Stepping out in style with Bobux

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Jan 312016


With the spotlight on ‘Back to School’ it’s all about our oldest three kids at the moment. Trying on uniforms, picking new backpacks, testing out lunch boxes and drink bottles… it may seem like miss Sybbie is missing out on all the fun but with her 3rd birthday just two weeks away she is getting ready for her own dose of excitement.

Bobux Sybil

It feels like yesterday that we battled to get some food into our tiny baby who was struggling to grow, now she measures almost 1 metre tall! She is such a cheeky, active girl and sitting still is definitely not her thing. She is always on the move, climbing, running, chasing, jumping, skipping, hopping as fast as she can and ideally as loud as she can too.

Bobux climbing

Her long, skinny body is not always as coordinated as she would like it to be so not a day goes past without a little slip, slide or fall, it’s good I keep a big supply of band-aids on hand! A good supportive pair of shoes is an absolute must for her growing feet and preferably a design that looks lovely, is non-slip and able to withstand the rough and tumble of active kids as well… I know, we have quite a wish list.

Bobux wood

At Bobux they understand that when it comes to children’s shoes parents don’t just want ‘cute’, ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’, they want quality, support, durability and comfort to encourage healthy, strong feet. Those little feet have to last a lifetime so, even though they will be hiding in socks or shoes most of the time, they are not something to mess around with. Children’s feet are serious business!

Wildflower Mary JaneLuckily the foot experts at Bobux know that the eye wants something too so they have combined al those must-have features with awesome looks that kids (and their parents) love, no wonder Bobux footwear is a hit around the globe. After careful consideration we decided the beautiful Wildflower Mary Jane (RRP $80, size 20-29) ticks all the boxes for us and miss Sybbie is super chuffed with her ‘red flower shoes’, happy faces all around.

Bobux solesThese versatile Wildflower Mary Janes are sweet and strong, flexible and feminine, comfortable and cute, safe and supportive, leather and long-lasting… they simply have everything we look for in the perfect girls’ shoe. Sybbie can be quite fussy with clothing and shoes and if they are ‘not right’ she will let us know immediately and refuse to wear them. For her to be happy with these gorgeous shoes says a lot.

The vibrant red colour is bright and cheerful and the leather is soft and beautiful quality. They really go with everything in her wardrobe and look lovely with bare feet in Summer but awesome with tights in Winter too. Also important: Sybbie loves being able to put them on and take them off herself thanks to the Velcro strap, our little miss independent is growing up…

Bobux slide

To find out more about Bobux, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Win a pair of FitFlops

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Jun 222014


School drop off, school pick up, a visit to the shops, a doctor appointment, a stroll around the block with your baby, hanging up the washing, a quick walk to the mailbox; when you are a busy mum like me you are on your feet all day. Over the past year or so I realised that, as cute as they may be, those pretty pink thongs, sweet ballet flats and strappy sandals are not that great when it comes to support and cushioning and by wearing them I wasn’t doing my health a favour.

FitFlop Due BallerinaAs you have probably read I recently started packing for our upcoming European holiday and as we’re planning to do a lot of walking I feared I had no other option but to buy a pair of comfortable, but rather unattractive, sport shoes to get me through. Now I have nothing against a nice pair of trainers but I personally prefer to keep them for the gym or a run so when I spotted these classy ballerinas from FitFlop I knew they were made for me.

FitFlop DueAfter battling with sore feet for quite some time and even seeing a podiatrist I learnt my lesson: feet (even if hidden) are very important and it is worth investing in a proper pair of shoes. While I had heard of Fitflop before and seen their comfy take on the traditional flipflop I had no idea their range of ergonomically designed shoes included other styles too. Thanks to recent additions like shoes, boots, clogs and sandals FitFlop lovers can now enjoy that comfortable, luxurious FitFlop feeling whenever and wherever they want in a style that suits the occasion.

They say FitFlop offers a sport shoe feeling without the sport shoe look and I totally agree. The Due Leather Ballerina Shoes feel soft as slippers, comfortable like sport shoes and sturdy and supportive like walking shoes yet with the neutral, versatile look of a classic ballet flat (oh, and did I mention the small hidden heel for a bit of extra height?) They look fantastic with a pair of skinny jeans and a nice top and they can be worn with lots of different outfits so they’re a must for my suitcase.

A perfect comfy and casual Saturday outfit

A perfect comfy and casual Saturday outfit

Clearly I am not the only one who loves the look of these leather beauties, the first day I wore my new Fitflops I was even approached by a stranger at the supermarket who complimented me on my new shoes and wrote down the brand and style, does that make me a walking advertisement?

FitFlop Selfie

Do you want to experience the FitFlop feeling too? Right now FitFlop Australia is giving you the chance to win a new pair of FitFlops, simply take a snap of your feet in a pair of FitFlops (just pop into a FitFlop retailer if you don’t have any FitFlops yet) and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Stay up-to-date with the latest FitFlop news, promotions and join the #SUNDAYSHUV competition on the FitFlop Australia Facebook page.

To find out more about FitFlop, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Jan 252013


Although school can be lots of fun it can also be a little scary at times, especially if your child is only just starting school. It is important to encourage your child often with supportive messages that boost their self esteem.

FosterMind Poster Pack ($35, 30 posters)

FosterMind Poster Pack ($35, 30 posters)

The Fostermind Poster Packs ($35, 30 posters) from Lime Tree Kids are a simple yet fabulous way to tell your child how wonderful, loved and treasured there are. It is not about having the best grades or winning every sporting competition, make sure to point out all the awesome skills your child has and be creative with your compliments!

FosterMind in action

FosterMind in action

There are many ways to use your FosterMind posters: hang a single poster and replace the message every week with a fresh new encouragement or sharing them between kids in the class room. You can also display them all at once, or use them as a conversation or game tool for character building. Each pack includes 30 FosterMind posters as well as removable glue dots for easy installation.

To find out more about FosterMind and to order online visit

Question: What important message do you want to give your little student at the start of the new school year?

For your chance to win 1 of 2 FosterMind Poster Packs email your name, address and answer to with BTS FosterMind in the subject line.

By entering you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Competition ends February 25, 2013
  • Australian entries only
  • One entry per residential address permitted
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Pediped Originals

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Jan 092012

Like many other people I seem to get rather nostalgic around December/January. On the one hand you look forward to everything the new year has in store for you, on the other hand you look back at the year that is behind you and how much has happened. A year ago our littlest one was only 4 months old, a gorgeous chubby baby who I carried around wherever I went. Now she is a cheeky 16 month old, talking all day and running around non stop, I guess it is what older siblings do to you. And proper walking and running asks for proper shoes, so just like the twins she has been fitted with some Pediped shoes.

Sold in over 40 countries worldwide Pediped shoes are known as the ‘next best thing to bare feet’ and are awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development. My daughter has been stepping around in the soft soled Pediped Originals, recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists because they closely mimic barefoot walking.

What I love about the Pediped Originals is that the sole is not ultra thin and floppy (a real issue when walking outside), instead it features two layers of high quality leather and a soft foam insert so it is both flexible and protective at the same time. Together with the adjustable velcro strap this makes for a supportive fit that is perfect for growing feet. The velcro strap allows us to put the shoes on as tight or loose as needed, ideal for my daughter who’s chubby feet are often bothered by eczema.

The Pediped Originals are available in boys and girls styles in sizes 0-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months. Children can wear the Pediped Originals for as long as they fit, depending on the child this will be around two years of age. The next step up will be the Pediped Grip ‘n Go, I can’t wait to see what gorgeous new designs are available when my little girl is ready to move up to this next size.

If you want to be the first to know about the latest Pediped products and special promotions keep an eye on the Pediped Facebook page or follow Pediped on Twitter.

For more information about Pediped, to browse the latest range and to locate your nearest stockist visit