Feb 022016

Hippo Blue

And off she went, as of yesterday our Juliet is a big schoolgirl. As we walked to school I couldn’t help but worry about how she would settle in at school. We found her name on a little desk, we located her tray and spotted a special hook to hang up her new school bag, one more kiss and one more wave and then it was time for goodbyes.

Juliet backpack

With a big, long corridor full of bulky backpacks it can be a little tricky for a small 5-year old to find her way, but at least our bright, cheeky, kind-hearted girl knows there will definitely not be another bag just like hers. Personalised with her own name this gorgeous backpack is perfect for our little ray of sunshine: Shine Bright Juliet!

HB JournalAt Hippo Blue they understand that every child is different and unique so they celebrate this diversity with a wide range of personalised back-to-school products. While most famous for their personalised name labels (that really stick!) they also offer awesome backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases, stationery and more, all custom-made with the design and name of your choice.

Boys backpackKnowing how much the twins carry to and from school we decided on the Large Backpack (RRP $50) for Juliet. These spacious backpacks have plenty of room for tall folders and books, a large main compartment and a zipped front pocket. They also have soft, padded shoulder straps for extra comfort, a loop for hanging and nice, deep side pockets so that drink bottles are easily accessible and kept away from expensive schoolbooks and homework.

Girls backpackStarting with a pink/green (girls) or blue/red (boys) base the backpacks can then be personalised with loads and loads of different designs and of course your child’s name. Animals, sports, vehicles, hobbies, foods… there are so many themes to choose from! I love how you can ‘try’ all the different looks before you place your order so you can see exactly what the bag will look like when finished. This preview feature made it much easier for our girls to make a decision.

Knowing that yellow is Juliet’s favourite colour and that she loves the sun and stars I was not surprised she had her heart set on the Shine Bright backpack, it turned out so well and it’s such a sweet, encouraging message for our new schoolgirl. Add to that the insulated Lunch Bag (RRP $32) to match and she’s all set for fun days at school.

Sybbie snacks

While miss Sybbie won’t be wearing a uniform for some time she will be bringing some snacks to kindy, so I planned ahead and ordered her the huge Mega Labels Value Pack (value $76.95, now $39.72). It contains regular labels, iron-on labels, pencil labels, shoe labels (so handy!) and more, with 222 labels in the pack we’ve got everything covered! These packs are such good value and using the same label everywhere make it easy for her to recognise her belongings amongst all the others.

Make sure you keep an eye on the Hippo Blue Facebook page to say up-to-date with all the latest news and offers. They often share special promotions and discount codes to help you replenish your personalised name labels and stationery throughout the year (Tip: They make great gifts too). Right now you can save 50% on Vinyl Name Labels and Clothing Labels, that’s a massive saving!

To find out more about Hippo Blue, to browse the range and to order online visit www.hippoblue.com.au.

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Aug 042014


Big Birthday Bash – Day 4

If you have little trend watchers at home it is very likely they have begged you to take them into a Smiggle store on more than one occasion. Smiggle stores always remind me of lolly stores, so much colour and the longer you look around the more items you spot that you really like, want and must have. Keen Smiggle shoppers realised quickly that there was one colour missing from the range but not for much longer, please give a warm welcome to Smiggle Red!

Smiggle RedA customer survey showed that 34% of Smiggle fans wanted the colour red to join the Smiggle team and this month it’s finally going to happen. The newest member of the Smiggle family stands out from the crowd with its warm and inviting colour that will be a hit with both boys and girls. Pens and pencils, lunch boxes and pencil cases, calculators and erasers, backpacks, gadgets and gizmos, all your favourite Smiggle goodies will now be available in the hottest colour of them all.

The great thing about the Smiggle range is that all products are sold individually and prices start at a very low $0.50 so kids can easily buy some new items for their collection from their pocket money. You can collect everything in the same colour or mix things up and create your own Smiggle rainbow, it’s up to you. If you have a birthday coming up why not make Smiggle your first stop? Smiggle Red is arriving in all Smiggle stores across Australia and online as of today so keep an eye out!

Smiggle Red range

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit www.smiggle.com.au.

For your chance to win a $50 Smiggle Red Prize Pack enter our giveaway below:

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Feb 032014

Books 4 Schools

Last week I introduced you to the fantastic Books 4 Schools initiative from Australian Office and I am glad to see so many of you discovering this super helpful website. We also launched an awesome giveaway where you can win 1 of 2 $100 Books 4 Schools Scrapbook Packs to give your craft cupboard a boost for the school year ahead. But there is more…

Olympic Exercise Book Pack

Big or small, ruled, graph, grid or blank, thin or thick, project, exercise, science or notebook; there are so many different school books to choose from! Because shopping for school stationery supplies can be quite a time consuming task the helpful team at Books 4 Schools is saving Australian families time and stress with the practical Scholatic Ruling Guide.

Reflex Binder BookYou can download the free Scholatic Ruling Guide online and use it to create a complete school book shopping list from Australia’s favourite school stationery brands Olympic, Tudor, Reflex and Tudor Eco. All different book styles, sizes and details are clearly listed so it saves you lots of puzzling.  Using the unique reference code that is printed on the front of all the school books finding the correct school book is a piece of cake.

Olympic PP rangeThis school year iconic Australian brand Olympic is shaking things up a little in the school books department with the exciting new Olympic PP range. Featuring tough plastic covers in a selection of bright colours the new PP exercise books do not only look super stylish but they are also extremely durable and sure to last the year. Students can be pretty rough when packing their school bags so these strong covers will prevent torn or bent covers and you can even wipe off sticky messes with ease.

To celebrate the start of the new school year we are giving away two Books 4 Schools Stationery Packs filled with $100 worth of exercise books in all kinds of styles, sizes and colours. If you have little or big students in school this is the perfect giveaway for you!

To find out more about Books 4 Schools, to discover valuable tools for parents, students and teachers or to download the handy Scholatic Ruling Guide visit www.books4schools.com.au.

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Jan 292014


Just as it is not easy for mums to get back into the ‘school routine’ of packing lunches, drop offs and pick ups it can be quite tricky for kids too. After six weeks of fun and play it’s back to reading, counting and piles of homework so it’s time to brighten up that boring school desk. Make homework fun on a budget with Daiso:

Daiso Office

Founded back in 1977 in Japan the gorgeous Daiso brand recently arrived in Australia with a massive 16 stores opening up in New South Wales, Victoria and Queenland already. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting a Daiso store just yet but can’t wait to enjoy the ‘Daiso experience’, it sounds like so much fun! From house to office, from garden to food, from toys to craft and so much more, the stores are filled with stylish, bright and handy little gadgets and absolutely everything in store is priced at $2.80.

Daiso Back to School

So while homework may be inevitable you can make the load a bit lighter with some of Daiso’s fun and affordable back to school products. Sweet little notebooks, funky scissors, adorable pencil cases, patterned calculators, colourful pens and pencils, cheeky sticky notes; fill your shopping basket with everything you need to turn a simple home desk or office into a happy place that puts a smile on peoples faces. The $2.80 product pricetag makes Daiso affordable for everyone and a hot favourite for budget friendly (birthday) gift shopping too.

Daisy School Supplies

Unfortunately not every state has a Daiso store just yet but the brand is growing rapidly so keep an eye on the Daiso Australia Facebook page for the latest news, products and updates.

To find out more about Daiso, to take a look at some of the range and to locate a Daiso store near you visit www.mydaiso.com.au.

Jan 112014

Back 2 School Target

Confession time: In two short weeks my babies are starting school and I am terrified, in fact I am losing sleep over it. Kindy was sort of okay but now they are going to (insert scary voice here) ‘the big school’. Since I never went to school here in Australia I am extra nervous about it all, probably more nervous than they are! Everything about school is different in The Netherlands, from the age they start school (there is no such thing as kindy, Dutch children start primary school at 4 years old) and what/how they teach to the fact that Dutch children don’t wear uniforms and come home to eat their lunch.

This whole Aussie school business may be totally new to me and I am feeling completely lost on most fronts, but when it comes to shopping school supplies I think I’ve got it all under control:

Boys RunnersWith the school booklet in hand and some helpful advice from other mothers under my belt I managed to put together a complete shopping list that covers absolutely everything, or so I hope. From school uniforms and school shoes (don’t forget the runners) to lunchboxes and drink bottles and of course all the necessary school stationery bits, almost all items on my list are now ticked off so we’re good to go.

Master 5's pick: Printing Paper and new textas

Master 5’s pick: Printing Paper ($3) and new textas ($3 per pack)

NotebookWith only two weeks of school holidays left you’ll probably find that you just don’t have time to go from store to store to collect (amd compare prices for) all your school supplies. Luckily Target is offering a helping hand with a huge range of Back to School products at the best prices, allowing you to enjoy a one-stop-shop and be done in a flash. You can even shop ‘all the tools, all the cool’ online so you don’t have to leave home!

Miss 5 spent her $10 wisely, a savvy shopper just like mum

Miss 5 spent her $10 wisely, a savvy shopper just like mum

Lexar USB StickTimes have changed a lot since I went to school (and that’s not even that long ago!) and these days kids need more than just a nice pencil case filled with a new set of pencils, a gluestick and an eraser. It won’t be long before my little students will need USB sticks, endless supplies of printing paper and even their own tablet, call it the digital days. I was glad to see Target has those areas covered too with affordable options that won’t break the family budget.

42 piece Stationery Set, a bargain at just $5 each!

42 piece Stationery Set, a bargain at just $5 each!

To help you with your Back to School shopping we are giving away a $50 Target gift card, get your entries in below.

To find out more about Target, to browse the Back to School range and to shop online visit http://shop.target.com.au.

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