Sleep and Snooze with VTech

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Aug 152017


It may have been a race against the clock but after many long, late nights Hip Daddy has finally completed the baby’s nursery, just in time! I have to admit I was starting to feel a little stressed, there’s nothing more pleasing to an expecting mama’s eye than a beautifully made cot or bassinet waiting for its new owner…

Time will tell whether our new bundle will be a good sleeper but VTech is ready to help him/her drift off peacefully with this cuddly bedtime buddy:

The Starlight Sounds Hippo (RRP $49.95, ages 0 months+) combines the soft hug of a plush toy with the reassuring comforts of sound and light, it’s a winner all around.

Starlight Sounds HippoIt is no secret that babies are intrigued by movement and a simple light can keep babies entertained for ages. With four different coloured lights and six different light displays the Starlight Sounds Hippo definitely has plenty in store to keep little minds busy as they nod off for a nap. Imagine your baby’s delight while watching a wonderful light show being projected on the nursery ceiling!

Does your little one need some more gentle encouragement to fall asleep? This happy hippo is up to the task with an extensive 100+ range of soothing lullabies, calming nature sounds and well-known nursery rhymes that can be played on a 10, 20 or 30 minute timer. The volume is adjustable so you don’t have to worry about the sound being too loud or invasive to sleep with.

The absolute best part of the Starlight Sounds Hippo is that he is voice activated, he jumps into action when your baby cries which could help settle your baby back into sleep before he/he is fully awake. I will have to get back to you in a few months time to report on our sleeping success, keep an eye out!

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Kids love Kiko+

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Dec 292014


After the busy Christmas period with late nights, noisy toys and too much food I love relaxing with my family, just calmly reading a book and playing a quiet game. If you are looking for a fabulous game that is fun, educational, unique and very stylish you are sure to love today’s hip find from Kiko+:

Kiko+ Tanabata

This super cool Tanabata Star Dominos Set ($65) by Japanse designer label Kiko+ consists of 100 smooth wooden stars: 70 coloured stars in 7 different colours and 30 natural beech stars marked with the number 0-9, packed together in a lovely golden bag. Stack them, sort them or count them, line them up and watch them fall or play a game of dominos by matching up the numbers, the options are endless!

It’s a great educational game too as you can use the stars to create your own simple maths exercises for young children. You can stack a pile of stars with the same colour, count them and find the natural beech star with the same number. You can also practise addition and subtraction in a creative and playful way, after all kids learn best when they are having fun!

Tanabata Star Dominos

You can find this pretty Tanabata Star Dominos Set in store at Fabrik, Australia wide shipping is $7.95 and orders over $100 ship free.

To find out more about Fabrik, to take a closer look at Kiko+ Tanabata Star Dominos and to order online visit

Dec 102013

Tiny Love

If you are a regular reader of Hip little one you may have noticed a reoccurring theme in my posts: sleep. It’s obvious that I could do with some more of it and we are slowly getting there, all it takes is patience and a bit of help from some fabulous little gadgets. After five years of almost daily use our trusty old mobile recently stopped working so we upgraded to this gorgeous new Magical Night Mobile by Tiny Love:

Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile

Stage 1: Magical Night Mobile with Canopy Projector

At Tiny Love they know how tricky baby bedtime can be (and how much babies and parents need their sleep!) so they designed their new Magical Night Mobile with lots of clever features to help your baby fall (and stay) asleep peacefully. Suitable from birth the charming animal themed mobile grows with your child through three stages so it can be enjoyed for a long time to come and is a fabulous investment for new parents.

Stage 1 Magical Night Mobile

Stage 1 Magical Night Mobile

As we all know a soothing tune can be a great tool to help little ones get to sleep which is why the Magical Night Mobile plays nine different tunes (in three different categories) that can be started by the simple push of a button. The volume is easy to adjust and music plays for a lengthy thirty minutes, by then our daughter is usually fast asleep. The three round buttons are easy to find in the dark and once your baby gets older he can turn the music on all by himself. Our 9-month old has already started playing DJ when she wakes up in the morning, she doesn’t always go back to sleep but either way it keeps her happy and entertained.

Miniature DJ

Miniature DJ

In the early days (0-5 months) the Magical Night Mobile will catch the gazing eyes of little newborns with the cute, dangling animals friends that slowly spin around under the canopy. The continious movement, bright colours and interesting shapes will grab their attention and will help keep them happy while they drift off to sleep. But that’s not all, the mobile also works as a projector with sweet animal images being displayed on the canopy which is the perfect distance for young babies to look at.

Stage 2: Music box and Ceiling Projector

Stage 2: Music box and Ceiling Projector

As your baby gets older and starts rolling around and sitting/standing up (5-18 months) the Magical Night Mobile canopy can be removed, that way your baby can still listen to the familiar tunes that have by now become an unmissable part of the bedtime routine and at the same time discover an exciting new mode of play: a ceiling projection. At this stage children are able to see that much further and can follow with their eyes all the moving animal patterns that appear and disappear on the ceiling above their bed.

Magical Night Mobile 3

Stage 3: Bedside Light and Starry Night Projector

Even later on (18 months+) your baby, who is by now almost turning into a toddler, can still sleep with their loyal bedtime companion. The Magical Night Mobile can now be removed from the cot and placed on a bedside table or drawers, with the canopy reattached the mobile turns into an adorable bedside music box while projecting a delightful starry night sky on the ceiling.

The Tiny Love Magical Night Mobile (RRP $99) runs on 4 C-size batteries (not included) and can easily be attached to most standard cots.

To find out more about Tiny Love, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit or contact 1300-0-VALCO.

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