From A to Z with LeapStart

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Mar 262018

It has been a busy two months for our Sybbie: Not only did she started reception, her Opa and Oma also came all the way from The Netherlands to celebrate her 5th birthday with her! As you may remember Sybil made an early start at kindy due to her speech delay, fast forward 1.5 years and now we’re learning to read. It’s a shared effort between school (she is blessed with a lovely teacher) and home, where we make practising fun with LeapStart:

Developed by the toy specialists and educational experts at LeapFrog LeapStart is an exciting, versatile and interactive (yet screen free!) learning system for young learners aged 2-7 years old. The kid-tough LeapStart System opens up like a book, looks like a super cool toy and is easy for small hands to hold and manage. Simply insert your favourite LeapStart book and watch your child turn into a real bookworm, one page at a time.

So how does it work? A LeapStart story book is way more than just a book, when you touch the pages with the special LeapStart Stylus it really comes to live. You can hear the words, the page or the whole story, repeat it or spell it, listen to a song, play a fun activity and more. You can touch anything you see on each page, what an excellent way to make books exciting and keep boredom at bay. Get ready to explore!

It didn’t take long for Sybil to master the LeapStart System, even though she has read her current books many times already she is still discovering new activities every time. The letters are easy to read, she loves the pictures and seeing her recognise letters and words is absolutely heartwarming.

We bought her some pretty purple headphones so she can hear the stories and follow the instructions and you will often find her curled up in a comfy chair exploring one of the LeapStart books (of course one of her favourite titles is ‘Get up, Ted!’).

The ever-growing LeapStart Library has been developed by a team of learning experts who understand what kids love, how they learn best and what material is suitable for which age group and learning level. Each LeapStart book teaches different skills and is aimed at specific reading levels, this allows children to learn one step at a time (increasing confidence) and keeps it challenging and fun at the same time. With over 400 activities to do across the whole library LeapStart certainly knows how to keep new readers busy.

The books are sold separately so you can build your library at your own pace to suit your child’s development and interests. The alphabet, maths, animals, problem solving, music… LeapStart has the whole curriculum covered and even popular characters like Trolls and PJ Masks make an appearance. Sybil can’t wait to join Poppy and play dress up, create art and sing to her favourite Trolls tunes, it will make a great gift idea for the Easter holidays.

Loading your new title(s) onto your LeapStart System is a piece of cake, simply log into your LeapFrog parent account online and connect your device with the included USB cable to update the audio content. We’re ready to read!

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit

LeapFrog Tag Junior

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Feb 172012

Every night before bed we read books to the kids, until recently that is because things have changed and they now prefer reading to us. When reading books with my little ones it is obvious that they ‘read’ books in a completely different way than we do. As they can not really read just yet they simply tell the story the way they remember it. Sometimes they are lucky and the pictures guide them as to what part we are up to but more often than not they turn pages as they see fit regardless of the text. To teach them more about how to read books we have started using the LeapFrog Tag Junior.

LeapFrog Tag Junior is the little sibling of the original LeapFrog Tag system which I have written about before. The Tag reading system is all about helping children learn to read in a fun way. These days children are familar with and intrigued by electronic toys from a very early age so LeapFrog combines the fun aspect of electronic play with the educational aspect of learning to read, a winning combination.

The original LeapFrog Tag reading system is specifically developed for children between 4 and 8 years old and thanks to the simplified version of Tag even little ones as young as 2 can start learning the basics of reading with Tag Junior. Especially for those chubby little hands the Tag Stylus has been replaced by the chunky Book Pal which is available in 4 different designs (white/green, white/purple, Scout or Violet).

The Tag Junior books may look like ordinary board books but once the Book Pal enters the scene the sturdy pages come to life. All kids need to do is move the Book Pal over the pages to hear the text on each page read out loud and even behind the pictures songs and sounds are hiding. By turning the reading of books into an exciting adventure you can spark an early interest in reading, something your child will thank you for later.

With over 20 different titles in the Tag Junior library there is sure to be a book that will grab your little one’s attention, some even feature famous characters like Dora, Toy Story and Sesame Street. The latest addition to the library is the Get Ready to Read Series ($34.99), a set of seven books teaching reading skills and short vowel sounds through music and funny stories. As your child’s book collection grows you simply add the audio for your new book to your Book Pal via your computer.

If you would like to see the LeapFrog Tag Junior in action and give it a little electronic try yourself visit the interactive LeapFrog Tag Junior website.

To find out more about the LeapFrog Tag Junior ($59.99, 2 -4 years) visit LeapFrog toys are available at leading retailers all over Australia, click here to find out where to buy your favourite LeapFrog products.