On holidays with Seedling

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May 012012

As we are counting down for our much longed for holiday I am slowly collecting bits and pieces to take with us, and when I spotted these I’ll Write You! Postcard Sets at Bright Buttons Toys I knew the kids would love them. As a child I loved receiving postcards from family and friends who were on holidays and I think our nearest and dearest will really enjoy getting a card from us while we are away too.

The I’ll Write You! Postcard Set ($8.95) by Seedling contains six postcards and six coloured pencils, now all kids need are some stamps and they can create their very own designer post cards. The front of the cards is blank, so your little artist can make a beautiful drawing of something they discoverd on the holiday. On the other side the cards has a unique starting sentence to get them going, eg. ‘Do you know what I did today?’ and ‘I found this amazing animal! It had…’ How cool is that?

New Zealand label Seedling is all about enabling young people to use their imagination, discover new talents and explore the world around them. Seedling offers a great range of good old-fashioned, hands on products for kids of different ages, their craft kits are fantastic and a brilliant activity for holidays and rainy afternoons. Priced from just $8.95 Seedling products also make affordable gifts that will provide hours of entertainment.

Hopefully we will get to enjoy some lovely beach weather on our Europe holiday, even though we travel in the middle of Summer you just never know. As a child one of my favourite beach games was paddle ball so I think my twins will absolutely love the Seedling Design Your Own Paddle Ball Kit ($12.95). They can decorate it on a rainy day (which we’ll no doubt experience) and play with it outside on the warm days.

To find out more about Bright Buttons Toys, to browse the Seedling range and to order online visit www.brightbuttonstoys.com.au.