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Pan Macmillan Australia

Whether you are a brand new mama or seasoned mother and whether you have one child or five, life as a mum can get pretty crazy at times. With a large family to keep me on my toes I know very well how overwhelming mothering can be, and how important it is to focus on yourself sometimes so you can regain your peace and calm. Need some help with that? Yoga and meditation teacher Rebecca Ryan has put together this helpful guide to help busy mums de-stress:

Mindfulness for Mothers

Mindfulness for Mothers (RRP $19.99) is handy book developed to help mothers create a sense of balance, awareness and calm for themselves and their children. With everyday life often being full-speed, plenty of stress and very little time to yourself Rebecca’s simple but effective exercises are just what you need to stay calm and in control.

You don’t have to be a meditation master to enjoy Mindfulness for Mothers, with Rebecca’s easy to follow instructions, practical explanations and gentle wisdom even meditation newbies will find this book a great help. I love that the Rebecca has collected exercises that fit into a busy family schedule: some you do by yourself, others you do with your baby, some take just seconds and others provide 30 minutes of winding down time… From visual activities to breathing techniques and body awareness training and much more, you can tailor your exercise to your personal situation and needs making Mindfulness for Mothers a sanity saver for every mum.

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at Mindfulness for Mothers (RRP $19.99) by Rebecca Ryan and to order a copy online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

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Apr 212016


With the school holidays now in full swing the kids are spending hours on end at the kitchen table with markers, crayons, pencils and a huge stack of paper. But they are not the only who enjoy a bit of colour therapy, I am quite loving the relaxation myself too. The art and craft experts at Crayola believe that colouring in is great entertainment for all ages, which is why they have expanded their range with a special collection just for grown-ups:

Crayola Colouring

The Crayola ‘Adult Colouring’ Range is designed specifically for creative adults with premium fine-line markers and pencils in a rainbow of beautiful colours. I am secretly hoping hubby reads this hint and surprises me with a lovely stash for Mother’s Day…

Crayola Coloured PencilsIf you love soft shades and the ability to control the depth of your colour the Crayola Adult Coloring Colored Pencils (RRP $19.99, 50 pack) are your perfect pick. A light touch will give you a lighter colour which you can darken by adding layers or shadows, there is so much room for variety. With 50 different colours per pack the options are endless, seeing all these pretty pencils laid out is a joy for the senses.

Crayola Fine Line Markers ClassicOn the other hand, if you like the solid look of a deep, warm felt tip marker you will certainly enjoy the Crayola Adult Coloring Fine Line Markers (RRP $7.99, 12-pack). Thanks to their fine tip you can pull off thin lines and tiny details with great precision, staying in the lines is easy with this colourful bunch. I have to admit I am usually more a pencil-lover but these vibrant markers really are amazing to work with.

Crayola Fine Line Markers ContemporaryThe fine line markers are available in two different colour ways: the Classic Colors 12-pack is filled with bold, traditional shades and the Contemporary Colors 12-pack contains a slightly softer, modern colour palette. Now if only I had a cleaner and a cook to take care of my household so I could spend a few hours dreaming away above my new colouring book…sounds like bliss to me!

To find out more about Crayola, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.crayola.com.au.

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5 tips for hitting the road with kids

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Mar 232015


Disclosure: this is a paid post for RACV sponsored by Nuffnang

If you are a longtime reader of Hip Little One you have probably noticed that we love exploring our Aussie backyard and we regularly enjoy little family getaways in some beautiful parts of Australia. Not everyone gets excited about the prospect of a 9 hour drive with 4 young kids in the car but we love it, in fact our latest road trip was just 3 weeks ago!

The key is planning ahead, so here are our 5 top tips for making your next car trip with kids as stress free as possible:

  • Pack each child a small backpack with some books, games and a few single serve snacks so they can help themselves, it saves you turning around in your seat every 5 minutes
  • Let the kids bring their favourite soft toy, pillow and a blanket, especially when travelling at night, so they can get comfortable and snuggle up for the ride. In the unfortunate event that you get stranded this will also help keep kids warm and makes them feel at ease.
  • If you don’t have tinted windows, invest in a good sun shield for your side windows. Especially on long stretches children can get really hot, bothered (cranky!) and even sun burnt, which is not enjoyable for anyone
  • Keep a few kids CDs in your glove compartment and/or install a portable DVD player with kids movies. After a few hours you may run out of inspiration and this will keep the kids quiet for a bit longer (maybe even help them fall asleep)
  • Make sure you have an ’emergency’ bag on hand with wipes, toilet paper, water, travel sickness tablets, sick bags and a big shirt from daddy (this will fit all kids and if a little accident leaves you wet, sticky and smelly anything that’s dry and comfortable is better than nothing!)

Of course no matter how much you prepare, not everything always goes to plan and you wouldn’t be the first family who finds themselves stranded at the side of the road. Fighting kids, a hot car, no toilet or fresh water in sight, smoke from under the bonnet, a car that refuses to drive another kilometre and no one to call. You’ll be pleased to know that you can prepare for those unexpected situations too: just call someone who cares, call RACV.

RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance is always on call to help stranded Aussies out and, unlike many other ‘helpful’ people you may encounter on the side of the road, they know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t get caught out these Easter holidays and make sure your RACV Membership is up-to-date, the ‘heaps more helpful’ RACV team will have you back on the road to your holiday destination in no time.

To find out more about RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance and to see how RACV could help you on your next road trip visit www.racv.com.au.

Feb 012014

Like many other people one of my New Year resolutions was to be less stressed this year. Well, it’s only the first day of February and I already find myself in the same old pattern of worrying, overthinking and battling an overflowing agenda. Sounds familiar?

Executive-B-StressYou are not alone, research has shown that a massive 45% of Australians feel that their lives are out of control. We’re all so busy and it’s easy to let the craziness of every day life take over. The good news is that Blackmores is here to help turn stressed out Aussies into the relaxed, laid back, happy people we are known for all around the world, using a fabulous range of natural anti-stress products.

SleepSoundFormulaBlackmores is on a mission to de-stress Australia and because they known stress is different for everyone they have created the Blackmores Stress Quiz. Simply answer some easy questions about you, your life and personal situation and you will receive a FREE personal stress assessment as well as directions to relevant tips and resources to get those stress levels under control. This could be the first step to breaking that vicious stress cycle!

Sustained-Release-Multi-AntioxidantsFrom busy work schedules to a challenging family life with way too many activities, from sleepless nights to a tummy upset with worry, no matter what stress looks like for you Blackmores has a product to suit your needs perfectly. If you would like some help selecting the right product for you, you can call Blackmores free Advisory Service on 1800 803 760 to speak to a qualified Naturopath.

If money is a big stress factor in your life you may want to try your luck in the Blackmores De-Stress competition, simple purchase any Blackmores product from any store for your chance to win a huge $10,000 cash or one of many other great prizes.

Blackmores Stress Less Prize PackOne of you will soon be on your way to a more relaxed life with this fantastic Blackmores ‘Stress Less’ Prize Pack valued at $210 containing Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula ($61.95), Blackmores Sustained Release Multi + Antioxidants ($62.45), Blackmores Digestive Bio Balance ($29.95), Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula ($29.95) and Treasured Aromatic Stress Less Uplifting face & space mist ($34.00). If finding a fresh new you is your goal for 2014 this is the perfect prize for you!

To find out more about Blackmores, to locate a Blackmores retailer near you or to order online visit www.blackmores.com.au.

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