Dec 092018

As the world goes quiet and everyone finally closes their eyes at the end of a long day three brave adventurers come out to play. When Connor, Amaya and Greg put on their pyjamas they turn into real night times heroes Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, meet PJ Masks:

Catboy is the leader of the pack, he is fast, agile and has amazing hearing. Owlette is an excellent planner and has fantastic flying skills, her Owl Glider takes her high above everything. Gekko may be the youngest of the trio but he is strong, sticky and a real camouflage hero. Together they save the day and your little PJ Masks fan can come along for the ride…

The PJ Masks Catboy Cat-Car Ride On (RRP $59.95, ages 1+) is a fun scooting mobile designed to look just like Catboy’s car: blue, fast and the perfect transport for heroes in pyjamas. The iconic Catboy shield shaped handle bar features two buttons that activate lights and fun sound effects. The amazing Catboy leaps to the rescue!

When you peek inside the transparent windshield you will see that all three PJ Masks heroes are on board of the Cat-Car, Catboy is in the driver’s seat and right behind him Owlette and Gekko are waiting for their next adventure to begin. Will you be the driver of the getaway car? Hop in the comfortable seat and play the PJ Masks theme song as you take off! The ride-on features extra wide wheels to ensure great stability for young drivers.

You can find the PJ Masks Catboy Cat-Car Ride On at your local Big W store or online at

To find out more about PJ Masks, to meet the characters and to discover loads of fun PJ Masks activities visit

For your chance to win 1 of 2 PJ Masks Catboy Cat-Car Ride Ons (RRP $59.95) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter:

Dec 242016


That’s it, 24 days of giveaways done and dusted! We have loved every minute of it (even if it takes an awful lot of time to organise) and we are so glad you did too. Today we’re wrapping up our Christmas Countdown in style by not treating just one but three lucky readers to a sparkling gift from our friends at Globber:

Fitted with a spectacular set of light up wheels the brand new Globber MyFREE Fold Up (RRP $200, ages 3+) is the ultimate ride for this season of shimmer and shine, it’s like having your own Christmas light show on wheels!

This latest release from the scooter experts at Globber combines all there is to love about the original MyFREE Up 3-wheel scooter (which we reviewed here several months ago) with a bunch of exciting new features that are sure to take your Globber experience to the next level. As the name suggest the MyFREE Fold Up can be folded into a compact package perfect for transport and storage in small spaces (and of course to wrap up under the Christmas tree).

The other fresh and festive feature is the addition of two impressive flashing wheels that display a rainbow of colours when cruising around. I am predicting there will be lots of late evening rides around the block this summer! By the way, if you want to pimp out your current ride with a set of these cool light up wheels you can buy them separately too, they are available in either 80 or 120 mm size to most brands of scooters.

Good to know: The Globber MyFREE Fold Up scooter is suitable for young riders aged 3 and up (or 95cm+) and has a generous weight limit of 50kg. The handlebar can be adjusted in height, ensuring a continuous perfect fit as your child grows. All materials are durable, high-quality and thoroughly tested for everyday use by active kids. Get ready for an adventure filled year with Globber gear!

To find out more about Globber, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 Globber MyFREE Fold Up scooters with flashing wheels in your choice of colour (RRP $200, subject to availability) enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below:

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Jurni, taking kids’ luggage to the next level

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Oct 012016


Sadly for us the holiday fun is coming to an end today as we get ready to fly back to Australia this afternoon. Saying goodbye is always the most difficult part and not knowing if and when you’ll see each other again makes it even harder! Back at home the school holidays are just beginning with families getting ready for fun road trips and faraway vacations. See how Trunki is taking kids’ luggage to the next level:

From storing and sliding to sitting and gliding, the exciting new Jurni (RRP $199, red, blue or pink) is the ultimate travel-accessory for young adventurers.

Jurni BlueThe Trunki Jurni is a stylish carry-on suitcase that is packed with clever features to make your next journey as simple and smooth as possible. Compact enough to be cabin-luggage approved this strong suitcase has a generous 25L capacity, one large storage compartment and a super handy pop-out pod that allows you to keep your most important must-haves on hand all the time. I just love how you can use the Jurni like a stand-up storage locker with a flexible shelf.

Trunki RedWhile on-the-move the Jurni also doubles as a sturdy seat, it even has in-line skate wheels so you can glide along and give your tired legs a well deserved rest. Thanks to the generous 100kg weight limit the Jurni comfortably holds kids and (most) adults. Whether it’s waiting in line at the airport check-in, on a train station or at the bus stop, you’ll never find yourself without a seat again.


To find out more about The Stork Nest, to browse the Trunki range and to order online visit

Push, Rock, Ride: Wishbone Flip

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Aug 202013


As the nurse filled out Sybil’s blue book last Saturday, marking her freshly recorded weight and height on the graph, I thought of how much she had grown. Just six months old yet so much wiser and quite a bit bigger too. A baby may take up little space but before you know it you have a house full of toys to entertain it. Here’s one way to save you a bit of space (and money too!): the 3-in-1 Wishbone Flip.

Created by the talented people behind the Wishbone Balance Bike comes the Wishbone Flip, a clever 3-in-1 designer toy for the youngest ones. At first children can take their first wobbly steps while holding on to the handle bars and pushing the Wishbone Flip around the house. It’s solid, it’s sturdy and won’t just topple over, unlike your child who is still discovering what balance is.

Wishbone Flip ShootA push-toy on one side, kids can also climb on board of the Wishbone Flip and use it as a rocker. There is something incredibly soothing, interesting and just simply peaceful about rocking and kids can never get enough of it. Our little miss 3 in particular, she still hops on to her rocking horse regularly and can easily spend 15 minutes rocking herself while humming her very own version of the sea-saw nursery rhyme. A great tool for kids to learn about motion and how their body gets things moving.

Wishbone Flip RollAnd this is where the ‘flip’ part comes in. The innovative design of the Wishbone Flip allows you to change from rocking to rolling in a flash without the need for tools. One toy, one expense, three uses. Instead of wasting money and room on a separate push toy, rocker and ride-on you can have it all in the shape of this funky piece of design, the Wishbone Flip ($149) which is available in store at Sustainababy.

The facts: The Wishbone Flip is suitable for ages 1 to 5 and can hold up to a very generous 30kg (for comparison: our nearly 5-year old twins weigh 16 and 20kg). The Flip is made with plantation birch wood, plastic, aluminium and steel and weighs just 2.6kg so it is surprisingly lightweight. Obviously it meets current US, EU, Australian and New Zealand safety standards so you can rest assured you are buying a safe, high quality product.

To find out more about the Wishbone Flip and to order online visit

Go for a ride with Avidiva

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Aug 252012

You may have noticed Avidiva’s updated logo, but you may not know that behind the scenes this Australian store has recently changed owners. Busy mum Cass has handed the reins over to the lovely Jamie who is very excited about growing Avidiva to something even bigger and better. Soon we’ll be having Jamie over for Sunday Coffee to get to know her a little more. A little birdy told me that Jamie has been busy sourcing some fantastic new products and one of the new labels on board is I’m Toy:

The I’m Toy range fits in really with Avidiva’s passion for eco friendly products for baby and child. Made from sustainable rubberwood and using non-toxic paint these wooden toys are not only a fun and stylish but also a safe and durable choice for little ones. Featuring your child’s favourite animal friends the I’m Toy Walk & Ride, Rocker and Paddie Rider make great buddies and would be a lovely Christmas gift idea. Nice to know, delivery is free Australia wide.

This gorgeous Walk & Ride Bunny Sorter is a fantastic 3-in-1 toy that will keep curious little monkeys busy for ages (cow available too). The sturdy wooden construction is designed to support wobbly legs when they are ready for those first steps. It also makes a cool ride-on, not everyone has a rabbit they can just hop on and take off. At last don’t forget the shape sorter game on the side for some calmer, on-the-spot play.

If your cheeky monkey has already got the walking under control and is up for some speed you might want to check out the I’m Toy Wooden Ride-Ons. You can choose from a Lamb, Calf, Rabbit or Tiger design and each little ride-on comes with a soft seat cover that is removable and washable. Wooden toys like these are timeless and durable, they can easily be handed down again and again so they are great value for money.

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the range and to order online visit

Mar 192012

With three kids very close in age our house is filled with toys and many of them are doubles. Aside from the fact that it is expensive to buy two or three of everything there is also the issue of space, not that little cars or dolls take up much room but walkers, ride-on’s. trikes and bikes certainly do. In fact our playroom looks a bit like a parking garage with a whole row of rides in all shapes and sizes along one wall. If you are just about to start investing in wheels for your little one make sure you check out this awesome 3-in-1 Transformable Toy by Mishi Design, available at Shop For Tots.

From just 9 months old your baby can start using this toy as a Walker, complete with toy basket for all his/her favourite belongings. The sturdy wooden construction will offer all the support your child needs when learning to take those first wobbly steps and before you know it your inquisitive toddler will be exploring every corner of the house (and collecting treasures on the way).

The second stage of the 3-in-1 Transformable Toy is the Ride-On mode, turning the sturdy walker into a funky bike. For kids this is the start of learning how to steer and how to use their little legs to get the bike moving, it will be a bit tricky at first but once they get it there is no stopping them. Ride-on’s are fun for all ages, my three (3,5 year old twins and an 18-month old) are always racing theirs through the hall way.

The last fase, but definitely not the least exciting, is the transformation from ride-on to trolley. A trip to an imaginary shop to stock up on groceries and pay with plastic money or hanging up the washing, there are hours of fun to be had. The pretend play stage will last for quite some time so the trolley will be thoroughly enjoyed by children up to 6 years old. Conclusion: Invest once and do it well and you’ll get years out of this fantastic 3-in-1 Transformable Toy.

To find out more about Shop for Tots, to take a closer look at the 3-in-1 Transformable Toy ($150) by Mishi Design and to order online visit