Apr 132012

Thanks to the public holidays we had the opportunity to spend some nice days out together. Great fun but also quite a challenge, car trips are not so relaxing when you are travelling with 3 small children. As if two freshly toilet trained toddlers are not enough there is also the baby, who likes a delicious bottle milk before her sleeps but no place to clean and sterilise a bottle on the go. Luckily I recently discovered a fabulous product by Gelpack, the Steri-Bottle.

The Steri-Bottle is, you guessed it, a feeding bottle for babies that is pre-sterilised. This eliminates the need to wash and sterilise bottles when out and about, now that is what we call super easy and convenient. These clever bottles are designed in the UK and made in a hygienic, state-of-the-art facility in the USA. Thanks to Steri-Bottle your baby can enjoy a clean bottle anywhere and anytime, there is no need to worry about boiling water, brushing and scrubbing and yucky dried up milk in hard to reach spots.

Even though these bottles are single use and disposable they still meet the same high standards as ordinary bottles so of course they are BPA and phtalates free and they are recyclable too. The teats are fast flow and suitable for ages 3 months+. Steri-Bottles are available in a 2-pack (RRP $5.34) and 5-pack (RRP $8.85) which works out to be $1.77 per bottle, a small price to pay for the ease and convenience it offers.

In our case we were well prepared and brought the Steri-Bottles along for the drive, but of course they are also a brilliant solution for when you find yourself without a bottle and away from home, a case of emergency when you are dealing with a hungry baby. Instead of paying more for an ordinary bottle and trying to find a place to sterilise it before use you can pick up a Steri-Bottle for a fraction of the cost and use it straight away.

Did you know that Gelpack is a proud sponsor of the Miracle Baby Foundation? By buying Gelpack Nappy Sacks you are helping raising much needed funds for this great cause.

To find out more about Gelpack, to browse the range of products and to locate a retailer near you visit www.gelpack.com.au.

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