Apr 042015


When it comes to boys it can be really tricky to find a little gift that they like, is affordable and not silly nonsense like green slime or a fart pillow. Our 6-year old loves learning, exploring, constructing and inventing so I know he would  absolutely love this cool Casagami Solar Night Light from Rudy and The Dodo:

Casagami Solar Night Light

The Casagami Solar Night Light (RRP $14.95), created by French design company Litogami, is a compact, fun and education gift that won’t break the bank. The cardboard house is delivered flat-packed and simply folds together. When placed in the sun the solar panel on the roof will charge, so at night time it can light up the little home for up to 5 hours. The Casagami night light would look just gorgeous on a bedside table or bookshelf in a kids bedroom. I think it’s a fabulous present, so unique and actually useful too!

Casagami by Litogami

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to take a closer look at the Casagami Solar Night Light and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.

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Robots Rock

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Aug 062013


As I do a fair bit of online shopping I have come to know my regular delivery men quite well. They have a chat to the kids and let them sign off on my parcels (Can I have a turn on your drawing board mailman?) making deliveries enjoyable for all of us. I am (obviously) most excited about what is in the parcel but for my kids it is all about the packaging. At our house every box gets a second chance at life by being a robot helmet for our kids, if your little ones are totally into robots to they will love these cool robot finds (without batteries and no noise!):

eeBoo Build a Robot game ($36.95)

eeBoo Build a Robot game ($36.95)

eeBoo Build a Robot GameBuilding a real robot may be a little tricky but the Build a Robot game ($36.95) by eeBoo is a good place to start. The aim of this award winning game is to complete the robot picture by placing all the different parts in the right spot on the board. Using the spinner kids can collect the parts they need, will you be the first to finish building the robot? The game is designed for ages 5+ and can be played by 1-4 players, I think our nearly 5-year olds would love to give this a go. Available from Itty Bitty Box.

Mudpuppy Magnetic Dress Ups RobotsThis awesome Magnetic Dress Up Robots Kit ($29.95) by Mudpuppy offers hours of entertainment for little robot fans and encourages them to use their imagination. Inside the tin box you’ll find four different backgrounds and more than 30 magnets so kids can build their very own robots. Build, change, take down and start all over again, endless fun and perfect for travelling. You can find this and other great Mudpuppy magnetic dress up kits in store at Whimsy Child.

Bulldozer Robot TransformerVehicles and robots are both very popular themes for little boys and now you can have it all in just one toy, check out this wooden Robot Bulldozer Transformer Toy ($22.95). It goes from cool robot to hard working bulldozer in a flash, such a clever design. There are five great transformers to choose from and my favourite is the Robot Submarine Transformer Toy, now that’s a vehicle you don’t see every day. To order visit the Rudy and the Dodo.

Flip & Draw RobotsThere are so many ways to build your own robot, I really like this Flip & Draw Robots Book ($17.95) by Mudpuppy. Grab a box of crayons or markers and colour in the printed characters or, if you feel the inspiration bubbling up inside, try your hand at creating a unique robot of your own. Each page is divided in three strips so you can mix and match the robot’s head, body and legs, the funnier the combination the better! Available at Whimsy Child.

Last but not least: If you need your robot quickly you can never go wrong with an empty cardboard box, just pop into your local Bunnings and grab a few in different sizes. Good luck building your very own robot!

Rudy and the Dodo giveaway

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Jul 302013

Rudy and the Dodo

If you ‘like’ Hip little one on Facebook you may have read about our son’s hospital adventure last week. On the first day of term one of his kindy buddies, for reasons we will never know, decided to put a little seed in my son’s ear… To cut a long story short he ended up under general anaesthetic to have the seed removed. Today is his first day back at school and of course he is little nervous, I so wish I had on hand some of these gorgeous Lunch Mail cards from Rudy and the Dodo to put a smile on his face:

Lunch Mail ($14.95 per set of 24)

Lunch Mail ($14.95 per set of 24)

Lunch MailEach Lunch Mail kit ($14.95) contains 24 different messages, printed on cool little square cards with a pop out window. From gentle encouragements and lovely compliments to fun questions, kids will love finding one of these surprises in their lunchbox. The funky and colourful illustrations are sure to brighten up that soggy ham and cheese sandwich, bruised apple and squashed banana.

Lunch Mail LoveYou can also add your own special note on the back of the card for a personal touch. I know how much I love a phone call or sweet text from my hubby to break up my day so I hope my kids will love a midday mama message too. There are three Lunch Mail kits to choose from, I think they all look equally awesome and I am definitely going to buy these for my little kindy students!

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to browse the range and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.

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Making school days easier

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Jun 022013

Rudy and the Dodo

Now that the twins are in their third term of kindy they are getting pretty excited about starting ‘big school’ later this year. I myself am a little less excited, I really enjoy our ‘home days’ and on the three kindy days I am often struggling to get ready on time. Make lunches, pack snacks, check for hats and jackets and what about the shared fruit on Wednesdays, the library kits and all the bits and bobs for show and tell? There is so much to remember and it will all get even harder when they start school and join extra activities.

Bag Tags

Daily Planner Bag Tags ($9.95) at Rudy and the Dodo

Daily Planner TagsThese clever Daily Planner Bag Tags ($9.95) from Rudy and the Dodo are designed to make it easier for you and your child to get organised in the morning. The five colourful tags are clearly labeled with the days of the week and on the back of each tag you fill out what goods to pack for that day. So simple but so handy! They help little students become more independent and they’re a great aid for carers and grandparents too if they need to fill in on a weekday. Choose from a boys or girls design.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to browse the range and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.

Sunday Coffee with Rudy and the Dodo

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Dec 162012

Rudy and the Dodo

Although many of the big retailers have already closed orders for Christmas delivery you can still can count on some awesome small Australian businesses to get your gifts to you in time for the big day. One of those lovely stores is Rudy and the Dodo, the ‘4th baby’ of mama Julia. At Rudy and the Dodo you’ll find a website full of gorgeous gifts for small and big people, perfect for under the Christmas tree! (Check the Rudy and the Dodo Christmas cut-off dates here)

While you browse this fabulous store you might wonder who picked all those fun, beautiful, quirky, unique items, let me introduce you to owner Julia in today’s Sunday Coffee:

Rudy and the Dodo - Julia and family

Rudy and the Dodo – Julia and family

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
It starts with a sleep in, a fab breakky at a favourite café, and time with my hubby and three little boys. Sunday is always family day in our house, and I like it that way! I do wish the sleep in was a reality and not just a wish though!

Why did you start Rudy and the Dodo?
Before kids, my career involved lots of interstate and international travel, along with client entertaining. Not very family friendly! So when my second son was just a few months old I decided to take the leap and start a little online business filling what I saw as a gap in the market for quirky toys and gifts for babies and kids. Five years and another baby boy later we continue to grow and cater for more and more fabulous customers looking for gifts that are just a little left of centre.

What do you like most about running your own store?
SHOPPING! I spend lots of time searching the globe for fabulous, quirky finds that my customers wont see in every other store. I also love the flexibility it offers – I do school and kindy drop offs and pick ups and can juggle things to allow time for activities like reading groups at school and the odd long lunch with girlfriends!

Wooden Blackboard LaptopWhat is your favourite product at Rudy and the Dodo (at the moment)?
Oh, SOOOO hard to choose. It’s a toss up between the fabulous French backpacks ($44.95, choice of 5 different designs) and the wooden blackboard laptop ($24.95).

What can we expect of Rudy and the Dodo in the near future?
We are polishing up our website early in the new year so it will be all shiny and extra fabulous with a few more bells and whistles. We’ll also continue to expand our blog to include more inspiring decorating and creative ideas, and to meet some more extraordinary mamas.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to browse the range and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.

Colouring fun at the table

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Mar 112012

Remember the Colour In wallpaper I wrote about earlier this year? I think I have just discovered its little cousins over at Rudy and the Dodo: smaller in size, portable and reusable and of course just as much colouring in fun, check out the lovely designs from French artist Marielle Bazard.

This happens to me all the time: I sit my little monkeys down at the table to do some drawing, and when I come back to check up on them it appears most of drawing was done on the table and not on the paper. If you recognise this I am sure you share my excitement about these Colour Your Own Table Cloths ($49.95). Available in a boys and girls design they offer endless entertainment, washable markers are included and when it is full just throw it in the washing machine and start all over again.

The matching Colour Your Own Placemats ($14.95) are a brilliant size for on the go, perfect to keep your little artists busy at grandma, the restaurant or a grown up party. The drawings on the table cloths and placemats are absolutely gorgeous, featuring all time favourites like princesses, pirates and robots. I especially love how the table cloth print is the right side up from any side of the table, because kids hate drawing upside down.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to take a closer look at the Marielle Bazard designs and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.

Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy

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Nov 152011

We have all heard of the Tooth Fairy and most kids are happy to give up their lost teeth in return for a special reward. In a way the Tooth Fairy has a very easy job, pulling out a tiny tooth from under a pillow is a piece of cake compared to the task ahead for Minkie Mary. Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy is in charge of gently taking away your little one’s dummy, something that can be quite upsetting for both child and parent. Get it right straight away and come prepared with the Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy kit from Rudy and the Dodo.

The gorgeous Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy dummy weaning kit ($34,95, consisting of a book, storage pouch and toy mouse) is a great tool for parents as they gently encourage their child to give up the dummy.

The thought of that precious, much loved dummy going in the bin is much harder to swallow than the magical story of Minkie Mary, the friendly dummy fairy mouse who travels around to visit little boys and girls who no longer need their dummies. As a reward for their brave gesture of giving up the dummy Minkie Mary leaves behind a special treasure: a cute little toy mouse that offers the necessary cuddles and security instead of the dummy.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to take a closer look at Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.