Rubbabu, drive away from $9.95

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Jan 282012

I was very pleased to spot these gorgeous Rubbabu vehicles, proudly parked at Sukimama. Two years ago we were lucky enough to add one of these fantastic toys to our collection but I have never been able to find other designs here in Australia. In fact, Sukimama is the very first Australian retailer to stock these award winning toys.

The Rubbabu toys are popular all over the world and are currently being sold in over 30 countries worldwide. As the name suggests the range is made from rubber, a natural and soft material that is safe for babies and toddlers. At an average size of 9cm they are the perfect size for little hands to hold, push, slide or race and they won’t make noise or scratch your beautiful floors.

Within the Rubbabu range you’ll find 14 different designs in bright, bold colours that kids will love. A police car, an ambulance, a school bus, a race car, a fire engine and even an airplane, lots of choice and it is hard to stop at one. With prices starting at $9.95 they are very affordable little gifts and you don’t have to worry about giving something that is dangerous or won’t last.

Don’t just take my word for it, the more than forty awards won by Rubbabu prove that these toys really are as fabulous as they look. Aside from the vehicles range Rubbabu uses the same materials to create other baby and toddler toys. While you are at Sukimama why not check out the Rubbabu Animal Farm Playset, Geometrical Shape Shorter and Learning Balls.

For more information about Sukimama, to browse the Rubbabu range and to order online visit

Back to school with 20% off at Sukimama

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Dec 252011

With the new year just days away I have been thinking of what 2012 will bring us. One big change for us will be the twins starting kindy later in the year. I know they are terribly excited about going to ‘school’ but I myself am a little nervous, I guess that is normal. They are just so gorgeous staring out the living room window, watching school kids walk past with their uniforms and backpacks.

Now that all those little students are on school holidays it is the perfect time for mums to take a closer look at the school supplies and make sure everything is up to scratch (and style) for the new year. Sukimama is helping you out by offering a fabulous 20% discount on bottles, lunchboxes and backpacks, simply enter the code ‘SCHOOL’ at checkout to benefit from this great special (valid until January 8, 2012). Take a look at some of the many hip styles on offer:

1. Beatrix New York Shark and Whale Water Bottle 400ml $17.95
Perfect size for a thirsty little student, made with 100% food-grade stainless steel and spill-proof spout cap. Free from PVC, phtalates and lead.
2. Beatrix New York Lucas Whale Lunch Box $36.95
Machine washable insulated lunch box made with heavy-duty nylon, free from PVC, phthalates and lead.
3. Beatrix New York Little Kid Nigel Shark Backpack $45.95
Matching backpack, a durable nylon design offering plenty of room inside as well as a smaller zipped pocket.

4. Dabbawalla Flower Power Lunch Bag $39.95
Made from eco-sponge, an innovative machine washable fabric that is certified free of lead, PVC, phthalates and over 100 other harmful substances.
5. Goodbyn Bynto Raspberry Lunch Bag $28.95
Features three compartments, dishwasher safe, is free from BPA, phthalates and lead and comes complete with 2 sheets of stickers and free bottle.
6. Goodbyn Sticker Set $10.50
Gorgeous sticker sets to personalise your Goodbyn lunch box, they are dishwasher safe and there are different styles available.

For more information about Sukimama, to browse the range and to order online visit

Sukimama – 10% off Zoku

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Dec 062011

People who know me personally will know that I don’t give my children lollies, chocolate or ice cream, in fact they eat rather healthy all around. You may think this makes me a mean mum but as they have never had it before they don’t feel like they are missing out at all. Of course I know that kids love a cold treat in summer and a piece of watermelon gets boring after a while too, so I was really excited to learn about the Zoku Quick Pop Maker from Sukimama.

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker makes yummy home made ice blocks and does it in a flash, hence the name. Say goodbye to the impractical old school ice block molds that take over a day to freeze and hello to the fabulous Zoku Quick Pop Maker which takes just 7-9 minutes to deliver a freshly made, healthy ice block for your little ones to enjoy. Do you think it sounds to good to be true?

I’ll admit that I thought it sounded rather magical and maybe a little glorified but I was wrong. When my kids ask me for a treat I get out some fresh ingredients (fresh fruit, yoghurt, natural fruit juice), grab my Zoku Quick Pop Maker from the freezer and fill the three compartments. You can watch the ice blocks freeze and just 7 minutes later my kids are enjoying their ice blocks.

The Zoku concept is actually very simple: the unit containing a refrigerant liquid is kept in the freezer so it is frozen at all times. First you insert the sticks in the cativities, then you pour your ingredients in and your future ice pop starts freezing from the outside in. Once you can see that the contents are frozen you use the Super Tool (supplied) to gently release the ice block from the mold, pop on the drip cup and you’re ready!

The Original Zoku Quick Pop Maker can make three ice blocks at a time, and up to 9 nine ice blocks before it needs to go back in the freezer. The first round will be the fastest and it take a little longer each round. There is also a Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker ($56.95) available which makes two ice pops at a time. If you think even 7 minutes is too long to wait you can make your Zoku ice blocks ahead of time so you always have some on hand, they can be stored in the Zoku Quick Pop Storage Case ($29.95).

Once you have mastered the Zoku Quick Pop Maker you can expand your repertoire by adding pieces of fruit, create different patterns and add flavoured cores. You can even turn your ice pops into little artworks by using special Zoku accessories like the Zoku Character Kit ($21.95), no store bought ice block can beat these cheeky creatures! There are many Zoku video’s available on YouTube to provide tips and tricks.

For more information about Sukimama, to take a closer look at the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and the Zoku accessories and to order online visit

Enter the code ‘hiplittleone’ at checkout to get 10% discount on all Zoku products, valid until December 13 2011.

Oct 112011

Sometimes children get into a habit and you wish you could reverse what you did, like when I gave them a drink of water during the night a weeks ago. Ever since that night they ask for a cup of water next to their bed, and no matter how many times I say they don’t need it they insist on it. Unfortunately this midnight drink has been causing us some troubles, the first issue is that they can’t really find it in the dark and the second issue is that when they do find it they spill water everywhere, when they drink but also as they try and put it away without light to show them the bedside table. You can imagine my excitement when Suki from Sukimama told me about the Litecup and all my problems now belong to the past.

Litecup ($18), available in 7 colours

The Litecup is, wait for it, a cup and light in one. The cup features a light-up base that gives the cup a warm glow at night so it is very easy to find (and put back) and it even has an automatic sensor which means the light switches on when it’s dark and off when light. The BPA free, dishwasher safe Litecups are cleverly designed with a non-spill lid and a unique 360º easy flow seal, so you can drink from any angle without making a mess.

In store I also spotted the Dimples Sleepsac, available in a Merino wool/cotton blend design ($139.95, 0-2 and 2-4) for autumn, winter and spring and a cool organic cotton design ($109.95, 0-2) for the warm summer months. What really makes the Sleepsac stand out from the crowd is the way it converts from sleepingbag to jumpsuit. Toddlers can stay warm as if they were in a sleeping bag but they can stand up and walk too, more/longer wear for your money and an easy transition!

Bobux i-Walk Sneaker

Very high on my wishlist are these Bobux shoes for my youngest daughter, by the time summer comes around she should be ready for the Bobux i-Walks and hopefully by then I have also made up my mind between the pink and navy Mary Jane shoe. I-walks ($64.95, 21-24) are made of high quality eco leather and feature a fully flexible anti-slip sole, they are perfect for active toddlers and the ideal next step after soft soled baby shoes.

To find out more about Sukimama, to browse the range and place an order online visit

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