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From phones to toasters, from kitchen machines to watches and everything in between, with many products now available in all shades of the rainbow it has never been easier to show your true colours. This week Remington joined the latest trend and released its colourful new Remington Stylis PRO collection:

Remington Stylis PRO Dryer

The brand new Remington Stylis PRO range consists of the very trendy Remington Stylis 3200 PRO Dryer and the Remington Stylis Ceramic PRO Straightener, both are available in 12 fashionable colours. These hip new arrivals do not only look super stylish, priced at just $39.95 a piece they are really affordable too and sure to be a very popular gift idea this upcoming Mother’s Day (May 11).

Remington Stylis PurpleThe Remington Stylis 3200 PRO Dryer is fitted with the latest ionic technology, releasing 90% more ions (compared to a standard Remington dryer) to help you create the soft, shiny and smooth hair you’re after, time after time. Call it magic but this extra dose of ions is the key to conditioned, well nourished, salon style hair. It may take a bit of practise but within no time you’ll be able to switch between all six different settings like a pro.

The bold look of this hip haircare gadget matches its powerful performance, I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that this convenient light weight hair dryer (weighing a tiny 400 grams) is fitted with an impressive 2100 watt Hi-Torque motor.

Remington Stylis PRO Straightener

For sleek and smooth locks look no further than the funky Remington Stylis Ceramic PRO Straightener, the only question left is which colour to choose. With heat settings ranging from 130⁰C – 235⁰C and floating ceramic plates for constant contant this new straightener makes it very easy to achieve that perfectly styled look.

Remington StraightenerThis design is an ideal choice for busy, time-poor mamas, it takes just 30 seconds to heat up and if something unexpected was to happen (after all, with kids you never know!) and you forget all about your straightener it will turn itself off automatically. Just like its brightly coloured sibling the Stylis Ceramic PRO Straightener comes with a generous 2-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

To find out more about Remington and to browse the Stylis range visit www.remington-products.com.au.

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Remington – Style Therapy

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Dec 192011

I am sure I am not the only mum who hardly ever gets photographed with her children. It is not that I don’t want to but it just never happens. We take photo’s of the the kids all the time and I love looking at old shots to see how much they have changed. A few months ago, on a day where we all looked our Sunday’s best, my husband suggested to program the camera so we could all quickly jump in a picture together. It took a few shots but it worked and we have done it several times since then. This is our latest family photo taken that way, I love this picture and everyone is commenting on my hair which is looking fabulous thanks to the Remington Style Therapy.

We all know straightening your hair can be rather tough on your hair leaving it looking dry and tired. Of course you can buy some (expensive) potions and lotions to help you out but that is yet another expense and another thing to think about and make time for. Instead you could use the newly released Remington Style Therapy, featuring high-grade, porous ceramic plates that release a blend of nourishing frizz-resistant conditioners whilst you straighten your hair. You’ll end up with a silky smooth finish and it also prevents moisture loss to leave your locks healthy and nourished without you putting in any extra effort! This makes the Remington Style Therapy the perfect styling tool for busy mums like me.

Using innovative advanced coating technology the Remington Style Therapy delivers shiny, straight, healthy hair in an instant, in fact it can reach a variable high heat of up to 230°C in just 15 seconds. If you love the look of stylish sleek locks but you are worried about damaging your hair you can trust the Style Therapy to provide that extra care and protection by releasing frizz resistant micro conditioners, without it costing you extra time or money. The salon swivel cord lets you move around with ease whilst the superior ceramic plates are super smooth and designed to offer excellent contact between hair and plate so you achieve the desired look much faster.

The Remington Style Therapy (RRP $73.95) is available from leading electrical retailers and comes with a generous two-year warranty.

For more information about Remington Australia and to browse the range of products visit www.remington-products.com.au. For stockist information call 1800 623 118.