Meet our new RoomMates

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Jun 052017

It feels like we only just completed the last bedroom makeover and now we’re about to start all over again! With baby no.6 due in September we’ve had to rework our floorpan, rethink who sleeps where (and with whom) and of course create a brand-new nursery for our new arrival, so much to do and not enough time… Luckily everyone is excited about the upcoming bedroom shuffle and about getting a new bedroom buddy.

Once the renovations are complete miss 4 is moving up the hall into a girls bedroom together with miss 6 and they both can’t wait. We’ve picked out some gorgeous linen for their beds, some cosy pillows for reading and relaxing and we added a fresh sprinkling of love with these little pretties by RoomMates:

What better way to transform a plain wall into a girly delight than with a generous supply of love hearts? With a huge 180 individual decals Watercolor Heart Wall Decals in a range of pink shades there was certainly no shortage of love (to be honest we only used half, leaving plenty for the other girls room!). And guess what? Not only can you brighten up your walls with these beauties, you can also use them to revamp other flat surfaces like your furniture, windows and more.

Applying a RoomMates wall decal is as simple as peel, position and stick, if I can do it anyone can do it! It is quick, easy and non-permanent making RoomMates ideal for people who are renting or just want a stylish decor that can be reversed when people move house, swap bedrooms or change their style. If you want to update your decor the stickers can easily be removed without damaging your walls and you can reuse them in a different location, offering affordable design fun over and over again.

Another personal plus is that, unlike when you paint walls, RoomMates won’t leave you with strong paint fumes that can unsettle children or oversensitive pregnant mamas like myself. I really enjoyed our first RoomMates experience so I can’t wait to pick the perfect RoomMate for our baby’s nursery. There are so many different designs to choose from to suit any bedroom, playroom or living room but I am leaning towards this Modern Giant Tree or the Neutral Confetti Dots, what do you think?

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Worlds Apart range visit or get social with @Childsmart on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Door Jam Height Charts

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Mar 042016


Now that we have told the kids about our surprise holiday to Europe later in the year they won’t stop talking about all the fun stuff they are keen to do and see. Of course a visit to Disneyland Paris is high on the wish list so they have dug up the measuring tape to check if they meet the guidelines for all the cool rides. I can’t believe how fast they grow!


The kids may be excited to see how much they have grown but it always makes me a little sad, if there was a slow-down button I would press it. If you’re looking for a sweet way to record your little one’s growth check out this fabulous find from Foolhouse.

Door JamIf you have ever had to move house and leave behind a doorframe marked with precious milestones you know how heartbreaking this is. Packed in a cute storage jar the GoGoberry Door Jam height charts are the perfect solution to this age-old problem. This slim and stylish height chart fits most doorways and when you move you can pack up your memories and take them with you, how awesome is that?

GoGoberry Door Jam height charts (RRP $28, 2.10m) are proudly designed and made in Australian and currently available in five different designs to suit boys and girls of all ages.

To find out more about Foolhouse, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Jun 302015

As you may have guessed the upcoming arrival of baby no.5 calls (once again) for an overhaul of our busy but happy family home. Rooms will be changed, beds will be updated and roommates will be swapped to accommodate for another bundle of joy who we are yet to meet. We love this ever changing house and the kids are always excited when we shake things up a little.

Little Town Wall Stickers

We may not have the time (or energy, patience or money) to repaint the walls every time a room switches owner but luckily there are some super easy things you can do to freshen up a space and make it fun. One of my favourite (and quickest) ways to spice up an empty wall and style it to suit your child’s taste or interests is with some gorgeous wall stickers, I absolutely love our latest addition from Bright Star Kids.

BSK Little Town

These colourful Little Town Wall Stickers (RRP $39.95) were just the bright touch we needed for this rather plain playroom corner, doesn’t it look awesome? The set contains 12 buildings in different shapes and sizes, 1.8 metres of path/road and a selection of landscape accessories so you can build your own little town. All pieces can be placed in the order of your choice so you can create a unique town that shows your personality and fits your wall perfectly. You can grow your city even more by adding some of the other wall sticker sets that fit the theme, like construction vehicles or airplanes.

Bright Star Kids wall stickers

Bright Star Kids Wall Stickers are made from high quality, flexible fabric that is gentle on walls, removable, reusable and works on all household walls. They are particularly handy for rental properties as you can remove them without damaging the walls or leaving sticky residue, just take them with you when you move out. There are lots of different designs to choose from and prices start at just $12.95, now that’s a make-over on a budget!

To find out more about Bright Star Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Aug 092014

Speckled House

Big Birthday Bash – Day 9

As a mum of four little ones it keeps amazing me how fast kids grow and how quickly they change. The same goes for their interests and taste so it can be hard to keep up with it all. Don’t waste your time on repainting walls or plastering on new wall paper every time they change their mind, turn to Speckled House for a super quick and trendy room make-over instead:

Lion Storage BasketFormerly known as Forwalls Australian company Speckled House creates beautiful wall decals, window stickers and storage solutions to help you create the perfect kids bedroom in just a flash. The gorgeous canvas storage hampers and baskets are a stylish way to keep teddies, cars and other toys off the ground and neatly together whilst still easily accessible for young children, they make the job of tidying up a lot easier!

Speckled House wall decals are not only easy to apply, they are easy to remove too so if your child changes obsession, room or favourite colour you can simply peel them off and replace them with a brand new decoration. There are so many different designs to choose from, there is a theme to suit every child and every room. Prices start at just $24.95 making Speckled House a fantastic choice for people who are (re)decorating on a budget.

Speckled House Wall Decals

To find out more about Speckled House, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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Jan 062014

Speckled House

A few weeks ago I wrote about getting organised at home and one of the things on my to-do list was reorganise the bedrooms. After 5 years of sharing bedrooms the twins were more than ready for a change so we decided to move our girls in together and give master 5 a room of his own. Out with the pinks and time to create a spunky boys room.

Light House Wall Decal

Master 5’s domain

He already had some beautiful navy and red bedlinen so we stuck with the theme and added some cool new decor pieces to complete the look. A matching bedside light, a new ‘tic tac toe’ play rug and some awesome wall decorations, it is all slowly coming together. One of the things our son is most excited about is the Light House Wall Decal from Speckled House which features the same navy, white and red tones as the rest of the room.

Light House Wall DecalThis gorgeous wall sticker is not only a quick and easy way to decorate an empty wall, it doubles as a growth chart too. Next year we’re off to Disneyland Paris and the kids are standing against the chart every day to see if they are tall enough yet to go on all the exciting ride, so much easier than getting out the measuring tape. Installing the Light House Growth Chart Wall Decal was really easy, it took me just a few minutes to put up.

Bird HouseSpeckled House Wall Decals are made from strong, durable vinyl and they are removable, allowing you to change your child’s bedroom decor as often as you want without damaging your walls. For some handy installation tips you can always visit the Speckled House website. There are loads more stylish Wall Decals, Window Decals, Chalkboard Decals and Growth Chart Decals available for different genders and age categories and prices start at a very affordable $24.95.

Right now you can give your room a little makeover without breaking the bank with 20% off storewide at Speckled House. Prices are as marked, offer ends January 8, 2013.

Speckled House Wall Decals

To find out more about Speckled House, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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