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Nov 282018


While Australian children are still impatiently waiting for Christmas celebrations to begin, my little half-Duchies are in luck. Every year on December 5th our family honours the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) and the weeks leading up to it are filled with excitement and little gifts.

On several nights we’ve had six little shoes lined up in front of the fire place filled with drawings, craft, wishlists and even a carrot for Sinterklaas’ horse. These are some of the little shoe-stuffers lined up for my girls this year:

So far this has been the biggest hit of them all, this Bow Alphabet Keyring (RRP $9.95) was a major success with my girl. She absolutely adores her glitter keyring and was so proud to show her friends at school. She instantly attached her to her schoolbag and has mentioned over and over again how much she loves it. This is a real sweet and personal gift and a good size to tuck in Christmas stockings (and shoes!). You can buy the Bow Alphabet Keyring in (almost) all letters of the alphabet.

If pink is not your colour and glitter not your thing, do not worry. There are loads of different alphabet key rings to choose from to suit both boys and girls.

The unicorn craze is still going strong here so this cute Bath Fizzy (100g, RRP $5.95) was a perfect pick. Nothing like a bit of fizz and fragrance to make bath time fun! The bath fizzies are available in unicorn, mermaid, star and heart shape and smell like strawberry, blueberry and berry vanilla. At just over $5 they’re a fantastic price and a great little add-on for birthdays too. If your girls enjoy a spot of DIY there is a great Make Your Own Bath Fizzies kit too, it would make a cool school holiday activity.

I’ll be honest, this pretty Time to Shine Clock (RRP $34.95, ages 6+) is a bit of a selfish gift. I’m secretly hoping that this sparkly sequin alarm clock will help my early risers stay in bed a little longer on weekends. It’s probably a Christmas wish that won’t come true but at least it looks awesome. When you press the button it lights up the room with a beautiful glow and even tells the time, day and temperature out loud! Our ideal ‘Time to Shine’ is 7am or later, what about you?

Just like their mama my girls don’t leave the house with a tube of lipgloss in their bag. They are always looking for different scents so this Shine Gift Pack (5-pack, RRP $19.95) is sure to be well received when it comes to unwrapping time. Raspberry, bubblegum and ice cream, balm, roller and gloss, it’s a fabulous haul for little beauty queens. You even get some cute hair chalk and nail stickers to complete the look!00

Hip Tip: There is no better time than today to stock up on stocking fillers, with a fabulous 3 for 2 offer on all Smiggle goodies. Be quick, offer ends November 29, 2018!

To find out more about Smiggle, to locate a Smiggle store near you or to order online visit www.smiggle.com.au.

Sinterklaas (+ Buy one toy, get 50% off the second at Target)

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Dec 092012

Last Wednesday it was finally time to celebrate Sinterklaas, one of my favourite Dutch traditions! Now before I start let’s make clear that Sinterklaas and (who they know there as) Santa Claus are not the same person so Sinterklaas and Christmas have nothing to do with eachother. Unlike Santa Claus Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) actually existed and although over time the story has changed somewhat it is still a tradition based on true events.

Sinterklaas is celebrated on the evening of December 5th, the day before St. Nicholas’ birthday. In Holland this would be Winter time, so it is always pitch dark outside and people gather around fire places and heaters, this year they even had snow! Very handy when you try and pretend that Sinterklaas just knocked the window, left the presents near the door and headed off in the dark, but very tricky for us here in Australia! The best we could come up with was to pull down all the blinds and use the remote control from our doorbell.

Miss 4 over the moon with her new memo block

Either way the kids were way too excited by the two big bags of presents at our front door to look up the street where Sinterklaas had gone off to so quickly. We decided to only give the kids presents this year because admit it, looking at them unpacking their gifts is more fun than getting something yourself and it is much cheaper too. Hearing Miss 4 declare she was ‘soooooooo happy’ (while holding a $4 memo block to her chest) and ‘this is such a wonderful day’ was my favourite part of the evening.

Master 4 unpacking his cars

Although I has already picked all the presents weeks ago I sent hubby off to our local Target on Tuesday on a last minute hunt for some toy cars, as it was the only thing on Master 4’s wishlist. He has plenty of cars already but I didn’t want him to be disappointed that Sinterklaas didn’t even grant his only wish. This Hot Wheels 5-pack cost just $11, which I thought was pretty good. Of course hip daddy searched until he found a Ferrari themed pack, he’s still a big kid himself!

Miss 2 unpacking the doctor’s kit

Miss 2 was the hardest to shop for as, just like most children with older siblings, she has so much already. When I spotted this Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Medical Kit on special at Target for just $10.50 a few weeks ago I knew straight away she would love it and what a good price! I believe this set has been part of the Fisher-Price range for years (many of you will recognise it) and it is still just as popular!

Miss 2 studying her new Golden Book

Some of the other big winners this Sinterklaas evening were two sets of ‘stompers’ (those old fashioned upside-down buckets with ropes that kids can walk on) for the twins, ABC writing/colouring books, stickers, a new LeapFrog game each, a fabric necklace, a game of Domino and Memory and some Golden Books. Later they did ask why Sinterklaas didn’t have time to come inside but quickly forgot about it again while playing with their toys.

It was a great Sinterklaas evening and we did well on a budget (it pays keeping an eye on the Target catalogues!).

Until this Wednesday you can scoop up some great toys bargains at Target in their current promotion: Buy one toy, get 50% off a second toy! As Australia Post and other couriers get really busy in December going into your local Target store is your safest choice for Christmas gifts, pre christmas delivery for online orders from the Target Online Store ends today (for some states the cut off date has already been).

To find out more about Target, to browse the latest catalogue and to locate a Target store near you visit www.target.com.au.

Nov 302012

I have said it many times before but I am saying it again: even without the traditional cold weather and snow Christmas is still my favourite time of the year. As you may know I grew up in Holland where we celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th (this is when we received our presents) and in our house Christmas was all about celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending precious time with family. I have always loved the way we celebrated the true meaning of CHRISTmas so when we became parents my husband and I decided to do the same with our own children.

Sinterklaas evening is just a few days away so behind the scenes I have been busy packing the kids presents. Because Australians don’t celebrate Sinterklaas it is impossible to find Sinterklaas wrapping paper so I was pleased to find this gorgeous Australian themed wrapping paper ($6) at Target. I know it is probably meant for Christmas but it doesn’t look overly Christmassy so you can use it all year around, I think my family in Holland will really enjoy receiving presents wrapped in true Aussie spirit.

After Sinterklaas it is straight on to Christmas. I love how most families make up their own little traditions that are a mix of their different backgrounds and we do the same at our house. One of the things I clearly remember from Christmas with my family is the little plates full of treats my grandmother put out for every single one of us, each of the cousins had its own plate which we thought was pretty special. When I spotted these cute star shaped Christmas plates at Target (a bargain at $3 each!) I figured they would fit this tradition perfectly.

There is limited choice of Dutch Christmas treats here in Australia and I am not a fan of chocolate for children so this is pretty much all I could come up with for this year. I ordered the almond Christmas wreaths and sugar coated wreaths at the Dutch shop and was so pleased to find them, you can also hang them in the tree with a ribbon which looks very cute.

I picked up the gorgeous silver Christmas baubles at Target, one for each of the kids (I cheated a little bit and bought one for baby no.4 too). They cost just $2 per bauble and even have a chime inside, the kids will love hanging their own bauble in the tree! The same bauble is also available red and gold, so there is one for every style Christmas tree. We might start a tradition of letting the kids pick a new ornament every year.

So that’s just a small peek at our December traditions, I hope you will all have a very special December filled with wonderful moments with your own family.

If you want to grab some of these lovely Target Christmas essentials too simply go to www.target.com.au or visit your local Target store, there is lots more to see and admire in store!