Aug 012017

Pan Macmillan Australia

While our younger children still very much believe that mummy and daddy know everything the older kids have (sadly) worked out that this is far from the truth. More and more often I have to admit that I don’t know the answers to all their questions (and with 5 kids there are loads of questions!) and we regularly turn to a dictionary, encyclopedia or Google to find the information they’re after. The twins love learning about interesting new things so these clever guides by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki are right up their alley:

Combining fun with facts Dr Karl’s Little Book of Dinos (RRP $12.99) is the ultimate gift for young dinosaur lovers. Filled with 150 pages of tongue twisting dinosaur names and cool ‘did-you-know’s, awesome games and puzzles, story writing, drawing exercises and much more you’ll become a dino expert in no-time. What a great boredom buster for rainy winter days, road trips and holidays!

Take your exploring to the next level with Dr Karl’s Little Book of Space (RRP $12.99), look further than the earth we live on and discover planets, stars, the sun and plenty of other milky way secrets. Space can be a concept that is hard to grasp for young minds, but thankfully Dr. Karl knows how to make things easier to understand and exciting to learn. These educational activity books are fantastic value for money and after all the activities are completed they make a handy reference guide.

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at Dr Karl’s little books and to order your favourite titles online visit

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Catch a falling star with Wood and Yarn

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Sep 302016

Wood and Yarn

I am sure you all know by now that I can never resist a gorgeous wooden find. If you too love the classic charm and smooth feel and appreciate the quality and durability of this natural material you are sure to adore this super duper cute creation from the talented Wood and Yarn:

Stars and Moon

Designed and handmade with love in Ukraine this pretty Star & Moon (RRP $35) set is not only a gorgeous decor piece for a special nursery or bedroom, it’s a fantastic developmental toy too. Double win!

The Star & Moon Set consists of a large wooden moon (16 x 8 cm) and 15 wooden stars in different sizes. The aim of the game is to stack all the stars on top of the moon, quite a challenge for little hands! Lost your balance? See it as your chance to catch a falling star or two. Made from beautiful plantation timber with rounded corners and finished with natural, non-toxic oil this wonderful design is both safe for your little one to play with and gentle on the environment.

You can find this delightful handmade treasure in store at Australian online boutique Moose in the Moon.

To find out more about Moose in the Moon, to take a closer look at the Star & Moon and to order online visit

Sep 172015

Miles from Tomorrowland

As a 7-year old boy who is crazy about space it is no surprise that our son Tommie is terribly excited about the start of Disney Junior’s brand new animation Miles from Tomorrowland. The star of this futuristic children’s show is a young, adventurous boy called Miles Callisto who travels the galaxy and is never short of adventure. Together with his friends and a quirky rob-ostrich Miles explores the mysteries of outer space and you are invited to join the journey through the special Miles from Tomorrowland toy range by Tomy:

Maximum MilesMeasuring an impressive 10″ in size Maximum Miles (RRP $29.95, ages 3+) sure is ready for the big milky way. Not only does Maximum Miles come complete with his all his space must-haves (laserang, blastboard and removable space helmet), he really brings the show to life by lighting up when using his gear. To prove he knows his stuff Maximum Miles is able to speak 8 different sentences from the show.

Miles from Tomorrowland Exo-FlexWalking, driving, flying, when it comes to space travel Miles can always rely on his muli-functional Transforming Exo-Flex (RRP $29.95) to get him to his destination. With a simple flip, fold, slide or turn the large robotic suit transforms and changes for different modes of play. Is there a mysterious object blocking your space route? Don’t worry, Exo-Flex will help you achieve your mission by blasting obstacles out of the way with its special flash beams.

Loretta CallistoIf you’re looking for a compact, handbag sized version of your favourite Miles from Tomorrowland characters you will love the Collectible Figures (ages 3+). There are six different toys to collect and priced at just $10.95 each they’re the perfect pocket money buy for young Miles fans. If you’re lucky enough to own the Stellosphere, home to Miles and the rest of the Callisto family, you’ll find the characters glow when returned to their spaceship base station.

The ‘Miles from Tomorrowland’ toy range is now available at Target, Toys’R’Us, Big W, Myer and Toyworld stores across Australia.

Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere

‘Miles from Tomorrowland’ Stellosphere by Tomy

To find out more about Tomy, to browse the Miles from Tomorrowland toy range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Push, Rock, Ride: Wishbone Flip

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Aug 202013


As the nurse filled out Sybil’s blue book last Saturday, marking her freshly recorded weight and height on the graph, I thought of how much she had grown. Just six months old yet so much wiser and quite a bit bigger too. A baby may take up little space but before you know it you have a house full of toys to entertain it. Here’s one way to save you a bit of space (and money too!): the 3-in-1 Wishbone Flip.

Created by the talented people behind the Wishbone Balance Bike comes the Wishbone Flip, a clever 3-in-1 designer toy for the youngest ones. At first children can take their first wobbly steps while holding on to the handle bars and pushing the Wishbone Flip around the house. It’s solid, it’s sturdy and won’t just topple over, unlike your child who is still discovering what balance is.

Wishbone Flip ShootA push-toy on one side, kids can also climb on board of the Wishbone Flip and use it as a rocker. There is something incredibly soothing, interesting and just simply peaceful about rocking and kids can never get enough of it. Our little miss 3 in particular, she still hops on to her rocking horse regularly and can easily spend 15 minutes rocking herself while humming her very own version of the sea-saw nursery rhyme. A great tool for kids to learn about motion and how their body gets things moving.

Wishbone Flip RollAnd this is where the ‘flip’ part comes in. The innovative design of the Wishbone Flip allows you to change from rocking to rolling in a flash without the need for tools. One toy, one expense, three uses. Instead of wasting money and room on a separate push toy, rocker and ride-on you can have it all in the shape of this funky piece of design, the Wishbone Flip ($149) which is available in store at Sustainababy.

The facts: The Wishbone Flip is suitable for ages 1 to 5 and can hold up to a very generous 30kg (for comparison: our nearly 5-year old twins weigh 16 and 20kg). The Flip is made with plantation birch wood, plastic, aluminium and steel and weighs just 2.6kg so it is surprisingly lightweight. Obviously it meets current US, EU, Australian and New Zealand safety standards so you can rest assured you are buying a safe, high quality product.

To find out more about the Wishbone Flip and to order online visit

Sep 292012

Because you never know what the weather will be like in school holidays you have to prepare for everything. Plan some great outings, go through the shed and clean up all the outdoor toys and of course make sure you have some inside entertainment on hand for rainy days too. Disney has just released some fantastic new titles that will keep your little ones happy when the weather is letting you down:

The gorgeous chihuahua Chloe is back for another adventure in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la fiesta!, in which the lovable dog family and its owners move into a famous hotel. Chloe loves all the luxuries but Papi is not so sure. He loved ‘homeschooling’ the 5 pups and now he has to hand over the reins to some dog trainer at the hotel, not easy for a loving dad. Is this fancy hotel life really as good as it seems and what is the dog trainer up to when no one is watching? Papi is determined to find out…

Beverly Chihuahua 1, 2 and 3 are suitable for the whole family, after all you are never too young or too old to enjoy a talking dog let alone a whole family of them! The twins’ favourite part was when the dogs ruined the freshly manicured hotel garden, how come that doesn’t surprise me? Don’t worry, the dogs made sure to tidy up after making a mess so there was an important message after all.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la fiesta! is available on Blu-ray ($49.95) or DVD ($39.95) and is on sale at major retailers across Australia.

With Mickey Mouse Clubhouse you can never go wrong. The famous Disney friends are always in for bite-size fun with short episodes that can just fill that dreaded witching hour while you try to cook dinner. The kids will love discovering the magic of the Mousketool and singing along with Mickey’s Hot Dog (you might find yourself humming along too). In the two new Disney Junior DVD little space lovers can join Mickey and his friends as they explore the Milky Way.

In Mickey’s message from Mars there are strange flashing lights coming from Mars, it looks like Mickey’s Martian buddy needs help. You can always count on Mickey and the team to offer a helping hand so they hop in the spaceship and off they go. In Space Adventure the space adventurers board the clubhouse rocket on a mission to find a mystery planet, but first they have to find ten special stars. Can you help them?

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s message from Mars and Space Adventure are available on DVD ($19.95) from major retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Disney, to discover the latest releases and to order your favourite titles online visit

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Discover space with LeapFrog Tag

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Jul 282012

If you have been following Hip little one for a while you might remember that I told you about the LeapFrog Tag and LeapFrog Tag Junior. The LeapFrog Tag system was developed to encourage an early love for reading in young children by bringing books to life with the Tag Stylus and Tag Book Pal. Kids all over the world have discovered Tag and new titles are being added to the Tag Library all the time (with the big toy sales on at the moment now is the time to grab some new Tag books and hide them in your gift cupboard). A very exciting addition to the Tag Library is the Tag Solar System Adventure Pack.

The LeapFrog Tag Solar System Adventure Pack does much more than bring words to life, it opens up the doors to the milky way. Designed for children aged 4-8 years old this funtastic Tag creation introduces children to the incredibly interesting mystery that is space, a concept that is hard to graps for little minds. With the Tag Stylus (sold separately) in hand children can go on a fun adventure exploring the huge 2-in-1 interactive Tag Solar System foldout map.

The map offers more than 40 activities and games through which children can learn solar system terms, planetary facts, relative size, distance of planets and planet fun facts. LeapFrog takes the boring out of studying facts and figures with fun games like the planet-hopping board game, you’ll wish all homework was available in the Tag Library. Three sheets of Tag-interactive stickers are included so kids can mark their journey through space.

The good thing about the LeapFrog Tag Solar System Adventure Pack is that it can be enjoyed by a child on its own but also by siblings or parents and children together. You’ll find that there is a lot to learn about space that you had forgotten about, thanks to LeapFrog you can learn it all over again with your child. As always parents can connect the Tag Reader to the online LeapFrog Learning Path to check on their child’s progress and achievements.

LeapFrog toys are available at leading retailers all over Australia, click here to find out where to buy your favourite LeapFrog products.

To find out more about the LeapFrog Tag Solar System Adventure Pack ($29.99) visit