Gorgeous Gifts and Festive Finds

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Oct 292016


Eight weeks and counting! Unless you enjoy the last-minute Christmas rush of long queues, full carparks, empty shelves and grumpy sstaff now is the time to make a relaxing start on your Christmas gift shopping. As a busy mama of five I am a big fan of online shopping: I love calmly browsing, picking my favourites and having them delivered to my front door without having to leave the house. These are some of my top finds for the upcoming festive season:

step2-swing-setWe all know fresh air, exercise and outdoor play is important for children and thanks to the wonderful Australian climate we can spend lots of time outside. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to surprise the kids with a new cubby, swing set or slide, it’s a great gift for siblings to share and an investment that will be enjoyed all year around. There are lots of Step2 Outdoor Swing and Slide Sets to suit different ages, yards and budgets. The 3-piece Swing & Play Backyard Combo (RRP $1099) offers top value for money, it’s like having your own big playground!

paris-puzzles-setWith six long weeks of Summer holidays in mind books, art and craft activities or wooden jigsaw puzzles make brilliant boredom busters for a lazy weekend or rainy afternoon. As we visited Paris just a few weeks ago the 3-in-1 Paris Puzzles Set (RRP $34) would be an excellent Christmas gift idea for miss Sybil (3 years old). I have no doubt she would recognise the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre from our recent trip and how gorgeous is the Eiffel Tower shaped storage box?

hape-butterfly-push-pullNow that baby Hattie is on the move she really enjoys following me around the house, her wobbly legs are still a bit shaky but quickly getting stronger and more confident. She is going to have a ball pushing this sweet Butterfly Push & Pull Toy (RRP $39) by Hape through our hallway and seeing the butterfly move, it will be the perfect Christmas present. A Baby Push Walker is a great way for inquisitive tots to practise their gross motor skills and it helps little ones find their balance whilst having fun.

fun-time-room-organiserOnce all the Christmas gifts are unwrapped you will most likely find yourself wondering where to store all these lovely new toys when not in use. When I stumbled upon this cute Fun Time Room Organiser (RRP $149) I knew it would be the ideal toy storage for my four girls, the pink and green toy tubs would look amazing in their bedroom. With 11 individual bins it offers plenty of storage space and they can take out one toy bin at a time, (hopefully) keeping their room tidy and neat.

4 Moms MamaRoo, our extra set of hands

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May 062013

4 Moms

At our baby’s 4-week check up the child health nurse asked me to describe Sybil in a few words, it sounds horrible but all I could come up with was ‘grumpy’. Those first few weeks she cried day and night, didn’t sleep longer than 30 minutes at a time and was just generally unhappy. All we could do was shower her with hugs and kisses, hold her close and keep going.

After about 8 weeks the screams slowly started to make room for smiles and now we are even enjoying some gorgeous giggles and baby laughter, it makes my heart melt. The sleeping is still a struggle, she usually only sleeps in my arms and I often wished for an extra set of mummy hands so I was over the moon when I discovered the MamaRoo by US brand 4 Moms is now available in Australia.

As soon as I had seen the MamaRoo video clip I knew it was exactly what I needed: a super clever infant seat that recreates the soothing, rocking motion of a loving mama. Designed by real mums the MamaRoo offers a range of different motions just like the ones most mums make whilst holding their baby. Going well beyond the standard motion of ordinary rockers, bouncers and swings the MamaRoo is so life-like that babies feel comforted and safe as if they were in mummy’s arms.

3The 4 Moms MamaRoo is easy to assemble and you can tell straight away that the materials used are durable and of high quality. Once you have set up the frame of the seat the cover simply zips on, click in the toy bar and you’re ready. The reclining seat with 3-point safety harness is adjustable to any position making it suitable from birth. The seat cover is washable which is very practical, we all know accidents happen with little ones.

The MamaRoo toy bar offers great entertainment (black/white pattern on one side, colours on the other)

MamaRooTo start using the MamaRoo just turn on the power (AC/DC power adaptor is included), select the motion of your choice and press start. With five great motions to choose from your baby will never be bored in the MamaRoo. Our two favourites for bedtime are the rock-a-bye and car ride, whilst the kangaroo is always a hit for playtime. The handy LCD display shows the moving pattern of each motion and speed level (1-5) and as the screen is backlit you can even control it in a dimmed room.

Sometimes it takes a little more than movement and visual entertainment to keep your baby happy. Whether you like to cheer your baby up with traditional nursery rhymes or the tunes of your favourite band, it’s all up to you. Simply plug your portable music player into the MamaRoo base and your baby can share in your complete music library. Alternatively the MamaRoo also plays five soothing  nature sounds like the sound of the ocean or white noise which are perfect to put your little one to sleep, the volume is adjustable.

MamaRoo Digital Display

MamaRoo Backlit LCD Display

Whilst we still have a long way to go with the sleeping I am extremely grateful for the improvement we have seen. When Sybil falls asleep in my arms I just place her in the MamaRoo which continues the rocking motion for me. She sleeps peacefully, oblivious to the fact she is being tricked, and I can spend time with my other children and even do some chores. For our family the MamaRoo has become unmissable and it looks great in the living room too.

Fast asleep and I've got my hands free!

Fast asleep and I’ve got my hands free!

If you are like me and you don’t always have an extra set of hands to hold the baby the MamaRoo is a brilliant assistant to have. It is cheaper than a nanny, always ready for duty and it is quieter than your mother-in-law, for me it has been a real sanity saver. The MamaRoo has a generous 11.3kg weight limit so it can be enjoyed much longer than most other seats around. Priced at RRP $379.95 it is a little more expensive than most other seats on the market but as it is much more than just a seat I think it is well worth the investment.

The MamaRoo is available in three different seat designs to suit your taste and decor: Black, Multi-colour and Silver.

To find out more about 4 Moms, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit www.cnpbrands.com.au.