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Jan 172016


This weekend I tearily packed away baby Harriet’s bassinet and newborn clothes. Teeny suits, tiny socks and beautiful wraps that our little Houdini already breaks free from, how can she possibly be three months old already? Thankfully there are also a few baby must-haves we are still thoroughly enjoying and our baby capsule is one of them:

Harriet Hospital Nuna

Before Harriet was born I spent a lot of time researching baby capsules, our baby’s safety is very important to us and capsules are a costly investment so I wanted to make a well informed decision. Aside from the safety rating there were a few other factors at play and after lots of umming and ahhing we finally settled on the Nuna Pipa, a choice I am still extremely happy with.

Nuna PipaWith a 4-star safety rating (see Child Car Seats) the Nuna Pipa is without a doubt one of the safest infant capsules around, in fact there are currently no higher rating seats available in Australia. Featuring a heavy duty shell, side impact protection and a 5-point safety harness the Pipa ensures your precious cargo is well protected. For extra peace of mind the Nuna offers a generous (up to) 6 year warranty as well as Crash Protect Support.

I immediately loved the chic look of the Nuna Pipa and I often get compliments from other mothers and storeowners who admire the sleek and modern design too. The neat black base and canopy are classy, timeless and versatile and the lightweight aluminium handle adds a trendy touch.

Nuna Joolz

The Nuna Pipa seat is extremely soft and padded and the premium micro knit fabric has a real luxurious feel to it (unlike some cheaper capsules that feel plasticky and sweaty). I love the fact that Harriet is surrounded by gentle protection, particularly around the head area, and can sleep comfortably. Especially for tiny arrivals a cushioned newborn insert is included to offer a snug and safe fit, we used this for the first few weeks.

Nuna Harriet

With the sunny Australian weather in mind the innovative Dream Drape is a fabulous selling point. This inbuilt sun shade can be pulled down to cover the entire front of the capsule and automatically stays in plays with magnets, so clever. I use the Dream Drape all the time, not only to keep harmful UV rays at bay outside or in the car but also for added privacy from curious strangers and to avoid Hattie being exposed to nasty germs in public areas. When not in use the Dream Drape can be zipped away in the hidden hood compartment.

Nuna Dream Drape

Don’t be fooled by its compact size and extremely light weight (the capsule weighs just 3.5kg, a blessing for my back!), the Nuna Pipa can be used directly from birth up to a very generous 13kg. This makes the Pipa a great investment and our Hattie has plenty of growth left in her capsule. As your baby grows you can refer to the handy height marker on the seat to decide when to move your little traveller into a bigger seat.

Nuna Height Marker

With more than 60 compatible prams the Nuna Pipa is an extremely versatile capsule that can turn many different prams into a complete travel system (using the correct adapters). We have used the Nuna Pipa in combination with the Joolz Day Earth (city stroll) and the Thule Urban Glide (off road walk), allowing us to go from car to shop, beach or park with Harriet asleep in the comfort and safety of her car seat.

Nuna Thule

The recommended retail price of the Nuna Pipa is $599, which considering the excellent safety rating, high quality and durability is a fair price. Of course you could save yourself some welcome change by shopping around, you’ll find that retailers regularly offer great deals especially if you purchase a pram and other nursery items at the same time. We purchased our Nuna Pipa at our local Toys’r’us and I was really happy with the service we received.

DSC_2478 copy

To find out more about Nuna, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Oct 202015

Kids First Aid

Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 20

It’s a simple case of doing the numbers: the more children you have the higher the risks of accidents. As parents of five young children (aged 0-7) that means hip daddy and I have to be prepared for absolutely everything and know what to do in case of emergency. I’d like to think we are always cool, calm and collected but I know I panic easily so to boost our confidence and refresh our knowledge I sent hubby along to a Kids First Aid course on Sunday:

Kids First Aid offers the only first aid courses in Australia delivered exclusively by experienced paramedics, designed to teach parents and caregivers how to respond calmly and confidently to 10 of the most common first aid emergency situations involving children. Kids First Aid courses are currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide.


Over the course of three hours (a ‘do-able’ time for busy parents) the friendly Kids First Aid paramedics guided participants through a range of childhood emergencies that any parent will most likely experience at some point in time. In our family we have so far ‘ticked off’ choking, fractures, fevers and burns and while I obviously hope we will never encounter any of these horrible situations it is very important we know what to do when it does happen.

KFA DVDThe hand-on approach, the obvious experience of the course leaders and the fact that the course tailored to the specific needs of young families have left hip daddy more confident and prepared. It had been several years since he last attended a first aid course so it was a valuable and practical refresher, hubby was especially grateful to learn the latest CPR instructions (which have changed considerably over time) and how to deal with cases of drowning and bleeding.

At the end of the session participants were given a handy poster that you can hang up at home as a quick reference guide, for the participant but also for any other caregivers in the home who may need to act in a case of emergency. As I was unable to attend the course myself the poster helped hubby talk me through the different situations with all the information still fresh on his mind, now we both feel better prepared for the scary side of parenting.

To find out more Kids First Aid, to browse locations/dates near you and to book a course online visit For a welcome 10% discount get in touch with Kids First Aid via email today.

For your chance to win a First Aid Kit (RRP $35.95) AND a free ticket to a Kids First Aid course near you (RRP $85, subject to availability) enter our giveaway below. Please note that by entering this competition the lucky winner agrees to answer six short questions about his/her experience with Kids First Aid.

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Oct 132015


Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 13

Two months ago I introduced you to the fabulous Thule Urban Glide and told you all about our family’s outdoor adventures with this sporty ride, if you missed my original post you can read up here. With an impressive 34kg weight limit the pram is an excellent pick for children for all ages and after testing it with our two middle girls I couldn’t wait to try it out with our smallest addition too:


With the help of the Thule Infant Car Seat Adapter (RRP $99) you can turn your Thule Urban Glide into a complete travel system. From home to car, from car to pram and vice versa, transporting your sleeping baby is an absolute breeze.


The Thule Infant Car Seat Adapter clips snugly onto the frame of the Urban Glide, providing a safe and sturdy location for your capsule. The capsule can then be secured by fastening the adjustable strap for a nice snug fit. Unlike most other capsule adapters the Thule adapter doesn’t just hold your capsule on the sides, it offers a secure position all around and therefore reduces movement when pushing the pram.

Thule Car Seat AdapterWith your most precious cargo on board safety is very important so make sure your capsule is compatible with the Thule Infant Car Seat Adapter. There are currently an impressive 29 different capsules from a range of popular brands listed on the handy Compatibility Chart, downloadable from the Thule website. Luckily for us the capsule of our choice, the Nuna Pipa, was a perfect match so I can confidently click our baby in for the ride.

The Thule Urban Glide (RRP $749) and a range of Thule accessories are available at Baby Bunting, Babies’R’Us and leading independents retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Thule, to take a closer look at the Urban Glide and to locate a stockist near you visit

Thule Urban Glide

For your chance to win a Thule Urban Glide (RRP $749, choose from Dark Shadow, Mars or Thule Blue) enter our giveaway below:

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Oct 012015


Each time our beautiful family grows there is that last-minute rush for a big bedroom change and car seat swap before we get to bring the new addition home. Our home is full of love and little people but there is always room for more and luckily there was space left in the car too. I have to admit that fitting five child seats in the car is a bit tricky (and expensive) but we did it!

Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT

If you are a regular Hip Little One reader you may remember that I previously wrote about our choice for a Maxi-Cosi Convertible Booster Seat for our twins. Over the past three years those seats have survived daily car trips, long holidays drives, passenger swaps, drink spills and messy accidents and I can safely say we have been really happy with the design, safety features and quality. Therefore we were confident the Maxi-Cosi brand would deliver again now that miss Sybbie’s seat had to be upgraded to make room for the new addition.

Maxi-Cosi Euro NXTThe Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT is a convertible car seat suitable from birth up to 4 years of age, or until your child reaches the upper height marker. Designed with a removable padded infant insert and multiple recline and headrest positions the seat offers true comfort and support for its little passenger at all stages. The Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT combines top level safety standards with comfort and style, offering parents a beautiful way to transport their new bundle of joy.

Euro NXT Rearward FacingWhen choosing car seats for your most precious cargo safety is obviously most important and knowing the Euro NXT meets the latest Australian regulation for child car seat safety is a great reassurance. Unlike many other child seats on the market this fantastic design allows for up to 30 months of rearward facing, proven to be the safest way for young children to travel by reducing side impact forces by 75%. When it comes to rearward facing the longer really is the better, spread the word! The handy height markers will tell you when to swap the seat around.

As your child grows you can easily adjust both the height of the shoulder straps and the headrest from the front using the QuickFit System, located on top of the headrest. This brilliant feature removes the need to uninstall the seat and rethread the straps like in older seats, what a fabulous time saver and great for people who transport children of different heights in the same seat.

Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT Headrest

The Euro NXT is also fitted with G CELL, the ultimate in crash absorption technology, and the revolutionary ISOGO system, allowing for easy and secure three-step Isofix installation in compatible cars. Unfortunately our car only offers Isofix in certain seats and therefore we can not enjoy the benefits in the seat’s current position, however we look forward to using it when we move the seat in the future for the baby. Last year we experienced the convenience of Isofix during our European holiday and thought it was extremely handy and reassuring.

Maxi-Cosi Euro

Not only does the comfortable, padded design provide excellent protection, it looks luxurious and classy too and the neutral colour schemes will fit in beautifully with the interior of your car. The specially selected Cool Baby wicking fabric is gentle against your baby’s skin and will help keep your child at a comfortable temperature during the hotter months ahead. Good news for mum: The covers of the Euro NXT can be removed for easy machine washing and the complimentary car seat protector mat will help keep your car clean too, after all some ‘accidents’ simply cannot be avoided.

Euro NXT

With our children growing up so quickly I am always trying to plan (and budget) ahead so where possible I try to invest in quality products that are safe, durable and grow with our children. The Euro NXT ticks all the boxes for us and once Sybil grows out of the seat (at 32 months she has just passed the forward-facing marker) the next little passenger will already be waiting to take her spot. By the way, did you know that all Maxi-Cosi car seats come with a generous 6 year warranty on the shell and 3 years on the trim?

You can find the Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT (RRP $649, available in the colours Argento, Dolce, Rouge, Gravity and Vienna) at all good independent retailers across Australia.

To find out more about Maxi-Cosi, to discover the Maxi-Cosi Difference or to locate a stockist near you visit, contact Dorel Australia on 1300 809 526 or get social on

For your chance to win a Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT Convertible Car Seat (RRP $649, colour subject to availability) enter our giveaway below. Please note that by entering this competition the lucky winner agrees to answer four short questions about his/her experience with the Euro NXT:

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Jun 232015

Safe Lace

During the last school holidays I discovered a nifty little Aussie product called Safe Lace that promised to make life easier (and safer) for me and the kids. We have been testing it thoroughly for weeks and now that we’ve reached the end of term I am ready to make a verdict: it’s a winner!

Safe Lace (RRP $12.95 per pair) is a compact but very effective gadget that keeps laces in place and therefore people safe, no more tripping over loose laces! To ‘install’ Safe Lace you simply thread it onto your regular shoe laces at the top of your shoe, tie your laces like you always do and then fold down the top flap and ‘lock in’ your knot, it is so easy! Made from strong, flexible silicone Safe Lace is designed for everyday wear and can withstand the rough and tumble of kids’ play.

Safe Lace range

With four small children and a rapidly growing baby bump I was forever kneeling down to tie up loose laces, I’m so glad that tiring task is now taken care of. These days I secure the kids’ shoe laces in the morning with Safe Lace and I know they’ll still be neatly in place when they come home from school. Unlike the old-fashioned double knot (which can be tricky for young children to undo when it’s time for PE or sandpit play) you only need a single bow, the Safe Lace locks it tight and kids can still independently undo/do up their laces throughout the day.

Safe Lace

No more muddy, loose laces for Master 6!

Not only does Safe Lace prevent tripping and saves you the hassle of re-doing the knots over and over again, it also keeps laces clean and stops them from dragging through muddy puddles and dirty toilet floors. Clearly it is a great invention for school aged children but it can be very helpful for adults too, particularly those who work in high-risk places were safety is important (nurses, tradies, athletes, hospitality workers, swimming coaches and many more).

The universal Safe Lace design is suitable for most adult and children’s lace-up shoes and is available in ten stylish colours to suit your footwear, outfit, (school) uniform or personal taste perfectly. Right now you can pick up a pair of Safe Lace locks for just $10 in the Safe Lace EOFY Sale, be quick as this great offer ends June 30, 2015.

To find out more about Safe Lace, to browse the range and to order online visit

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buckle me up

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Apr 032015

Buckle Me Up

While it does make me a tad sad that our kids are growing up so quickly, I have to admit it is also quite nice when they can start doing little things themselves. My days of strapping four kids into car seats are over as the twins have moved into full booster seats, using the car seatbelt to buckle up. The only problem with independent kids who can buckle themselves up is that they can unbuckle themselves too and not always at the right time…

‘Don’t unbuckle until the car has stopped and mummy says you can!’, I am sure I am not the only mum who says this all the time. Still, on quite a few occasions I have had to turn around when driving to tell them off and make sure those buckles are done up safely. Whether kids are impatient to get out, went to retrieve something they dropped on the floor or simply forgot to buckle up, it can be very dangerous and your child’s life may be at risk.

Some scary facts:

  • 20% of all kids in car crashes were NOT wearing a seat belt
  • Every year 80 children die and another 3,000 are left with serious injuries
  • Drivers and passenger travelling unrestrained are at least 10 times more likely to be killed in a road crash than those wearing a seat belt
  • More children are seriously injured as passengers in cars than as pedestrians

The patented buckle me up wireless seatbelt safety system uses sound and light to alert the driver of the car when the seatbelt of a back seat passenger is not done up or if the back seat passenger unbuckles when driving. It’s a fantastic safety device for young families and will help you keep track of your child’s safety even when he/she is sitting out of your eye sight. Not only does buckle me up keep your child safe, it also reduces the need for the parent to turn around so it keeps you safe too!

buckle me up

Designed, made and tested right here in Australia the buckle me up system is super quick to install and is compatible with most makes of car. It’s as easy as attaching the dash mounted unit to your dashboard or windscreen and sticking the seatbelt cartridge to your child’s seatbelt buckle, anyone can do it. Before you drive off simply use the dash mounted unit to confirm how many buckle me up seatbelts are in use during the trip, after that any changes to the buckles will result in audible beeps and flashing lights so you can take action before an accident happens.

buckle me up

The standard buckle me up kit (RRP $189) consists of a dash mounted unit (which can be charged using the included USB car charger) and two seatbelt cartridges. Additional seatbelt cartridges (RRP $39.95) can be purchased separately if required. Shipping is FREE Australia wide.

To find out more about buckle me up, to take a closer look at how it works and to order online visit

Oct 312014


Last Sunday we took the kids for their first swimming lesson, quite an adventures when you have four children! With swimming season now in full swing we decided not to wait any longer and make sure our children are safe and confident in and around water, something that’s very important in Australia where everyone loves spending time in the water.

This year Australian icons The Wiggles and four-time Olympic gold medalist Libby Trickett have teamed up with SwimFin Australia to spread the water safety message amongst Aussie kids and what better way to get little people’s attention than with a catchy Wiggles song?

SwimFin RedSwimFin (RRP $39.95) is a unique, self-adjusting swimming aid that is set to change the way Aussie kids learn to swim. It looks awesome, gives kids confidence and is suitable for all ages (2+), abilities and strokes. Unlike many other floating devices the SwimFin does not impact on arm and leg movement so you can practise your swimming skills properly whilst feeling safe and supported knowing SwimFin has got your back.

SwimFin is available in 7 great colours to suit both boys and girls, this means all your children could stand out with a different colour (unless you’ve got a real big family of course!). This fantastic design is currently being sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and there are already over 300,000 SwimFins cruising pools, lakes, rivers and oceans, that’s a lots of colourful fins sticking out of the water!

SwimFin Blue

To find out more about SwimFin, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit, free shipping Australia wide for orders over $75.

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