Jan 132015

The Generous Shopper

I have said it many times before and I will say it again: I LOVE online shopping. I love not having to search for an empty parking spot in a busy carpark, no lining up at the checkouts, no forcing my way through crowded aisles, being able to shop from our comfy couch (dressed in pyjamas) at a time that suits me and getting my purchases delivered to my door. I thought I had discovered all there was to love about online shopping… until I got introduced to The Generous Shopper.

Destiny RescueThe Generous Shopper is a fantastic, and very heartwarming, concept that allows everyday people like you and I to donate to charity simple by shopping at your favourite stores and it won’t cost you a cent! Signing up is free and you even get to have a say in which charity you would like to support. We all know that shopping does wonders for your mood and now you can feel extra good knowing that your purchase has helped others too, what a wonderful initiative.

The Generous Shopper has already teamed up with more than 900+ shopping partners and the list is growing every day. Big stores you most likely already shop with and smaller stores that are waiting to be discovered, every single shopping partner has committed to donating a percentage of your sale to charity through The Generous Shopper. The Iconic, Amazon, Asos, Priceline, Bonds, Crossroads just to name a few… it is just amazing to see that so many fantastic brands and stores are joining hands to raise money for charity.

The Generous Shopper concept

How does it work? It’s as simple as downloading and browsing the The Generous Shopper plug-in (250+ shopping partners, desktop only) or clicking through via the The Generous Shopper Shopping website (900+ shopping partners) to be directed to the store of your choice where you shop, and pay, exactly the same as everyone else. Just make sure you are logged in for your purchase to count and your donation to be registered to your chosen charity.

As I was about to embark on my yearly Back to School shop anyway I figured I may as well use The Generous Shopper to access my favourite stores and do some social good at the same time:

Smiggle Summer

As you probably know our kids are big Smiggle fans (like every other child in Australia) so I was very pleased to see they have signed up as a The Generous Shopper partner too, great work. Next time you are looking for a stylish Smiggle gift why not shop through The Generous Shopper, that way you are surprising your chosen charity with a gift too.

Smiggle Sweet Eraser SetThis season’s bright and funky Smiggle school essentials are a fabulous way to add a pop of colour to a boring day of books and studying. Cool notebooks, awesome pencil cases, trendy drink bottles, quirky lunch boxes, eye catching markers, unique eraser and much much more… Smiggle has got all your school needs covered. I placed our order last Thursday and it arrived on Monday, you can’t wish for any faster!

To find out more about The Generous Shopper, to browse the list of shopping partners and to start supporting charities by shopping online visit www.thegenerousshopper.com.

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