Jan 292016

Bellhop Bags

If being more organised is one of your New Year resolutions for 2016 you are going to love today’s find. Whether you are a busy mama with little ones, a hard-working career woman or both, there is a good chance you won’t leave the house without a nice handbag or baby bag with all your important must-haves. Often the messy interior doesn’t match the stylish outside, thankfully Bellhop Bags is here to bring order to your chaos:

Bellhop Bags

Bellhop Files are a versatile sorting system that can be used in combination with your regular bag, so you don’t have to give up on your personal style. No more hunting in the dark, find instantly what you are looking for with Bellhop!

Bellhop Files BlueA set of Bellhop Files (RRP $39, Manhattan Red or Kaikoura Blue) consists of four strong canvas zip-up ‘files’ which connect to each other and your bag using a simple carabiner clip. Each Bellhop File has a convenient mesh window so you easily view the contents and a handy tab on top so you can grab the right file when you need it without wasting time. Some pre-printed and blank labels for your tabs are included.

Bellhop Files RedThe suggested tabs are a great start: Personal (driver’s licence, phone, wallet and keys), Change (some nappies and a packet of wipes), Toys (a few books, a small toy, some crayons and paper), Snacks (some prepackaged crackers, muesli bars, a box of sultanas and nuts) and more. They are items most mums will bring along when they are out and about and things you sometimes need in a hurry (nappy accident anyone?).

But of course there are plenty of other great uses for the Bellhop Files, the options are endless. How about giving each child their own file to fill with little bits and pieces for a car trip? A little make-up file for yourself for a quick makeover on the go? An emergency kit for the kids with a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hair brush, some hair clips and a clean pair of undies?

Bellhop Files Upclose

Do you have a cheeky toddler or two who love digging through your bag for a tasty snack or something to play with? Now you can instantly give them the right Bellhop File without the kids throwing out all your personal belongings for everyone to see. If you are swapping your bag for the day to suit your outfit or the occasion you can simply transfer your files too. Bellhop Files: Quick, convenient, easy!

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To find out more about Bellhop Bags, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bellhopbags.com.au.

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Dec 172012


Although I am very happy to have my big two home for school holidays it is also a little challenging, they are so used to having lots to do at kindy that being at home is rather boring. Luckily they were in for a surprise (and so was I) as my sister from The Netherlands decided she would visit Australia for the very first time… this week!! We are terribly excited and to get the kids in the mood for our little ‘holiday’ we sat down and created this super simple ‘calendar’ for on the kitchen wall:

Our holiday planner

Our holiday planner

I know my artwork is nothing special but my little people seem to understand the pictures and that is all that matters. They love looking at the wall and discussing all the different things we’ll be doing and outings we’ll be going on, it is shaping up to be one big adventure! I am well aware that it is hard to predict what the weather will bring and plans might change, so working with individual sheets of paper allows for adjustments along the way. The new Scotch Restickable Shapes are perfect for our holiday planner: they look cool, they stick well, can be re-used and don’t leave any marks or damage on our painted walls.

Off for some water fun

Scotch Restickable ShapesScotch Restickable Shapes are clever little (double sided) adhesive shapes that you can use again and again without damaging your walls. If they lose stickiness you just give them a gentle soapy wash, let them dry and they are good-as-new. Priced at only $4.95 per pack (18 shapes) they are so useful to have at home, you’ll be surprised how often they’ll come in handy (just think of all the Christmas cards arriving this month).

Scotch Restickable TabsIf bright pink (or blue) shapes are not your thing and you’re looking for something a little more subtle you’ll be pleased to know that there are transparent, thinner stickable tabs, strips and even a sheet available too. These are perfect for an office, work or even store environment as you can’t see them and they hold your notices, memos and other important messages neatly in place. No need to fiddle with sticky tape (folding it to make it double sided) and being left with sticky residue.

You can find the Scotch Restickable Mounting Range ($4.95 per pack) at Officeworks and Bunnings stores all over Australia wide.

To find out more about Scotch, to take a closer look at Scotch Restickables and to locate a stockist near you visit www.scotchbrand.com.au.

For your chance to win a 4-piece Scotch Restickables Pack (Restickable Shapes, Restickable Tabs, Restickable Strips and Restickable Sheet) visit www.scotchbrand.com.au and answer the following question: What would you use Scotch Restickables for in/around your home?

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