Dec 012012

No matter how much my kids like playing outside, when it is more than 40 degrees outside we have no choice but to spend the day inside. Usually we fill our days at home with craft, drawing, Playdoh, pretend play and some cooking and of course a good movie. I had read some fabulous comments about Disney‘s Brave which has only just been released on DVD, so this week I sat down with hubby for the big movie test…

Brave tells the ancient story of Merida, a feisty, independent Scottish princess with an impressive head of red curly hair. Just like her mum, and all the generations before her, Merida is expected to find herself a suitable partner in marriage and she is far from happy about it. Merida wants to make her own decisions and does not like being told by her mum what to do, so when she comes across a witch in the woods her wish is for her mum to be ‘different’.

I am sure by ‘different’ she didn’t mean for her to turn into a bear, but that is exactly what happened. Merida quickly realises how much she loves her mother and she will do anything to prevent this magic spell from turning into a permanent curse. With no time to waste, and a father who is known as the master of bear hunting, can she protect her mum and find a solution, or maybe the answer was there all along?

In all honesty, although I really enjoyed the movie (I loved the setting, the dialect, the wise lessons, the characters and the music) I don’t think this movie is appropriate for my 4-year olds (let alone my 2-year old) so we might leave it for a little while longer until they are a little older. I am afraid the scenes with fighting bears, dark woods and the scary witch would give them nightmares. In saying that, I have heard from so many other parents whose children (some the same age as ours) loved Brave which shows that every parent and every child is different.

Brave is available on Double Play Blu-ray/DVD ($49.95) and DVD ($39.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To get everyone in the mood for Christmas this week also delivered the brand new Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups adventure, perfect for the upcoming school holidays. My kids always love watching the furry puppies so it is no surprise they enjoyed this magical story full of Christmas spirit. The 4 playful friends are off on a bad start when they make a mess of Santa’s workshop, but of course they try their best to make up for their mistakes by helping out with all the Christmas preparations.

With nothing but good intentions the Santa Pups grant a Christmas wish to a boy named Carter, except it all turns pearshaped when Carter uses that special wish to put Christmas to an end, forever. No more Christmas trees and carols, no more presents and letters to Santa, no more ringing bells and ho-ho-ho’s, hopefully these snow white pups (well, with a patch here and there) will manage to save Christmas in the end…

Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups is available on DVD ($39.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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