Smooshy Mushy Baby

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Nov 032018

As much as I like to make my kids happy all the time, I’m afraid I can’t always be the fun mum. For quite some time my four little students have been begging me for ‘squishies’, a toy trend that has rapidly taken the entire school yard by storm. However ‘everyone has one’ is not a good enough reason to join in, and after reading some worrying reports on the nasty chemicals hiding in many squishies I decided to hold off (not a popular decision, believe me!)…

Just when my kids gave up all hope I stumbled upon these adorable Smooshy Mushy creations and they DO meet all the strict safety standards and testing guidelines! They are safe, soft, sweet, scented and squishy and of course totally cute. Happy girls, happy mama.

Each Smooshy Mushy Baby (RRP $24, Ages 6+) is dressed up like its favourite animal and comes with a squishy animal bestie to match. For added fun there is a teeny baby bottle included, as well as two small ball chains so you can attach your Smooshy Mushy Baby gifts to your handbag or backpack and take them on all your adventures.

Other gifts include a sticker featuring your new Smooshy Mushy Baby, a name tag you can fill out, a birth certificate and a collector’s poster, all beautifully packaged together in a larger-than-life baby bottle. You never know which Smooshy Mushy Baby you will get next, as the giant baby bottle gives nothing away from the outside. My girls just love the disappearing milk effect when you tip the bottle, it is like magic!

There are currently six Smooshy Mushy babies to collect: Binky Baby & Fitzy Frog, Fluffy Frou-Fou & Skunky Boo, Cuddly Cub & Bearymoore, Sweet Peep & Lil’ Lambie, Boo Boo Bunny & Cutesy Cottontail and Missy Mane & Sugarhooves.

You can find the Smooshy Mushy Baby range exclusively at a Kmart store near you or online at

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Oct 082018

As sad as it is all good things have to come to an end. We returned from our big European adventure almost three weeks ago and (after sleeping off their jet lag) the kids squeezed in two more weeks of school before the school holidays arrived. They settled back into school life in no time and also quickly caught on to the Ooshies trend:

Ooshies (ages 5+) are the latest collect and swap trend to hit the school yard and with so many awesome Ooshies characters to collect it is no wonder all the kids are joining in the fun! Don’t be fooled by their small size, these soft squishy pencil toppers are big in entertainment and hot property among hip boys and girls. They can be enjoyed on and off your pencil and they are a perfect size for pockets, pencil cases and backpacks.

Ooshies are available in loads of different ranges so there is a favourite Ooshie for everyone. From DC and Marvel to Pixar and Disney, from DreamWorks to Cars and much more, no matter which team you’re on, Ooshies has you covered. We started our collection with Elsa and Olaf (of course!) and just discovered that Barbie and her friends are the latest additions to the Ooshies family, fabulous news for my little Barbie fans!

The excitement of a blind bag never wears off and the girls were in luck: the adorable Pyjama Barbie and pretty Mermaid Barbie were at the top of their wish list. There are 17 different Barbie Ooshies to collect including a highly coveted limited edition Golden Mermaid Barbie. If we do manage to find that special goldilocks I’ll make sure to share a snap!

My personal favourites (yes, even mums can have an Ooshie soft spot) are the Care Bears Ooshies, it’s like being a child all over again. I just adore these gorgeous bears, I might have to start my own collection! I have already popped some Care Bears blind bags away to put in the girls’ shoes in the lead up to Sinterklaas, I have no doubt they will absolutely love the surprise.

Ooshies are sold in single bags (ideal as a small treat, a pocket money buy or stocking filler for Christmas) or as multi-packs, a speedy way to complete your Ooshies collection. And don’t forget you can always trade with your friends if you have doubles! A little birdie told me that Transformers and Star Wars are soon to join the gang and even an Ooshies Junior range is coming up.

Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when and where the next Ooshies will pop up…

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