words wherever we go. The teacher calls him a little sponge and he really is.

Reading Certificates

Then there is our little miss 5, I love watching her read with her index finger pointing at every word, her little tongue poking out in concentration, carefully making the sounds and trying her hardest to make sense of all these different letters. It’s hard work and very tiring after a long day at school, all she wants to do is curl up on my lap and just listening to me reading the story out loud to her and that’s okay too.

Miss 5 concentrating

I know that after a busy day, cooking dinner for your family, eating and cleaning up and then a quick bath the thought of practising sounds, doing sight words and reading several readers with each child may not be very enticing but I really want to encourage you: Every letter, every word, every sentence and every page you read aloud to your child, whether is with them or to them, matters!

A few reading tips from our wonderful teacher Mrs. T (and if you have great reading tips please share below, I’d love to hear them):

  • Choose a book that is age appropriate and a topic that your child is interested in
  • Find a quiet place to read without TV, radio or noisy siblings to distract them
  • Point at the words as you read, this will help your child to recognise words and follow sentences
  • If you notice that your child regularly has trouble concentrating try reading at a different time of the day
  • If your child is too tired to do the reading him/herself just read aloud to your child, he/she will still learn from it and it is a great way to relax and spend time together at the end of a busy day

Good luck and here’s to sparking a growing love for reading in every child!


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Nov 252012

About a year ago I wrote about Aunty Rozzy and her mission to educate young children about healthy food through music and fun. It has been a busy year for me but it looks like Aunty Rozzy has been very busy too, so I thought it was time for a little catch up and a chat about her latest product (stay tuned for a giveaway soon). Meet Aunty Rozzy:

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Sleep in. Enjoy a cooked breakfast of fresh orange juice, poached eggs together with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes with my husband at home. Lounge around and catch up with hubbie and papers, followed by a skinny latte a bit later in the day at my favourite cafe across the road. Then a good, long walk along the beach or a bike ride. Light supper for dinner and off to bed early!

Why did you start Aunty Rozzy?
It kind of evolved. I originally thought I was making a CD for kids. I’d finally embraced the idea and determined to get started when I was at my parent’s place for dinner together with one of my sisters. When my mother placed chicken broth in front of Charlie – he stated that he didn’t like carrots. I told him that I realized the problem was that he thought they were his Mum’s carrots where as these were Nanna’s carrots, and they would be perfectly fine! Four at the time, he bought the story and ate his soup. Fast-forward a couple of months and it’s the same meal and Charlie again explains very politely to my mother that he doesn’t eat carrots. My father chirps up and says these are Nanna’s Carrots – you’ll be fine… and I thought – great name for a song! I went home and wrote the first song: Nanna’s Carrots.

Shortly after that, life took me to live in the UK and then NY where I was shocked to see the state of childhood obesity. Greatly concerned about childhood obesity and knowing that music was such a great vehicle for getting a message across, I decided to continue creating songs around food. Little did I realise that Australia was heading down the same route.

Next, a colleague heard the song and thought it would make a great book, hence the book and CD sets of “Nanna’s Carrots” and “The Incredible Edible Alphabet”. My heart and intention was always to have a CD and DVD and finally – “It’s Yummy Tummy Time!” in both versions. Its great to see the impact these songs and books are having on kids. So much positive feed back that their children are insisting on putting a carrot into their lunch boxes!

Where do you draw your inspiration from for new Aunty Rozzy products?
Music is my first passion followed closely by food. The products come from both those inspirations. Although kids really embrace music at a very early age, they all still learn through different senses. Therefore the range of CD, DVD and Book and CD sets combined with live shows has been developed.

What is (currently) your most popular Aunty Rozzy product?
That’s got to be the DVD “Its Yummy Tummy Time!”

What can we expect of Aunty Rozzy in the future?
At the macro level – we’re hoping to get to TV! At the more immediate level, we are excited about making further headway into the Early Learning Sector with our Aunty Rozzy Live Shows for Preschools and Birthday Parties. With Aunty Rozzy currently relocating from Melbourne to Sydney, the shows will continue in Melbourne and get started in Sydney. Watch this space!

To learn more about Aunty Rozzy, to browse the range and to order online visit

Feb 102012

Yesterday the kids and I walked to the twins’ future kindy to drop off their registration forms, I can’t believe it is only 5 months until they start! They have been asking for school for such a long time and when they finally got to look around at ‘school’ they were a bit quiet. They were very impressed by it all and were keen to join in so they got to stay for a while. At home they wanted to play ‘school’ straight away so we grabbed our Game Cards from ChildUp.

The ChildUp range is developed by a team of specialists and is all about early childhood learning, helping children develop new skills in a fun and positive way. Research has shown that children can understand the basics of maths from an early age and by using fun, interactive and age appropriate exercises you can help your young child discover and train these important skills even before he/she will go to school.

Each pack of ChildUp Game Cards ($9.99 per set) includes 48 cards to learn to count from 1 to 10 (Math & Logic 1) or from 10 to 20 (Math & Logic 2). Also included are 16 special parent cards explaining the ChildUp Early Learning Method and provide helpful tips and tricks on how to use the cards. By using the cards kids will learn to recognise numbers as quantities and symbols, counting and even some simple additions!

But the ChildUp cards are not just useful for learning numbers, they can also teach your child a lot about different animals, colours and much more. The parent cards will offer many other uses that you wouldn’t have even thought of! The twins always enjoy playing with the Game Cards, now that they can count to 20 they are looking at the pictures to learn how to add up. I found it very helpful to have the cards show the number itself and the animals, that way even if they don’t recognise the number they can work it out by counting the animals, a real boost for their self confidence.

Aside from the Early Learning Game Cards there are also two Early Learning Game iPod/iPad Apps available for download. Both the EarlyMath and EarlyZoo App are developed for children aged 1 to 5 to teach them how to count to 10 as well as learn about many different animals. You can download them for FREE and you’ll always have a fun and educational game on hand wherever you go, the kids will love it!

To find out more about ChildUp, to browse the range of products and to order online visit

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