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Jun 252018

As expected of a baby who came into the world weighing a whopping 4.6kg our boy Ted didn’t stay little for long. Our big friendly giant has the strongest legs and is putting them to the test as much as he can, pulling himself up on couches, chairs and safety gates over and over again and falling over just as many times. With his first wobbly steps just around the corner he’s been wearing in his first pair of shoes, aren’t they gorgeous?

Designed right here in Australia by two clever mamas PaperKrane is destined to be the new go-to footwear label for growing Aussie feet. From cheeky crawlers to solid steps and rapid racing, PaperKrane has got a fit and a style that’s right for every little boy or girl, starting at a tiny size 0 all the way up to size 13.

Depending on the shoe size PaperKrane shoes feature either a SOFTI, MIDI or FLEXI sole, ensuring your child gets the right comfort and support for their age, stage and abilities. With Ted being a big boisterous boy he has jumped right past the faux suede SOFTI soles and started at MIDI. I just love how the suede sole gives him freedom to move and the durable suede noses protect his toes. The soft leather bends, moves and adjusts to his chubby feet beautifully.

My busybees Harriet and Sybil can skip, hop, jump and run to their heart’s content on the FLEXI natural rubber sole. Being active kids they never sit still and the flexible rubber sole doesn’t restrict them in their movements, they can stand on their tippy toes and the rubber just bends with them! On the inside the breathable cotton lining keeps feet comfortable and dry while the durable leather heel and toe offers support, protection and shape no matter what the activity.

All PaperKrane shoes are slip-ons (yes, even the lace-up styles), because let’s be honest, who has time for tricky knots or velco straps that catch onto everything! But don’t let the slip-on aspect fool you, my three guinea pigs have thoroughly tested them and thanks to the elasticised gussets your PaperKranes stay firmly in place until you’re ready to take them off.

Hip Tip: If you like to shake things up and change your look make sure you add a colourful Lace Pack (RRP $6.50) to your order, that way you can give your PaperKrane lace-ups a trendy makeover whenever you feel like it.

Not sure what size to get? Check out the helpful PaperKrane size chart to find the correct size based on your child’s foot measurement or Australian/European shoe size, that way you can purchase with confidence.

To find out more about PaperKrane, to browse the range and to order online visit

Natursutten giveaway

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May 172016


Today it has been 7 weeks since little miss Harriet had her tongue snipped. Initially I feared it had made no difference at all but slowly we are starting to see some great improvements. Breastfeeding is becoming easier, she is able to eat some solids and even manages to keep in her dummy for a short while (up until now it would just fall out).

Natursutten 1

Just like her older sister Harriet has taken a liking to the fabulous natural soothers by eco-label Natursutten. These European made pacifiers are made from soft, 100% natural, sustainable rubber and therefore contain no toxic chemicals, this makes them super safe for your baby and the environment.

Natursutten RoundAt first sight Natursutten Natural Soothers may look a bit funny but this innovative design is made out of one piece so there are no tiny gaps or joins for nasty bacteria or yucky residue to hide in (Have you looked at your baby’s dummy lately, and I mean closely?…. Exactly!). At the same time the one-piece design lowers the choking hazard, standard dummies are at risk of coming apart and as a result your baby could possibly choke on small particles.

Natursutten OrthodonticInitially I had my doubts about the unique shape of this dummy, the round shield is larger than normal and seemed big for such a little face. However once I read up on the Natursutten pacifier a bit more I started to appreciate this design a lot. The larger shield prevents baby from bending the rubber and fitting it in his/her mouth. It also nearly touches baby’s nose and in doing so it mimics the feeling of the mother’s breast, making this is a great dummy for breastfed babies like our Harriet.

You can find the Natursutten soothers (RRP $9.95, round or orthodontic) in store at Avidiva, choose from size Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months) and Large (12 months +).

Natursutten 2

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the Natursutten range and to order online visit

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Oli & Carol

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Apr 022016

Oli & Carol

Poor Hattie. Six months immunisations, a tongue-tie release procedure and three teeth coming through, she is really having a rough few weeks. On my hunt for teething relief I stumbled upon these adorable baby toys by Oli & Carol, aren’t they just divine?

Oli & Carol Forest Range

Made from 100% natural rubber from Hevea Malaysian trees these whimsical delights are not only super cute but also super safe and gentle on your baby’s sensitive gums and delicate little teeth. Free from nasty chemicals like PVC, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine and lovingly hand painted with food graded dyes they offer complete peace of mind for concerned parents.

Oli & Carol StrawberryYour baby can safely munch away on a rabbit ear, gnaw on (non-toxic!) mushrooms and chew on a brightly coloured strawberry, apple or pear, too cute! Designed with interesting textures, shapes, bumps, ridges and grooves there is lots to be discovered. Oli & Carol toys are biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly so they are a great pick for your precious bundle and the world we live in.

You can find the Oli & Carol range in store at Australian online store My Messy Room, prices start at just $14.95.

To find out more about My Messy Room, to browse the Oli & Carol range and to order online visit

Oct 172015

Sophie la Girafe

Most of us will know Sophie the Giraffe as the famous French teething toy loved by tots around the globe. Made from 100% natural rubber and designed with interesting shapes and textures to bite and chew on she is the perfect helper when it comes to teething trouble. But Sophie does more than soothe sore gums, she brings lots of giggles too in this sweet new board book brought to you by Penguin Books Australia:

Sophie's Big Noisy Book

As you’ve probably guessed by the title Sophie’s Big Noisy Book! is not an ordinary book. Speaking to the minds of curious young readers this large board book has beautiful pictures to look at, a story to read, flaps to open and close and (the highlight of it all) five interesting sounds to listen to. At first Sophie thinks she has a nice, quiet day of her, but then there is a knock at the door… get ready for a fun, noisy day out with Sophie and her friends!

To find out more about Sophie’s Big Noisy Book! (RRP $19.99), distributed by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 copies of ‘Sophie’s Big Noisy Book!’ enter our giveaway below:

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Mar 202015


As a mum of four young children I know all too well the drama baby teeth can cause, for little ones but for parents too! Tiny chompers cutting their way through sore gums is a painful process but luckily there’s some welcome relief in the shape of the gorgeous Mizzie:

Mizzie the Kangaroo

She is soft, safe and squishy, she’s easy to hold, fun to play with and interesting to look at, she soothes and entertains… Join the fast growing group of fans all across Australia and get ready to fall in love with the adorable Mizzie the Kangaroo (RRP $25.95, 0 months+).

Mizzie the Kangaroo ToyMizzie is a 100% natural rubber teething and squeeze toy, designed right here in Australia by real parents like you and I. Not only is she made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea Tree, she is also free from nasties like PVC, BPA, Nitrosamines and Phthalates and is finished with non-toxic food-grade dyes making her perfectly safe for little children to play with, smell and even chew on.

You’ll be surprised in how many ways this cute kangaroo toy is able to stimulate the senses of young children. Her colourful look and friendly face make her appealing to little eyes while her soft and rubbery texture is pleasant to touch. Mizzie’s gentle, and purely natural, rubbery scent will encourage baby’s smell and to stimulate baby’s hearing she sounds a funny squeak when you give her a squeezy hug. Every single Mizzie toy is individually handpainted, making each toy unique just like every baby is unique.

Mizzie Teething Toy

Measuring a generous 19cm in size and featuring interesting shapes like a long tail, legs and ears to meet those hard-to-reach molars at the back Mizzie offers plenty of teething relief, from the moment those first white buds start to appear up to the last chunky molars. Of course she meets Australian, European and American safety standards so parents can be sure they are purchasing a high quality, safe product.

If your child already owns a Mizzie the Kangaroo and loves her to bits (how can you not?) make sure to share your #mizziethekangaroophoto on the Mizzie the Kangaroo Facebook page for your chance to win a Mizzie Freezzie.

To find out more about Mizzie the Kangaroo, the browse the range and to order online visit

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Vulli Package Deal – Save 20%

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Feb 082014

Vulli logo

From your neighbour to the mums at school and from famous Aussie mothers to international celebrities, I think you’ll have a hard time finding a parent who has not heard of Sophie the Giraffe before. This gorgeous teething toy by French label Vulli is loved around the globe and regularly makes an appearance in glossy magazines, held by gorgeous minifashionistas and tiny celeb babies. As of recently the adorable Sophie the Giraffe has a new best friend named Fanfan the Fawn and you can find him at The Little Haven:

Fan FanJust like Sophie the new arrival Fanfan the Fawn ($28) is made with 100% natural rubber and decorated with 100% edible paint. making him complete safe for babies to play with and chew on. In fact, Fanfan is even suitable for the tiniest babies from birth onwards. The legs and neck are ideal for little hands to hold on to and they do an awesome job at reaching sore gums. The unique scent of natural rubber makes it easy for babies to recognise and find their favourite toy just by smell.

Vulli Mealtime SetAs your little one gets older you can make those first tastes of solids extra special with this sweet Vulli Mealtime Set ($39.95). The 5-piece set contains a shallow dish, a bowl, a beaker and even a cutlery set and each piece features the lovable Sophie. It won’t be long before your hungry eater will start wanting to feed himself so be prepared for some mess, at least you pop this great set straight into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Sophie the Giraffe Christmas BaubleI know Christmas has only just been but there’s nothing wrong with being organised. If your baby will be celebrating his or her first Christmas this year this cute Sophie the Giraffe Bauble ($13.95) is a perfect gift to mark that special moment. Hang this Christmas ball in the tree with a shiny satin ribbon and it is sure to be the centre of attention (after the star on top of course!). A sweet gift and a wonderful keepsake that can be enjoyed year after year.

If you adore Sophie and Fanfan as much as we do you will love the Vulli Package Deal: Purchase all three products featured above for just $64.95, that’s a saving of more than 20%!

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the Vulli range and to order the Vulli Package Deal online visit

Rubbabu, drive away from $9.95

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Jan 282012

I was very pleased to spot these gorgeous Rubbabu vehicles, proudly parked at Sukimama. Two years ago we were lucky enough to add one of these fantastic toys to our collection but I have never been able to find other designs here in Australia. In fact, Sukimama is the very first Australian retailer to stock these award winning toys.

The Rubbabu toys are popular all over the world and are currently being sold in over 30 countries worldwide. As the name suggests the range is made from rubber, a natural and soft material that is safe for babies and toddlers. At an average size of 9cm they are the perfect size for little hands to hold, push, slide or race and they won’t make noise or scratch your beautiful floors.

Within the Rubbabu range you’ll find 14 different designs in bright, bold colours that kids will love. A police car, an ambulance, a school bus, a race car, a fire engine and even an airplane, lots of choice and it is hard to stop at one. With prices starting at $9.95 they are very affordable little gifts and you don’t have to worry about giving something that is dangerous or won’t last.

Don’t just take my word for it, the more than forty awards won by Rubbabu prove that these toys really are as fabulous as they look. Aside from the vehicles range Rubbabu uses the same materials to create other baby and toddler toys. While you are at Sukimama why not check out the Rubbabu Animal Farm Playset, Geometrical Shape Shorter and Learning Balls.

For more information about Sukimama, to browse the Rubbabu range and to order online visit